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For the dark mage in West Ardougne, see Dark mage (Underground Pass).
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The Dark mage is located at the centre of the Abyss. He can repair damaged pouches for free and give back an Abyssal book and/or Small pouch to the player if lost. It's not required to bring him the pouches, because he can repair them even while they are in the player's bank. An alternative is to contact him with the lunar NPC Contact spell however this spell will only work if the player has met the Dark mage beforehand.

He was one of the Z.M.I. initiates charged with casting teleportation spells until they happened to fail and end up in the Abyss again.[1] He was the first to do so, and his superiors kept him there so he could hold a portal spell open so other mages could go to the Abyss through it.[2] If talked to, he will offer a dire set of consequences if he fails in this task (including head explosion, if lucky, or universe explosion, if not-so-lucky).

The mage concentrating on keeping the rift open

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He can stay in the Abyss for a long period of time because time in the Abyss passes slowly compared to the time in Gielinor, so he doesn't need to eat.[3]
  • In the final cutscene of The Temple at Senntisten, the Dark Mage is seen to nearly lose control of the portal due to the shockwave following the creation of the portal in the temple under the Varrock Dig Site, but he manages to regain control just in time, commenting that he had just prevented the destruction of the universe.
  • He seems to be wearing Beads of the dead.

References[edit | edit source]

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