Mayor of Prifddinas

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The Mayor of Prifddinas is an Iorwerth elf appointed with running the elven camp outside Prifddinas. She is very vain and selfish, having expensive luxury food flown in so she doesn't have to eat what the commoners have to.[1] She does not seem to care about the commoners and would rather see them starve, which has caused much discomfort amongst the ranks of the Prifddinas Death Guard.[2][3]

She seems to find many of the duties of her position to be dull, considering Lord Iorwerth's master plan to be boring and commenting that those of lower rank should be grateful that they do not have to read it,[4] but takes pride in being the only civilian allowed to see the plans.[5] She also believes intellectuals such as Iestin Edern to be fools who put their ideas over their clan loyalty.[6]

She also helps recruit for the Death Guard, though they believe she hires incompetent recruits.[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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