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A map of Gielinor's regions

Locations are places that exist in the world map. The world map is divided into a number of realms, the largest of which is Gielinor. Realms are further divided into regions and kingdoms.

Regions[edit | edit source]

The regions of RuneScape:

Unreleased locations[edit | edit source]

These are locations that have been mentioned but never seen or accessed by the player (an asterisk (*) notes that the location has been confirmed to be revealed)*:

Location Image
Acheron* N/A
Arposandra* Galarpos Mountains vent.png
Britain N/A
Cursed Archipelago N/A
East Mazcab* N/A
Icyene Realm* N/A
Luke's Reef N/A
Motherland* N/A
The Other 50% Reef N/A
Palingrad* N/A
Underwater city* N/A
Vampyrium* Vampyrium.png
Wushanko Isles* Wushanko Isles map detail.png