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Mandrith is a Slayer Master, former caretaker of Deathmatch, and the brother of Nastroth. Mandrith is located just east of the Pirates' Hideout in the deep Wilderness level 54. He allows players to exchange ancient artefacts dropped by revenants for coins. He is the former custodian of Slayer Bounties, Bounty and PvP worlds, and both incarnations of Bounty Hunter prior to their removal. If a player is opted into PvP, and teleports to Mandrith with the Slayer cape, they will receive a Wilderness warning prompt before they can continue.

He gives players the rewards for completing the Medium Wilderness achievements, which includes the Wilderness sword 2.

History[edit | edit source]

Mandrith's old items: A backpack with a lantern and a sleeping bag, along with a very pointy stick, a rug that is filled with several items; a rope, a small chest, a few stones penguin spies hide in and Mandrith's personal collection of skulls.

This towering figure is descended from the first of the clans of men, whose legends speak of the first murder on Gielinor. For this crime, his people have been cursed to an eternity watching over those who would do the same. Given his terrifying dress, the massive blade he wields and his remarkable size, it is little wonder that he survived in the Wilderness. According to Mandrith his robes have been passed from father to son for generations. He appears to be equipped and skilled much like a player killer in old-style Wilderness: a fast and deadly weapon with little armour, wild-looking and incredibly strong, yet lacking in dexterity.

Mandrith used to be the custodian of the Wilderness Volcano when Bounty Hunter was hosted there (constantly bullying his banker, Maximillian Sackville), but had to close it due to a particularly violent eruption. Mandrith abandoned the volcano and moved to Edgeville when various monsters moved into the crater, where he began taking an interest in ancient artefacts, trading various amounts of coins in exchange for them.

According to Sanchez, when Mandrith was in the Wilderness, he hired Scotty and Sanchez to clean up for him, paying them 76,000 coins per hour.

The Dragonkin[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Mandrith has some knowledge about the Dragonkin, which his people refer to as a "myth". When the Dragonkin warned the adventurer that the vision they gave them was just the start of things to come, they also informed them that they had attacked Edgeville. Mandrith, who was still there at the time, brought people to safety, but believed what he saw was a myth. When the adventurer told him their proper names, he quickly silenced them, warning them not to say their name again lest they return.

Mandrith would later recruit the adventurer once more (who was now the World Guardian) in the Sixth Age to "rebuild" Edgeville from the Dragonkin attack, fearing that the circulating rumours among the people would inspire another attack.

Slayer Master[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Mandrith began hosting Bounty Hunter again, but due to low demand he shuttered operations and became a Slayer Master, assigning slayer bounties; combining perks and rewards from both Slayer and Bounty Hunter. Mandrith soon began to share space with Vannaka, but left sometime afterwards when he heard the Wilderness became more dangerous.

Slayer Master[edit | edit source]

Mandrith is a Slayer Master in deep Wilderness, requiring level 95 Slayer and a Combat Level of 120 to use. All his tasks are for monsters that are in the Wilderness, and can only be completed in the Wilderness.

Unlike other Slayer Masters, Mandrith assigns tasks irrespective of whether the player has blocked or preferred them. In addition, he can individually assign both abyssal beasts and lords as individual slayer assignments, which likewise also count for one kill for task completion rather than two and five respectively.

A Slayer task from Mandrith awards 15 Slayer points plus the player's Threat level at time of completion. Completing Mandrith's Slayer tasks will award a wilderness slayer chest. If the task is completed without dying or skipping it, a reaper point is also awarded.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

Successfully completing a Slayer assignment confers an amount of Slayer points depending on how many tasks have been successfully completed in a row. After the Smoking Kills quest the amount is doubled. Completion of a task assigned by Mandrith after completing Smoking Kills will grant:

As well, players will be rewarded with:

This means that an average of 24 points per task are earned in a set of 50 tasks, when the threat level bonus is not considered. If the threat level is maximised to 10 for every task in a set of 50, the average number of points per task rises to 40.

In general, the average number of slayer points earned in a set of 50 tasks, assuming the same threat level for every task, will be: 24 + (1.6 x Threat Level). A threat level of 7 will match points given by Laniakea at an average of 35.2 per task.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

All of the following Slayer assignments have to be completed inside the Wilderness, kills outside of the Wilderness will not count towards completion of the assignment.

  1. ^ Players may also kill abyssal savages, beasts or lords for this task.
  2. ^ Players need to own a fire cape, TokHaar-Kal or Igneous Kal (equipped, in player-owned house, in bank, or in inventory) or have purchased the ability to get an ice strykewyrm Slayer task for 2,000 Slayer points. Players must also have completed The Tale of the Muspah. Dropping all fire capes before obtaining a new task and picking them up afterwards can avoid this assignment.

Map for finding where slayer creatures

Task weighting[edit | edit source]

Note: Since Mandrith does not take Prefer/Block lists into account when assigning tasks, you should not consider changes associated with preferred/blocked tasks when calculating task weight.

A dynamic calculator for task weight can be found here.

The percentage chance of getting assigned a given Slayer task can be calculated using the formula

where is the task's weight and is the sum of all weights for the particular Slayer Master. Note that the weights of all blocked tasks, as well as tasks toggled off have to be subtracted from the sum . For Mandrith, assuming all possible assignments are available, = .

Preferring a task makes it approximately twice as likely to be assigned, for the first assignment choice, but does not affect the weighting of the second assignment choice provided by a Slayer VIP ticket.[1]

Slayer challenge[edit | edit source]

Mandrith's special slayer assignment is to slay 15 of each of his possible assignments, with an additional reward for killing the wilderness bosses. As hydrix dragons are part of the assignment, level 101 Slayer is required to obtain and complete the assignment.

15 of each of the following are required to complete the assignment:

Abyssal Demons
Acheron Mammoths
Black Demons
Greater demon ash lords or berserkers
Hydrix dragons
Ice Strykewyrms
Kal'gerion Demons
Lava Strykewyrms
Ripper demons

Killing 1 of each of these bosses grants an additional reward for killing all four (note that kills made with a Deathtouched dart do not count):

Chaos Elemental
Corporeal Beast
King Black Dragon

The rewards for completing the assignment are:

  • 35 Slayer points
  • 21,500 Slayer experience
  • Killing all the optional bosses adds an extra 8,500 slayer experience.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 5 September 2022 (Update):
    • Mandrith's slayer challenge reworked with the old list removed, as fire giants had been removed from the Wilderness following its rehaul.
    • Mandrith's Abyssal lords and beasts tasks now drop the counter by 1 rather than 5 and 2 respectively.
  • update 1 August 2022 (Update):
    • Mandrith has moved to deep wilderness, east of Pirates' Hideout, northwest of Mage Arena.
    • Slayer tasks provided by Mandrith has been updated.
    • Requirement of getting slayer tasks from Mandrith is now Slayer level 95, Combat level 120.
  • ninja 1 March 2021 (Update):
    • Mandrith has now taken up residence in the ruins just south of the Edgeville Bank, joining Vannaka, who has moved there from the Edgeville Dungeon.
  • patch 18 August 2020 (Update):
    • Mandrith's chathead has been updated and the static effect has been removed.
  • patch 12 August 2019 (Update):
    • Mandrith co-op slayer tasks will now award 8 co-op points when completed.
  • patch 10 June 2019 (Update):.
    • Fixed a typo in Mandrith's tip for slaying gargoyles.
    • Activating a slayer gem while on a task for Mandrith now contacts him instead of another slayer master.
  • patch 28 May 2019 (Update):.
    • Allowed ice strykewyrms to be fought and killed in Rush of Blood while on an ice strykewyrm task for Mandrith.
  • patch 1 April 2019 (Update):
    • An issue that was causing a crash when checking slayer options via the Ring of slaying whilst having a task from Mandrith has been fixed.
    • Players can no longer get assigned Mandrith's special assignment without having the correct requirements to get all required kills.
  • patch 18 March 2019 (Update):
    • Mandrith's location has been added to the Slayer skillcape's teleport options.
    • It's not longer possible to get a social slayer task from Mandrith if your partner doesn't meet his combat requirements.
  • hotfix 18 March 2019 (Update):
    • A message warning you that Mandrith slayer tasks aren't being counted outside of wilderness now only appears when fighting that specific task's creature.
  • update 11 March 2019 (Update):
    • Mandrith is now a Slayer Master.
    • Mandrith's shop in Edgeville Bank now stocks slayer rewards.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His examine text used to be: "The custodian of bounty hunting and PvP worlds!"
  • If you give him a weapon, armour or anything not related to an artefact, he will say "I don't know what to do with that."
  • If you give him a noted artefact, he will say "If you brought me the actual item, and not just a picture of it, I could give you some money for it."
  • His dialogue where he explains he pays the duo 76k an hour is reference to players using the tactic of 76king, a method of taking advantage of the PvP system to get large amount of coins with little effort.
  • Mandrith has a crippling fear of skeletons, a weakness he keeps hidden.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Rowley's Twitter account. 26 September 2014. (Archived from the original on 28 September 2014.) Mod Rowley: "Preferred Slayer tasks = a silent, second random roll. If either task is on your prefer list, that's what you get (bias towards first roll)... Once normal and prefer roll is decided, [if] you have a VIP ticket, you get the choice between that roll and a third roll."