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The Elf Tracker, found east of Tyras Camp near Tyras' old camp by the Tirannwn lodestone, is a member of the Iorwerth Clan, one of the Elven Clans. He is a servant of the clan leader, Lord Iorwerth, and has been sent to scout out the area in and around King Tyras' old and dilapidated camp, to determine where the humans fled, as well as with tracking down the rebel elves of Lletya. The Tracker is featured numerous times during the Regicide quest. He knows how to pass through the dense forest, but will not deal with humans unless they carry proof that they are working for Iorwerth. Lord Iorwerth sums him up best: "Bless his loyalty but curse his suspicions." After talking to him, you can follow the footprints to the west of him, and these allow you to find the path that leads to the area containing Tyras Camp and Port Tyras, where the player must defeat a Tyras guard in order to access the camp.

Once a player has completed the Easy achievements in the Tirannwn achievements set, upon speaking to the Elf Tracker he will reward the player with a Tirannwn quiver 1 and an antique lamp (granting 10,000 experience in a skill 47 and above).

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