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This article is about the NPC found in player-owned ports. For other uses, see Assassin (disambiguation).
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The Assassin, true name Ling, is an adventurer found in the Player-owned port minigame. She is an eighteen-year-old former Death Lotus Assassin who seeks to kill Baby Tooth and Quin. She is unlocked and can give special voyages to the player running the port if they have 90 Slayer. She can be found downstairs at the bar when she is in port. The Assassin can be unlocked through the tutorial or a special voyage.

Upgrading an icon hotspot with the Human Skull will increase your chance to attract the Assassin. Her voyages are mostly combat-related with high requirements, apart from a few missions. See here for all of the voyages she offers.

She can also be found on Aminishi in The Arc, but will only converse with players who have unlocked her in ports. When spoken to, she will give the player Slayer contracts to kill the Acolytes of Seiryu on the island. She can hand out three contracts per day (shared with Sojobo and Hubbub), but this can be increased to up to seven by buying "Contracts Per Day Increases" from Boni on Waiko. If you have main island contracts disabled on the board by Sojobo, the game will claim you do not have the requirements for any of Ling's contracts.

She is also the start point of the Spiritual Enlightenment miniquest, in which she tasks players with tracking down a former Death Lotus by the name of Yulong.

Ling's story[edit | edit source]

Previous storyline cutscenes can be replayed by talking to Ling when she is in the port.

Part 1: Meet The Assassin[edit | edit source]

When an adventurer, who had been newly appointed portmaster of a port that had links to the Eastern Isles, sent a ship to investigate the murder of eight Westerners, the crew brought back Ling, but Ling reveals that the people killed were slavers, selling people from Wushanko to the vampyres of Morytania. The portmaster told Ling that she should have brought the slavers to the port or to the authorities, but Ling doesn't see the point, as the authorities would not have done so. It is revealed that Ling is under their supervision until the authorities decide what to do with her, but Ling says if she stays, it is because she chooses to stay. The portmaster asks her not to kill anyone while she's in their custody. She tells them that she will only do so if provoked, and begins calling them "Little Khan".

Part 2: A Jade Frog in the Throat[edit | edit source]

As the portmaster sends out a ship, Ling asks to accompany the crew. Her purpose is to travel to the island of Thalassia where she will assassinate the corrupt ruler, Tombi, who is using his people as slaves to fund his jade palace. The portmaster accepts to help as long as she finds a replacement ruler first so that the island doesn't fall into chaos. Upon return, the assassin briefs them on the events; Tombi is dead and the replacement has been doing good for the people, rounding up the corrupt officials and quartering them, much to the player's shock and surprise. However, Ling tells them she has to stay low, because another assassin, Bak, spotted her during the fight.

Part 3: The Death Lotus[edit | edit source]

The Assassin comes to the portmaster for help. Bak, the Death Lotus assassin, is travelling to their headquarters, the Pearl Fortress. Bak must be prevented from telling the Death Lotus that she is alive. She asks to be taken to the Firebird Inn on the Chimera Isles so that she can intercept him before he tells them.

Ling returns to the port with Bak as her captive. Unfortunately, she was too late; Bak had already informed the Death Lotus by letter. Now, she must kill the leader of the Death Lotus before he kills her. Ling reveals that as a member of the Death Lotus, a very wealthy khan had hired the Death Lotus to assassinate Quin, and she was chosen to perform the act, but was foiled by Quin's bodyguard, an occultist. Before she will finish her story, she says she must extract information from Bak. The portmaster says there will be no torture in the port, but Ling only promises that she will keep him quiet.

Part 4: Woe for Wu[edit | edit source]

The Assassin comes bearing more news of her past and her failure in killing Quin forcing her to leave the Death Lotus. Their leader, Baby Tooth, was outraged and decided to punish Ling by cutting off her hands. The son of Baby Tooth, Wu, cut off one hand, but Ling managed to escape before she lost the second. The Assassin's captive, Bak, revealed that Wu is now hunting her and was last located on the Island that Reflects the Moon. Ling asks the portmaster for help so that she may confront and kill him. She returns to them with Wu's head, and states that she will pull a tooth from the skull to hang on her belt as a trophy. Her next task will be to track down Baby Tooth so that she can add another tooth to her belt.

Part 5: Baby Tooth[edit | edit source]

The Assassin gets information from an old informer that the leader of the Death Lotus, Baby Tooth, will visit the training islands of Tokoko to check out the assassins, but is only staying there for a day. Since the Assassin knows the place in and out, she heads there immediately with some of your crew. She is ambushed on arrival, however, and deduces her informant, Kirau, has betrayed her to the Death Lotus. She escapes back to the port and resolves to take out Kirau and Baby Tooth.

Part 6: Pulling the Tooth[edit | edit source]

The Assassin arrives and tells the portmaster of her meeting with Kirau. Kirau told her why he betrayed her; Quin threatened to destroy his family if he didn't. Though she believed him, she stabbed him in the chest and buried him per tradition. She was distraught with his death and believed that his crew would despise her now. Knowing the Death Lotus has become complacent and proud, she asks the player to loan her a ship to brazenly attack the Pearl Fortress and kill Baby Tooth.

The Assassin returns victorious and thanks the player. She couldn't have done it without the portmaster's help - she will work for them from now on.

Upon successful completion of this voyage, the player will receive 25 Lacquer.

Resource voyages[edit | edit source]

Ling's combat-based resource voyages are called To Gain through Death. They reward the player with chimes and the region's resource, or after unlocking the Hook Region, with Spices, but they do not advance the story line. The adversity and reward vary depending on the region. When Ling offers more than one special voyage, the player must choose between them.

Experience voyages[edit | edit source]

Ling's experience voyages are called Honing her Craft. They reward the player with Slayer experience, but they do not advance the story line. The adversity and reward vary depending on the region. When Ling offers more than one special voyage, the player must choose between them.

Joint voyages[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Marcus and Ling chat about a mission.
I suppose I could do a job with that convict over there. He could watch my back. Convict? Watch YOUR back? I've never been so insulted.

Ling prefers to work with The Convict. When both adventurers are in port, their joint voyages are available in the special voyages list.

Additionally, when all of her, The Whaler and The Occultist's story voyages are complete, trio voyages become available when two of the trio are in port together. The storyline features them working to defeat and kill Quin.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Concept art of The Assassin, The Convict, The Missionary, The Occultist, The Biologist, and The Whaler.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The player asks why they should listen to a sixteen year old assassin, but she corrects them saying she is eighteen-and-a-half.
  • According to her story when she attempts to assassinate Quin, she would have killed her, but an occultist was responsible for foiling the plot.
  • In Ling's "To Gain Through Death" voyages, the description says about a person or monster holding vast supplies of the resource and how she will "take it" from them. 
  • In Ling's Forgotten Scroll voyages, the description varies depending on the region. On the Skull Region, Ling will assassinate a wealthy merchant in Ai Jei. In the Hook Region, Ling will assassinate a bounty hunter holding a valuable piece of scroll. In the Scythe Region, Ling will assassinate the leader of a group of soothsayers for the scroll. In the Bowl Region, Ling will assassinate a bounty hunter in hiding in the Isles of Juniper.
  • In Ling's experience voyage the description varies on the region. In the Hook Region Ling will ask the player to work on her skills by thinning the number of mercenaries and bounty hunters in the Rapa Causeway. In the Scythe Region, Ling will ask the player to work on her skills by thinning the number of animal sacrificers. In the Bowl Region, Ling will ask the player to work on her skills by thinning the number of assassins and mercenaries in an inn. In the Shield region, Ling will ask the player to work on her skills by thinning the numbers of the khan's corrupt advisers who work there at the Island that is Blamed for Nothing.