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Faerdhinen is an elite elven warrior sent by Seren to aid Solak, along with Merethiel, Erethdor and Saeldor.

Like Merethiel, Faerdhinen was attuned to nature. They had a close bond together [1], though following Erethdor's betrayal, she left the Grove alongside Saeldor [2], making her whereabouts unknown. Merethiel believes that she is still alive, however. [3]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Merethiel, RuneScape. "We were as you'd expect sisters to be like. Very close with an unbreakable bond at the time..."
  2. ^ Merethiel, RuneScape. "I do not know, she was always close with Saeldor, I can only hope they are still with each other."
  3. ^ Merethiel, RuneScape. "What's done is done, we can only move forward from this. I fear telling Saeldor and Faerdhinen but I think they'd understand what needed to be done."