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Not to be confused with Morvran.

Morvannon was a female Dragon Rider and one of the last five remaining members of her race on Gielinor. Though she, like the rest of the Dragon Riders, originally served Zaros, Morvannon - along with Apropos - defected to Zamorak a week before the downfall of the Empty Lord. Despite her change in allegiance, after both Zaros and Zamorak vanished - the latter would eventually return as a god - Morvannon was branded a traitor by Zamorak's followers and was eventually hunted down and torn apart by hellhounds commanded by the Twin Furies.[1]

She had a romantic relationship with Hannibus, resulting in an egg. After Morvannon was killed, Gorvek hid the egg, naming the child Vindicta and raising her among dragons.[2] Gorvek would later salvage Morvannon's weapons and armour for her daughter to use.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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