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NormalWhile Guthix Sleeps
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Mazchna (pronounced Mash-ner) is a low-level Slayer master located in north-eastern Canifis, very near the Canifis lodestone. He will give slayer assignments to any player with a combat level of 20 or above. Mazchna is noted for usually giving assignments close to his area.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Mazchna is a demon by race; he is the only known demon Slayer master, apart from Achtryn, his temporary replacement during the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Mazchna became very skilled in combat and eventually became a Slayer master. Mazchna chased away all the other demons in Morytania to gain his Slayer master monopoly in Canifis.[1] Unlike most demons who generally cause havoc, Mazchna strives to be good.

Fighting Lucien's undead army[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during While Guthix Sleeps.

Mazchna fought in the Skirmish at the Chaos Temple; he is one of a band of eight heroes who attempts to save the player from Lucien after the player's identity is compromised. It is seen during the battle that Mazchna has a combat level of 197. He and Harrallak Menarous are the only survivors of the strike team, as they were fighting Lucien's undead reinforcements. After Lucien leaves, Mazchna is seriously injured, but he is still able to fight and demands they chase the Mahjarrat to get revenge for Turael and Duradel's deaths. Harrallak refuses, as it would be a complete slaughter. Mazchna realizes he is right as the Slayer cause has suffered enough today with the loss of two masters, and reports the battle to Idria before returning to his post.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

Players can receive Slayer points for completing Slayer tasks, based on how many tasks players have accomplished in a row. Completion of a task assigned by Mazchna will grant you:

  • 2 Slayer points per normal task
  • 5 for every 10th
  • 15 for every 50th

This means that if using Mazchna over the long term, an average of 2.5 points will be granted per task.

However, he is not recommended to use for every 10th and 50th task. Using Kuradal, Duradel or even Sumona for these tasks gives a greatly increased amount of points. For example, Duradel gives 75 points for completing a 10th task and 225 points for a 50th task. Kuradal gives even more points: 90 for every 10th task, and 270 points for every 50th task.

After the release of Smoking Kills, Mazchna became one of the most popular slayer masters, even among higher-level players in pursuit of Slayer points. Because Mazchna's tasks are easy to complete by high-level players, a player can accomplish the first 9 tasks with ease and then use a higher level master like Kuradal or Duradel for tasks which are a multiple of ten, thereby gaining easy Slayer points.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Also includes the one-time killable Banshee Champion.
  2. ^ Although the quest monster counts, the kills are limited and it does not give slayer experience.
  3. ^ It is also possible to kill the Monstrous cave crawler, although this can only be done once
  4. ^ Also includes the monsters Skeleton warlock, Skeleton Champion, Skeleton (Temple Trekking), Skeleton (Smoking Kills), Skeleton (Draynor Manor), Skeleton (Demon Slayer)
  5. ^ Although the quest monster counts, the kills are limited and it does not give slayer experience.

Slayer Challenge[edit | edit source]

After a player has performed several Slayer tasks for Mazchna, he will occasionally offer a special task in place of a regular Slayer task. The player can decline to take the special task without penalty. If the player accepts the special task, completing the task:

  • Earns 2,000 Slayer XP (no experience is earned during the task itself).
  • Earns 3 Slayer points, if the player has completed the Smoking Kills quest, beyond the normal points received for a task from Mazchna.
  • Counts as a task for the player's consecutive task count, which is used for Slayer points.

Mazchna's special task is for the player to slay all the creatures corrupting the Fairy rings in Morytania. The player must go to each of the three fairy rings in Morytania:

At each ring, the player must contact Mazchna using an enchanted gem. If the player does not have a gem in inventory when the task is assigned, Mazchna will give the player a gem for free (even if the player has an enchanted gem in the bank). However, Mazchna will not give the player a gem if the player's inventory is full (and still won't if the player later returns with an empty inventory slot and speaks to him about the task again).

The player does not have to use the fairy ring transport network; simply walking to the rings is sufficient. When near a ring, the player activates the enchanted gem to contact Mazchna. The player does not get the usual choices when the gem is activated (if the usual choices appear, then the player is not near enough to the ring).

The three monsters you have to fight are a ravenous snail (level 49) at ring BKR, a ravenous ghoul (level 70) at ring CKS, and a ravenous vampyre (level 91) at ring ALQ. The fairy rings can be done in any order.

The player does not have to finish the conversation with Mazchna after each kill, they can go to the next fairy ring immediately after killing one monster.

Task weighting[edit | edit source]

A dynamic calculator for task weight can be found here.

The percentage chance of getting assigned a given Slayer task can be calculated using the formula

where is the task's weight and is the sum of all weights for the particular Slayer Master. Note that the weights of all blocked tasks, as well as tasks toggled off have to be subtracted from the sum . For Mazchna, assuming all possible assignments are available, = 340.

Preferring a task makes it approximately twice as likely to be assigned, for the first assignment choice, but does not affect the weighting of the second assignment choice provided by a Slayer VIP ticket.[2]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Mazchna speaks in:

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
  • patch 9 September 2019 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where Mazchna was assigning slayer tasks from Vannaka.
  • patch 19 August 2019 (Update):
    • Mazchna will now suggest you obtain a task from Laniakea if your slayer and combat level is appropriate to do so.
  • patch 31 August 2011 (Update):
    • He no longer tells players to train with Kuradal before they are able to.
  • patch 5 July 2010 (Update):
    • Getting an assignment from Mazchna no longer results in the wrong chat if you decline.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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