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Angof is a Crystal Shapeshifter who resides in the north-eastern region of the village Cysur in Tarddiad. She is capable of pacifying her brethren by changing their perceptions, many of whom are in hiding,[1] but will not stop them if others state violent intent towards them.[2] As such, players can speak to her to make the shapeshifters aggressive or tolerant.

She believes it a mercy to kill those driven mad by the crystals.[3] However, if visitors choose to gather crystal fragments instead, she offers to turn them into Tarddian crystals instead at a rate of 3 fragments per crystal. She is one of the few still capable of creating crystal armour through Crystal Singing,[4][5] and offers her services in exchange for the crystals through her crystal armour shop. She also keeps a diary detailing her initial struggles and her marriage to her husband Maldwyn.

She was the host of the Yak to the Light event in Burthorpe.


She and the rest of the shapeshifters are what remains of the Cywir Clan (barring the elves in the Heart of Gielinor) following their decision to remain on Tarddiad rather than follow Seren to Gielinor. Unlike the rest of her people, she is coherent enough to communicate with non-shapeshifters, and so acts as their spokesperson when visitors come by.[6] She abhors violence, preferring words over violence and admonishing those who approach her with weapons drawn.[7]

She is a descendant of Ceidwad, an elven mystic and leader.[8] She was born male[9] in Cysur and spent her early years with Maldwyn.[10] When they developed the Sickness caused by Seren's departure and subsequently became addicted to the crystals, they drifted apart but eventually reunited, using each other to fight their addiction.[11] She used her new shapeshifting power to "correct" her body to female.[12] Eventually Maldwyn proposed and became her husband.[13][14] The addiction eventually took over him and he lost coherence, leaving her during the night.[15] When Maldwyn is killed, he drops an ancient elven wedding ring. If shown to Angof, she mourns his passing but states that he had been lost to her for a long time. Depending upon the player's reaction to her reaction, she either absolves them for killing her husband[16] or angrily scolds them for mocking her.[17]

Prior to the arrival of Seren, the elves would use the crystal growths that grew naturally on Tarddiad in their crafting. Seren was able to manipulate the crystals to greater potential and imbued them with her essence. When the goddess left, those who remained began longing for her and began using the crystals to pacify the longing. The crystals made their bodies malleable and allowed them to change their bodies, such as allowing artisans to form tools, warriors to form weapons,[18] and even allowing them to change their sex.[19] However, this came at a cost, causing the elves to focus on obtaining more crystals and driving many mad. Despite this, Angof does not hate Seren but rather is angry at her.[20] She is attempting to save her brethren from their addiction to the crystals.[21] However, she vehemently rejects any offers of help from the other elven clans, claiming the shapeshifters still have bad feelings towards those who they see as abandoning them,[22][23] and the elves of Gielinor would treat them as monsters.[24] She believes that, with time, the two groups could eventually be reunited.[25]

The following takes place during The Light Within.

Following the death of Guthix and rebuilding of Prifddinas, Seren attempted to return. However, this involved using crystals which formed parts of Prifddinas. Seeking an alternate solution, the World Guardian and Eluned used the World Gate to travel to Tarddiad, the home world of the elves. Angof instructed them on gathering the crystals, despite her ill feelings towards their goal.

The following takes place during Yak to the Light.

After a few years, Armadyl sent aviansie physicians to Tardiadd in order to help care for those afflicted with the Sickness, as part of his alliance with Seren.[26] Suddenly finding herself with more free time, Angof decided to travel to Gielinor in order to learn of new ways to help her people, aware that her own efforts would not be enough.[27] She admitted, however, that merely standing on the same world as Seren was enough to make her forget her problems, which made her resolve to return home as soon as her business was concluded.[28]

The following takes place during Extinction.

When the siege of Senntisten reached its climax, Seren teleported the eggs of the Elder Gods to an unknown location in order to prevent their destruction. The World Guardian, tasked with finding her, travelled to Tardiadd with their companions, hoping to find Seren there. Upon meeting Angof, however, she explained that Seren had only returned to Tardiadd exactly once after being reformed, that currently she was not there, and that she would not be welcome if she was, explaining that Seren's presence was enough to make all her progress in resisting the Sickness seem hollow.[29] The conversation was then interrupted by Kerapac, who had been tasked by Jas to find the eggs. The group explained to Kerapac that Seren and the eggs were not on Tardiadd, but this was not enough to convince him. Before Kerapac could attack the World Guardian and their party, Angof summoned crystal shapeshifters to delay him, beckoning her friends to escape.[30]



Transcripts Angof is the author or co-author of:

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  • Angof is Welsh for "forgotten" and is pronounced "/ɑ:ŋjɒv/" (ahng-yov) – the "n" is nasalised with no hard "g" sound, and the "j"/"y" sound is only slightly pronounced.
  • Angof is one of the first transgender characters in RuneScape. When shown the wedding ring, she tells the player she was born male, but was able to "correct" her body to female once she could shapeshift.[9]
  • Angof's dialogues were written following research with transgender communities to be as reasonable as possible.[31]


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