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Quest Icon Crest.png
The quest journal.
Red indicates that the quest has not been started yet.
Yellow means the quest has been started but not yet finished.
Green means the quest has been completed.
Cyan means the quest has been marked on the world map as the active quest.

Quests are groups of interrelated tasks, usually involving a storyline, that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or even a few days to complete.

The starting locations for all quests are labelled with a blue compass icon (Quest map icon.png) on the minimap. Completing quests can provide rewards ranging from experience and items, to access to new areas, minigames, miniquests, and other post-quest content.

As of 7 August 2023, there are a total of 257 quests with 41 free and 216 members-only quests, offering a total of 447 quest points. Free players, however, can only obtain a maximum of 73 quest points.

The most recent quests added to the free and members' version of RuneScape are Necromancy! and Necromancy!, respectively.

The 50th quest, Legends' Quest, was released on 20 August 2003,[1] and was also the final quest to be added to RuneScape Classic. The 100th quest, Recipe for Disaster, is actually 10 quests in one with 8 subquests ranging from easy to very hard, released on 15 March 2006. The 150th quest, The Chosen Commander, was released on 17 March 2009. The 200th quest, Dimension of Disaster, was released on 23 March 2015. The 250th quest, Vessel of the Harbinger, was released on 7 August 2023, although eight other quests in The First Necromancer quest series and the City of Um quest series were released at the same time.

Lists of quests[edit | edit source]

Types of quests[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!
The original 'Quest complete' music

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!
A less common 'Quest complete' music

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!
A rather uncommon 'Quest complete' music

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete!
A 'Quest complete' music used for most quests released during and after 2012

Quest series[edit | edit source]

Many RuneScape quests are a part of a series of quests that share a common plot-line.

Progress in a quest series is made in a linear fashion, with each quest requiring the completion of the previous one. There are, however, a few exceptions to this progression, and are found usually when a quest is involved in multiple plot-lines. Also, Jagex has reworked many of the novice quests over the years; so far, over a dozen quests have received this treatment, some more than once.

The majority of the quest series are based out of a specific area, and their completion is often needed to access either more of that area or specific features within it. For example, West Ardougne as a whole is inaccessible unless at least some progress is made in the Plague quest series.

Subquests[edit | edit source]

A subquest is a part of another quest, which upon completion gives additional rewards as well as quest point(s). Subquests may take less time and require fewer items, although they may have additional skill or quest requirements.

Repeatable quests[edit | edit source]

A repeatable quest is a quest that can be played over and over again so a player could experience the story again or explore different paths based on a choice. The quest rewards and choices made are canonical on the first play through, though replays can allow the player to unlock other follow-up rewards.

The repeatable quests include Dimension of Disaster, Broken Home, Gower Quest, Sliske's Endgame, and The Needle Skips.

Bottle quests[edit | edit source]

A bottle quest is a quest developed using minimal new assets, usually with a focus on characterisation and world-building.

The tone and complexity of a bottle quest can vary significantly, from serious quests with only a few new assets such as Wanted! or A Clockwork Syringe, to more light-hearted affairs with a number of new characters and locations, such as Call of the Ancestors and Back to the Freezer.

Miniquests[edit | edit source]

Miniquests are smaller pieces of story and skill content that are not required for the Quest Cape, but still tell stories similar to quests. Most miniquests are smaller in scale and shorter than a normal quest, but may have requirements stretching higher than normal quests or none at all. They are usually connected to existing pieces of content or used to tie up loose ends from quests, but some are standalone. They are often released as a hidden update.

Currently, three series of miniquests exist: Tales of the Arc, Doric's Tasks, and Boric's Tasks.

Skill requirements[edit | edit source]

The table below shows the highest level required in each skill to complete every released quest.

Level requirements
Total level: N/A
Attack 79Constitution 80Mining 80
Strength 85Agility 83Smithing 82/85[r 1]
Defence 80Herblore 80Fishing 72
Ranged 78Thieving 85Cooking 70
Prayer 80Crafting 80/85[r 1]Firemaking 82
Magic 81Fletching 75Woodcutting 80
Runecrafting 61/85[r 1]Slayer 80Farming 65
Construction 81Hunter 76Summoning 75
Dungeoneering 77Divination 80Invention 1/85[r 1]
Archaeology 86Necromancy 95Combat 85
Quests 176Music ---Tasks 30
RuneScore ----

The quests requiring the highest skill levels are:

Skill Level Quest
Agility Agility 83 Pieces of Hate
Archaeology Archaeology 86 Tomes of the Warlock
Attack Attack 79 The Mighty Fall
Constitution Constitution 80 River of Blood
Construction Construction 81 Pieces of Hate
Cooking Cooking 70 Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei
Crafting Crafting 80/85[r 1] The Light Within / Sins of the Father[r 1]
Defence Defence 80 The Brink of Extinction
Divination Divination 80 The Light Within
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering 77 Remains of the Necrolord
Farming Farming 65 While Guthix Sleeps
Firemaking Firemaking 82 Pieces of Hate
Fishing Fishing 72 Crocodile Tears
Fletching Fletching 75 River of Blood
Herblore Herblore 80 The Light Within, River of Blood
Hunter Hunter 76 The Lord of Vampyrium
Invention Invention 1/85[r 1] Sins of the Father[r 1]
Magic Magic 81 One of a Kind
Mining Mining 80 Birthright of the Dwarves
Necromancy Necromancy 95 Alpha vs Omega
Prayer Prayer 80 The Light Within
Ranged Ranged 78 River of Blood
Runecrafting Runecrafting 61/85[r 1] The Prisoner of Glouphrie / Sins of the Father[r 1]
Slayer Slayer 80 The Light Within
Smithing Smithing 82/85[r 1] Birthright of the Dwarves / Sins of the Father[r 1]
Strength Strength 85 Birthright of the Dwarves
Summoning Summoning 75 Plague's End
Thieving Thieving 85 Pieces of Hate
Woodcutting Woodcutting 80 The Light Within
Combat Combat 85[r 2] Dream Mentor
Quest.png Quest points 176 Recipe for Disaster: Defeating the Culinaromancer
Tasks Achievements Hard, Fremennik[r 3] Blood Runs Deep
Menaphos task set icon.png Reputation (Menaphos) Reputation Tier 9 'Phite Club
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l At least one of these skills must be level 85: Crafting, Runecrafting, Smithing, or Invention for Sins of the Father
  2. ^ While the highest combat level required to complete a quest is 85, the minimum possible level to get a quest cape is 121 as a result of the level requirements of 80 Constitution for River of Blood, 80 Defence for The Brink of Extinction, 95 Necromancy for Alpha vs Omega, 75 Prayer for The Light Within, and 75 Summoning for Plague's End.
  3. ^ Blood Runs Deep requires completion of all Easy, Medium, and Hard achievements of the Fremennik achievements.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Quest Cape[edit | edit source]

Players who have the maximum number of quest points are able to wear the Quest Cape, a Cape of Accomplishment which can be purchased from the Wise Old Man for 99,000 coins. However, whenever a new quest is available, the cape and hood will automatically be unequipped and cannot be worn again until the player completes the new quest.

If the inventory is full upon release of a new quest, the cape and hood will be sent to the bank. If the bank is also full, the Wise Old Man will hold onto it and will return it free of charge. If multiple cape/hood sets are obtained through various methods, the Wise Old Man will only return one set if both your inventory and bank are full and the set is worn and unequipped twice.

The cape does not count towards trimming other Capes of Accomplishment. It does count towards cape rack limits on capes.

May's Quest Caravan[edit | edit source]

May's Quest Caravan, also known as the Quest Point Shop,[2] is a members-only reward shop run by May, released on 24 September 2018. It can be found near the Champion's Guild, south-west of the Varrock lodestone.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Some quests award the player with titles upon completion, while others require the player to complete a post-quest activity to unlock a title.

A few titles are not directly unlocked by completing a specific quest:

Ongoing quest rewards[edit | edit source]

Quest Reward How to receive
All Fired Up Access to pieces of equipment that facilitate Firemaking training. Light 6, 10, or 14 beacons in All Fired Up minigame
A Shadow over Ashdale Access to the dead man's chest in the Ashdale Caves to repeat the battle against Agoroth giving a black pearl (or coins) with bonus experience in any skill equal to that of a medium fallen star. Check the dead man's chest in the Ashdale Caves.
Back to my Roots Access to a jade vine seed which can be planted for 1,500 Farming experience or slain for 2,500 Slayer experience every 15 hours. Plant and check the health of a jade vine, and slay wild jade vine.
Cold War Some penguins are worth two points in the Penguin Hide and Seek Distraction and Diversion. Speak to Larry in Ardougne Zoo or Chuck the Polar Bear if Larry isn't there. (Larry is taken off during the quest and may not be available)
A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen Access to the fairy ring transportation method, while wielding a dramen or lunar staff (neither of the two listed items are needed for transportation after the completion of A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift) Complete A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen completely or until a certain part.
Fur 'n Seek Access to a weekly slaying of the skeletal horror for a reward of between 9,250 and 12,500 Slayer and between 3,100 and 10,000 Prayer Experience. (First time it is slain you receive 10,000 Slayer and 7,000 Prayer Experience.) Complete the Odd Old Man's second wish list.
Garden of Tranquillity Access to the white tree, which will give the player 4 white tree fruits which regenerate one at a time, each giving 17% run energy when eaten, and 12 Farming experience when picked. Go to the garden you made during the quest and pick the fruit of the white tree.
The Hand in the Sand 84 buckets of sand delivered to the player's bank. Speak to Bert once a day.
In Pyre Need Access to a daily Distraction and Diversion, Phoenix Lair, which grants 5 phoenix quills, 1,000 Crafting experience, 7,500 Firemaking experience, 3,000 Fletching experience, 500 Slayer experience and a chance to receive a phoenix egg, which could be hatched by a player with 72 Summoning. Go to the Phoenix lair.
Royal Trouble 5 extra workers in Managing Miscellania and an allowance-per-day boost. Speak to Advisor Ghrim.
Some Like It Cold Access to a new penguin in the Penguin Hide and Seek Distraction and Diversion, worth three points (requires ring of visibility) as well as a new thieving event in the circus. Speak to Chuck the Polar Bear in the Ardougne Zoo
Tears of Guthix Access to a Distraction and Diversion for experience in the lowest skill weekly. Speak to Juna.
Throne of Miscellania Access to Miscellania's resources through Managing Miscellania. Speak to Advisor Ghrim.
The Hunt for Red Raktuber Access to a bonus point for finding a polar bear spy in the Penguin Hide and Seek distraction and diversion. Talk to Chuck the Polar Bear in the Ardougne zoo.
What Lies Below Access to Bork who can be killed daily for charms and Slayer experience. Travel through the Chaos Tunnels.
Bringing Home the Bacon Weekly bacon or familiar reward claimable from Eli. Speak to Eli.

Reworks and replacements[edit | edit source]

Over time some quests became outdated and were felt to not fit in with the progression of RuneScape or the developing lore of Gielinor. These quests were reworked into updated forms or replaced with new ones. Note that this only lists significant reworks, minor reworks to graphics and dialogue are not listed.

Reworked[edit | edit source]

Turned into miniquests[edit | edit source]

Quest icons[edit | edit source]

All quests that have a "Quest overview" window also have a quest icon. Some of the older quests do not have a unique icon, and instead display a generic quest symbol. Some quests also feature their entity icons next to names of quest-specific NPCs, items, and scenery objects. It is unknown whether all quests will eventually be updated to have this property. The quest icons indicate whether the quest takes place in the Fifth Age, Sixth Age, or is age-ambiguous.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 20 March 2023 (Update):
    • The Desperate Creatures and Sins of the Father quests now appear under the World Guardian sorting category in the Quest List.
  • patch 5 December 2022 (Update):
    • We've removed the Difficulty field from the quest overview screen and quest sort. Quest lists sorted by difficulty on login should change to the Timeline sort.
      • Dev note : When developing quests, we place them in a difficulty bracket solely due to their skill requirements (eg our definition of a Grandmaster is that it has 80+ skill requirements). But difficulty is subjective; each player has a unique definition of what makes a quest Grandmaster, Intermediate, etc (length, combat difficulty, required quests, story relevance, position in a questline or season, rewards, etc). We've since added various methods to sort your quest list, including Timeline (which incorporates these difficulty brackets), Length, Combat Difficulty, etc, allowing you to make an informed decision of what matters most to you in deciding a quest's relative difficulty.
  • ninja 23 August 2021 (Update):
    • Made several improvements to The Restless Ghost quest:
      • Graphically updated The Restless Ghost (with the exception of his hat) and his Muddy skull.
      • You may now interact with the coffin to put the Skull inside.
      • Updated various feedback messages that were only visible if chat was open to infoboxes.
      • Modernised the conclusion cutscene and resolved various defects.
    • The 'Prepare' option on the Cooking Tutor's table in the Beneath Cursed Tides quest is now hidden when the player has finished preparing Seaweed for the chef, instead of triggering a conversation with him that may have the wrong chathead if the chef is no longer crassianed.
  • patch 8 February 2021 (Update):
    • The quest system is no longer dependent on the old Achievement system. If you are currently tracking a quest or a removed path, invalid IDs will be cleared from the Activity Tracker the next time you log in.
    • Quest Achievements and paths consisting of quests have been temporarily removed from Achievement Paths. They will be restored when the path system can be rewritten to work with the new Achievement system.
  • patch 18 January 2021 (Update):
    • Fixed a punctuation issue on the Quest Complete screen on French worlds.
  • patch 18 May 2020 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a cutscene in Cabin Fever to be obstructed if the 'Remove Roofs' setting was turned off.
    • Fixed an issue in the Legends' Quest that was causing Nezikchened to stretch when using magic attacks.
  • patch 2 March 2020 (Update):
    • The tutorial pop-up that previously only occurred when starting the Blood Pact quest now occurs when starting your first quest.
  • patch 16 September 2019 (Update):
    • Corrected an issue in the Tail of Two Cats quest where the player was teleported to the previous position of Unferth's house.
    • The ram skull helm no longer pops out of its container in the quest complete screen of the Odd Old Man's wish list.
    • The bonesack no longer pops out of its container in the quest complete screen of the Odd Old Man's wish list.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to progress past the first room during World Wakes. Players who experienced this issue need to investigate any of the artefacts to progress through this section.
    • Active quest marker location for Elemental Workshop II has been corrected.
    • The Back to the Freezer quest overview interface has been updated to include the required energies.
    • The quest trail for Back to the Freezer will now lead to Chuck.
    • Corrected the audio when completing the Curse of the Black Stone quest.
    • You will now be able to access Jerrod's chest after completing Dishonour among Thieves.

patch 1 April 2019 (Update):

    • Fixed an issue where the Quest Progression section of the Summary tab on the Hero interface was counting one less than the total quests in the quest list.
  • patch 11 February 2019 (Update):
    • Quest List
      • The quest list can now be sorted by:
        • The area where you start the quest. (eg Lumbridge, Draynor, etc.)
        • Release date. Within a year they are listed in the order they were released.
        • Fifth/sixth/ambiguous age. Within an age they are listed in the order they were released.
        • Combat difficulty. (Into bands of highest NPC combat level.)
        • Quest series. (Myreque, Pirate, etc.) They're in approximate chronological order.
        • Timeline. (For those that want to complete the quests in roughly chronological order (5th age before 6th age, banded by difficulty).
      • The quest list now displays names in proper alphabetical order to match their position in the list. eg "Lost Tribe, The" instead of "The Lost Tribe".
      • Missing quest list entries for the Recipe for Disaster subquests have been added. These are hidden in the quest list anyway, but it allows them to be referenced by other systems eg achievements.
    • Quest Overview/Accept/Complete Screen
      • The following information has been added to quest overviews: quest series and episode (where applicable), age, release year, recommended, voice-acted, members, length.
      • Rewards are now listed on the quest accept screen and quest complete screen in a consistent manner.
      • Quest rewards that the player will not be given (such as combat lamps and Treasure Hunter keys on a repeat playthrough after a quest skill/pure reset) are no longer displayed on the quest accept/complete screen.
    • Quest Start Icons
      • Fixed a persistent bug where the most recent quest start icon couldn't be removed from the world map if you toggle off quest icons.
    • Quest Guidance
      • The Latest Content lozenge on the Featured tab in Adventures now has a consistent automated breadcrumb strategy when the latest content is a quest.
      • The Set Active feature of the quest journal can now consistently breadcrumb to the start point of almost all unstarted quests. The button now also has a distinctive look when toggled between active and inactive states.
      • The quest point shop portal previously just teleported you to the start of the latest quest without warning. It now checks the requirements for the latest quest and notifies you of where you'll be teleported.
  • ninja 6 November 2017 (Update):
    • The following quests now award XP lamps containing the quest reward XP:
      • Goblin Diplomacy now awards a 200 Crafting XP lamp.
      • Vampyre Slayer now awards a 4,825 Attack XP lamp, requiring 10 Attack.
      • The Knight's Sword quest now awards a 12,725 Smithing XP lamp, requiring 28 Smithing.
      • Dragon Slayer now awards two XP lamps worth 18,650 Strength and Defence XP, requiring 50 Strength and Defence respectively.
      • Gertrude's Cat now awards a 1,525 Cooking XP lamp, requiring 11 Cooking.
      • Recruitment Drive now awards three XP lamps worth 1,000 XP each in the Prayer, Herblore and Agility skills, requiring level 8 in the respective skills.
      • A Soul's Bane now awards two XP lamps worth 500 Defence and Constitution XP, requiring 4 Defence and Constitution respectively.
      • Priest in Peril now awards a 1,406 Prayer XP lamp, requiring 10 Prayer.
      • Nature Spirit now awards three XP lamps worth 3,000 Crafting XP and 2,000 Constitution and Defence XP, requiring level 4 Crafting and level 3 Constitution and Defence respectively.
      • In Search of the Myreque now awards five XP lamps worth 600 XP in the Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution and Crafting skills, requiring level 4 in the respective skills.
      • In Aid of the Myreque now awards four XP lamps worth 2,000 XP in the Attack, Defence, Strength and Crafting skills, requiring level 12 in the respective skills.
      • The Haunted Mine quest now awards a 22,000 Strength XP lamp, requiring 35 Strength.
  • hotfix 13 June 2017 (Update):
    • An issue that was preventing players from acquiring their 'Phite Club quest reward was fixed.
    • A way has been added for players who have missed out on their 'Phite Club quest reward to obtain it by speaking to the Menaphite royal guard in the throne room.
  • patch 24 April 2017 (Update):
    • All quests have been updated to no longer display a blank 'task complete' pop-up on completion.
  • patch 1 November 2014 (Update):
    • Accounts which do not have the expected skill levels after completing certain quests will now have those quest rewards locked until the expected skill levels are reached.
  • patch 20 October 2014 (Update):
    • The quest button within the featured tab will now redirect the player to the quest journal when no quests are featured.
  • patch 28 March 2011 (Update):
    • The wording for ‘Show on map’ on the quest interface has been fixed.
  • patch 15 February 2011 (Update):
    • Completing a quest will now turn off the quest tracking system for that quest.
  • patch 24 June 2010 (Update):
    • Removed outdated code from a selection of older quests.
    • Prevented a bit of quest chat being cut off prematurely.
  • patch 20 October 2009 (Update):
    • Corrected the difficulty of Within the Light in the quest list.
    • The advisor system won't tell you where to start quests that you'd already completed.
    • The requirements for the Family Crest quest now correctly cross out when you meet them.
    • Corrected the quest complete scroll information for part of the Recipe for Disaster quest.
    • Improved post-quest dialogue for Glorious Memories.
    • Clearer message added for people trying to enter West Ardougne at certain quest states.
    • Clearer advice added for players who lost a critical item during Back to my Roots.
    • Your quest state was not correctly updated if you interrupted some dialogue during Hand in the Sand.
  • patch 21 July 2009 (Update):
    • Updated the Sea Slug quest journal to correctly strikethrough requirements when you have met them.
  • patch 22 June 2009 (Update):
    • Updated a quest-related diary interface to allow space for slightly more text.
    • Updated the Rum Deal quest interfaces to better handle different game modes
  • update 2 March 2002 (Update):
    • A few minor glitches with the new quests have been fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to 13 November 2017, some quests allowed skills to be boosted before they were started. This was changed with the rework of Quest interface.
  • The current Quest interface allows players to click quest(s) listed as requirements for another quest, to go into the entry for the former quest(s). This works properly if you manually select a quest yourself, but is bugged if you click them in the requirements when you are offered a quest by the NPC, and instead of taking you to the same correct page, it changes every time. It's been observed at the start of Catapult Construction (after going to Regicide, it goes through every single prior quest), and The Jack of Spades (a completely random quest every time, instead of the correct Diamond in the Rough).

See also[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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