Caelyn Kadaan

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Caelyn Kadaan only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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Caelyn Kadaan is a master thief found south of Falador with her wife Annette as part of the 2020 Easter event, having riled up the imps into rebelling against the Easter Bunny. She offers sacks of loot in exchange for pilfered easter eggs. She claims to have stolen an 300-carrot diamond from Varrock Museum as well as the Max Guild, but returned it to the building before anybody noticed.

By giving Caelyn 10,000 pilfered easter eggs you will be given the title 'the poached' as a reward. Buying from her store is what counts as giving them the pilfered eggs, although Ironmen are unable to access her store, and can only donate eggs in batches of 2,000.

Caelyn grew up an orphan on the streets of Varrock. The only kindness she knew was when the Easter Bunny gave her a chocolate egg. This upset her as it was not the community support she actually needed and did not help her in the long run. Years later, she set up a scheme to rile up the Easter Bunny's workers and steal his eggs, giving half of the profit to the street orphans of Varrock.


Transcripts Caelyn Kadaan speaks in:


  • She makes a pun on the words carrot and carat in boasting about her exploits.
  • She and Annette are RuneScape's first living NPC LGBT+ couple.