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Charos (pronounced Ka-Ross) is a diplomatic human who lived in Morytania. He was a human whose life is mostly shrouded in mystery, mostly because true sources from Morytania are hard to come by, as the Vampyre lords of the region heavily censor and control what information passes in and out of the land.

During Desperate Times, it was revealed that Charos was disguised as Reldo, the librarian in Varrock Palace.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Charos grew up in the slums of Meiyerditch. His parent died young so he had to fend for himself. His life on the streets taught him the art of manipulation, and eventually he managed to gain favour with the Vampyres by acting as an informant, telling them about suspect individuals in Meiyerditch. The Vampyres, in return, taught and provided for him. Acting as the assistant to a haemalchemist, Charos learned of magic and invention, and was eventually able to craft the ring of charos. With the aid of the ring, his position in Vampyre society grew until he had the ear of Lord Drakan himself. [2]

Life's work and achievements[edit | edit source]

The castle where Charos stayed, briefly, while planning his flight from Morytania.

It is known and confirmed by historical sources that Charos was a man of great importance, a proficient inventor, and an advisor to Lord Drakan, the long-time ruler of Morytania. Charos was charming and clever, and had the ability to bend the wills and thoughts of weak-minded individuals. Because of this, he was used by Drakan to interrogate human insurgents in and around the human ghetto of Meiyerditch. This is thought to be the reason Drakan kept him as an advisor, a position which would usually have gone to a Vampyre.

According to Charos' journal, his various inventions were also employed by Drakan as part of his obsessive quest to find the Stone of Jas, although Charos seems to have had little interest in it. Drakan also regularly visited him in his workshop in order to commission curiosities to entertain himself and his supporters. Charos' proficiency with invention seems to have been mostly forgotten in the years since his disappearance, however; in the late Fifth and early Sixth Age, he was remembered mostly for his charm and his interrogations.

In addition to possessing basic charisma and charm, Charos' famous abilities were enhanced by a piece of jewellery, the ring of charos. This trinket enhances the charisma of the user, giving them control over victims' thoughts; by suggesting something to a sufficiently weak-willed target, they can make the victim do their bidding, to an extent, but only if the user is already somewhat charismatic. With mental training, people become able to overcome the compulsion to obey the ring's owner, and several individuals (most notably those who have received religious training, for example Brother Althric and monks on Entrana, and vampyres such as Malak) are immune to its charms.

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

The story of Charos' fall from grace within Darkmeyer society is recounted in his journal. Although Charos was very influential within Drakan's court, especially for a human, his inventiveness and absentmindedness eventually became his downfall. During one of his visits to Charos' workshop, Drakan requested that he provide something interesting for the next Great Hunt; as he left, he asked Charos whether he'd made any progress on the problem of the Stone of Jas. Apparently inspired by this, Charos dressed up a bloodveld in Drakan heraldry and tied a ball and chain to it; the ball was shaped like the Stone of Jas, and when it was released the bloodveld used it to smash its way through the forest. He claimed in his journal that this idea began as a whim and quickly turned into a compulsion, and that he couldn't have stopped himself from following through with it. Drakan viewed the spectacle as an insult, and after some thought, Charos agreed.

Although he managed to escape immediate danger, he was hunted throughout Morytania by vampyres and werewolves in Drakan's service, and then by mercenaries and adventurers after he managed to escape across the Salve. He was unable to find sanctuary within Misthalin, either, due to his reputation; worse, he alienated a friend there he remembered from his childhood—a woman named Ino—by accidentally impersonating her father using a gnome magic-empowered necklace. Tired of running, he fashioned a simulacrum of himself and set it loose outside Catherby, where it was killed within an hour. He then had the simulacrum buried by an undertaker and compulsive gambler named Uri in a secret tomb underneath McGrubor's Wood, after disguising himself as his own widow. Uri tried to use the 'wishgranter', only to be turned into a double agent with his consciousness fading in and out. Another adventurer would eventually discover the ploy and free Uri, who had become cursed after attempting to rob Charos' grave and make use of a 'wishgranter' he had had buried with him.

To keep himself alive since he would have died of natural causes otherwise, Charos constructed a special invention which allowed him to extend his lifespan to that far longer than a typical human. However, he would not reveal its details to the World Guardian for the time being, until they got to "know each other" better.

While on the run, Charos took on many disguises and lives with his inventions, being a sheep farmer, clown, assassin, knight, wizard, bar mistress and a goblin. He was excited to take on various lives, though he was unable to make the most out of them due to various complications associated with the life he was trying, especially when he tried being a goblin. Eventually, Charos took on the form of Reldo and resided in Varrock for the time being, no one being aware of who he actually was.

Repercussions[edit | edit source]

Dr Fenkenstrain stole the ring of charos.

During his escape from Morytania, Charos took shelter with Lady Rolobrae in her castle. She allowed him to shelter in her iron maiden (he used his necklace to disguise himself as an exsanguinated corpse); in exchange, when he left, he gave her his charm ring. Upon discovering that the priest in charge of Paterdomus recognised him and would not let him through, he regretted leaving the ring behind dearly, but did not return for it.

After 15 Lords residing in this castle (most of whom we have no record of), the latest Lord Rologarth employed a doctor called Dr Fenkenstrain. Fenkenstrain tricked Rologarth, who was becoming senile, into killing the other inhabitants of the Castle until only he and Fenkenstrain were the only two left (as evidenced in a letter), at which point the Doctor killed the Lord and stole the ring, selling his brain to the werewolves in Canifis. He used the ring to keep the werewolves from realising that he wasn't one of them, which in turn kept them from marching north and killing him or forcing him to pay the blood tithe.

Following the events of the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, in which the doctor asked for help in animating a large corpse made up of parts from several different corpses, an adventurer accidentally put Rologarth's brain (which had previously been preserved and put on display in the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis) in the head of Ed Lestwit, a former gardener at the Castle. When the corpse was animated, Rologarth returned to life. He convinced the adventurer that he was the rightful owner of the castle, and revealed Fenkenstrain's dark secrets.

With the adventurer's assistance, Fenkenstrain was deprived of the ring, and Rologarth was given control of the castle once more. Rologarth allowed the adventurer to keep the Ring of Charos, allowing them to charm werewolves into seeing them as one of their own much as Fenkenstrain had done. This made the werewolves of Canifis much friendlier towards them, and also granted them access to the Werewolf Agility Course. The Wise Old Man would eventually restore the ring to the level of power it had possessed when Charos used it, allowing the adventurer to influence the minds of certain weak-willed individuals. The same adventurer would later go on to recover one of Charos' necklaces; although they couldn't use it to disguise themselves, Uri claimed that it might be able to dispel illusions instead.

Reappearance[edit | edit source]

During the Desperate Times quest, Kerapac tasked the World Guardian to track down Charos. A series of riddles and puzzles left by him led the World Guardian to Reldo, who revealed himself to have been a disguised Charos the entire time. He then built a device designed by Kerapac using materials brought by the World Guardian in order to help siphon power from the Needle, only to be enraged when Kerapac betrayed the group for his own agenda.

When spoken to, Charos reveals that he intends to get his revenge on Kerapac, as he does not like being tricked himself.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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