Soul devourers (Slayer assignment)

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Slayer Masters[edit source]

The following Slayer Masters assign Soul devourers:

MasterTask amounts
Sumona chathead.png Sumona150-300
Kuradal chathead.png Kuradal150-250
Morvran chathead.png Morvran150-250
Laniakea chathead.png Laniakea150-250

List of Soul devourers[edit source]

The following monsters count as Soul devourers for Slayer assignments:

 Combat levelSlayer levelSlayer XPLPWeaknessSusceptible to
Salawa akh10610550412,500Water weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Feline akh109107536.215,000Water weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Gorilla akh11111370520,000Water weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Crocodile akh11511176118,000Water weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Scarab akh122109714.822,000Fire weakness icon.png
Imperial warrior akh1301171,780.625,000Water weakness icon.pnginquisitor
Imperial ranger akh1301171,780.625,000Crush weakness icon.pngterrasaur
Imperial mage akh1301171,780.625,000Arrow weakness icon.pnghexhunter
Oreb, the Magister89908,000200,000Zero weakness icon.pnghexhunter
The Magister8991158,000200,000Zero weakness icon.pnghexhunter

Daemonheim[edit source]

The following monsters inside Daemonheim count as Soul devourers for Slayer assignments:

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