Old necklace

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Old necklace detail.png

Old necklace is an item obtained during the You Are It quest, found inside the locked casket by using the casket key on the latter. It allows players to search for five necklace trinkets around Gielinor, if the player has level 50 Dungeoneering. Each trinket found will provide 10,000 Dungeoneering experience and unlock a new chapter in Charos's Journal.

Combining all trinkets with the old necklace creates the Necklace of Charos. Doing so will complete the Trickster's Trinkets achievement. Returning to Uri and asking him about the necklace will unlock additional dialogue.

When lost, it can be reobtained by digging with a spade in Lumbridge cemetery at 00 degrees 58 minutes north, 25 degrees 01 minutes east (west of the south-west light), or via the Quest storage chest if unlocked.