Sixth Age

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Sliske kills Guthix, abolishing the latter's edicts which allows the gods to return. Sliskeans have used this event as the epoch that marked the start of the Sixth Age of Gielinor.

The Sixth Age, commonly referred to as the Divine Age[2], represents the current age in Gielinor according to followers of Sliske and is marked by significant events starting after the events of The World Wakes, which is identified as the World Guardian phase in the Quest List, which ends in Aftermath, bringing a new phase, Age of Chaos. Following the demise of Guthix, the Edicts of Guthix, which had maintained a barrier against the gods after the God Wars, were shattered. This allowed gods to once again enter Gielinor, alongside the emergence of the powerful Elder Gods who engaged in a war against all mortal life.

As this new age unfolded, a new Guardian of Guthix emerged, bestowed with the responsibility to shape the world according to their vision. They had the option to fulfil Guthix's final desire of a world without gods, align themselves with a chosen deity, or even aspire for godhood themselves.

Furthermore, the Sixth Age brought about the unfortunate loss and severe injury of some of the prominent figures known as the Signature Heroes. Owen, during a mission in the Black Knights' Fortress, met his demise only to be revived in a corrupted state. Xenia valiantly sacrificed herself in an attempt to delay the return of the Elder Gods, while Sliske transformed Linza into a wight. Additionally, this era witnessed the destruction of the Stone of Jas, the Needle and the subsequent reinstatement of the Edicts of Guthix.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

After the assassination of Guthix at the hands of Sliske in the year 182 of the Fifth Age, a small number of Sliskean devotees created their own calendar and declared the start of the Sixth Age. In Reldo's ages seventeenth edition, it is clarified that the Sliskean calendar has not had widespread acceptance and the Asgarnian calendar continues to be the dominant one.[3]

Reldo believes that the death of Guthix is as significant as the epochs that marked the start of the first four ages, but he also remarks that a decision on whether the death of Guthix marked the end of the Fifth Age or not should be up to the historians of the future, when the complete ramifications of his death have become apparent.[4]

Prior to the release of Reldo's ages seventeenth edition, a number of characters have made references to the Sixth Age which may no longer be canon: the regent of Asgarnia himself uses the calendar, among other non-Sliskean followers such as the Guthixian High Druid, Gudrik, and Aoife Fairweather.[5][6][7][8][9] Cres also crafted a Sixth-Age circuit for the player, though he did so before the death of Guthix. Saradomin and Juna have both described the death of Guthix and return of the gods as the start of a new age, though this wouldn't necessarily mean a new calendar.[10][11]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Year 1[edit | edit source]

Tribute to Guthix[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tribute to Guthix.
The tribute of Guthix being north of Falador

After Guthix's demise, the news of his death quickly reached the Taverley Order of Druids through Kaqemeex. In response, the Tribute to Guthix was initiated, serving as a means to pay homage to the late god without engaging in worship. The Anima Mundi itself displayed its grief by shedding tears, manifesting as radiant, other worldly trees across Gielinor.

With determined efforts, the people of Gielinor succeeded in crafting a tribute stone, a unique structure combining a prayer altar and a small obelisk. This monumental creation required the assembly of over 100,000 fragments of rune and pure essence, symbolising the deep respect for Guthix's passing. Some of the druids chose to stay within the ancient order, committed to instructing others in Guthix's teachings while adhering to his final wish of non-worship. However, a portion of the druids, unable to reconcile their beliefs after the tragic events, departed from the order.

Among those who left, Biehn emerged as a prominent figure and, together with the adventurer Kara-Meir, founded the order known as The Godless. Their primary objective was to safeguard the world from the influence and actions of the gods. As time passed, various factions, including the Godless, recognised the need to expand their ranks and dispatched emissaries throughout the world, seeking new recruits for their respective causes.

Parallel to these developments, following Guthix's demise, a formidable group known as the Order of Ascension surfaced. These powerful creatures, created by a Guardian of Guthix, Ocellus, had begun abducting nearby villagers in their misguided attempt to fashion a new deity worthy of worship. Ocellus, now stationed at the entrance to the Order's dungeon, valiantly guarded the captives and sought aid from brave adventurers to counter this threat.

Saradomin vs Zamorak[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Battle of Lumbridge and The Death of Chivalry.
Saradomin and Zamorak, locked in battle

Following the demise of Guthix, a dispersion of his power occurred, scattering fragments across the world. One of these fragments, as speculated by a Portal expert, was believed to be responsible for the emergence of the portal near Lumbridge, through which Zamorak returned to Gielinor. This unexpected event immediately plunged the surrounding area into chaos, posing a grave threat to the nearby town.

Saradomin, the long-standing adversary and rival of Zamorak, confronted him, leading to a colossal battle that took place to the west of Lumbridge. The ferocity of their clash resulted in the decimation of the entire surrounding forest, the destruction of part of the castle, and the formation of the Lumbridge Crater. This upheaval caused several features of Lumbridge to be relocated, including the entrance to the H.A.M. Hideout and the tree patch.

The two warring gods found themselves at a stalemate and rallied their armies of supporters to join the fight. The Battle of Lumbridge ensued, lasting for over ten weeks, as countless soldiers and formidable creatures battled fiercely over the divine tears, remnants of Guthix's power that had been left behind. Saradomin dispatched a clone of himself and tasked Sir Owen, along with the assistance of the World Guardian, to retrieve the Wand of Resurrection, which the Black Knights were seeking.

As the battle drew to a close, Saradomin emerged as the victor, narrowly surpassing Zamorak in the accumulation of tears. This victory allowed Saradomin to overpower his foe, although Zamorak's lieutenant, Moia, intervened to save him from a fatal blow. Nevertheless, Zamorak suffered a significant loss of power as a result of his defeat.

A human collecting energy from a spring

Simultaneously, the residual power that had been unleashed during Guthix's death began to spread throughout Gielinor. This led to the formation of small craters in various locations, emanating wisps of energy. Humans quickly discovered this phenomenon and started collecting the energy for their own purposes, coining the term "Divination" for this new skill.

Sliske's grand ascension[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.

Following the intense battle between Saradomin and Zamorak, Sliske, a cunning and enigmatic Mahjarrat, seized the opportunity to gain the attention of the gods. Employing a sinister plan, Sliske orchestrated the murder of warriors from different factions while cleverly framing each other, inciting discord and suspicion among the gods.

Additionally, Sliske carried out kidnapping Death to lure Icthlarin, the god associated with the afterlife and the dead. With the assistance of the World Guardian, Icthlarin was invited to Sliske's grand event called the "grand ascension," which was set to take place in Armadyl's citadel. Within the citadel's throne room, the gods gathered, eagerly awaiting Sliske's arrival, while the World Guardian underwent trials to gain access to the throne room.

Once inside, Sliske revealed that he had indeed kidnapped Death, the embodiment of mortality, and a powerful Dragonkin, using them as leverage in case the gods attempted to attack him. It was at this moment that Sliske unveiled a chilling competition: he offered the coveted Stone of Jas as a reward to the god who could eliminate the highest number of their divine peers.

With his proclamation, Sliske released the unleashed Dragonkin, causing chaos and destruction. The ensuing havoc forced all but Icthlarin and the World Guardian to flee the throne room, seeking safety. In the midst of the turmoil, the World Guardian valiantly rescued Death and made a daring escape alongside them, ensuring their freedom from Sliske's clutches.

Armadyl vs Bandos[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Bird and the Beast.
Armadyl landing in front of Bandos' remains

In the aftermath of the events surrounding Sliske's grand event, a new conflict emerged between two prominent gods, Bandos and Armadyl. Bandos, anticipating future battles, constructed a powerful weapon, while Armadyl created a tower with a similar purpose. Both of these structures required the divine energy harnessed from the recently discovered Divination skill to operate at their full potential.

The pursuit of this valuable energy sparked a fierce war between the followers of Bandos and Armadyl. Each side established strategic sites across Asgarnia and Misthalin, fiercely defending their locations and caravans. Followers were recruited and gathered to claim and safeguard these crucial positions.

Meanwhile, members of The Godless, seeking to prevent either faction from gaining a stronghold in the region, actively engaged in the conflict. They employed tactics such as ambushing caravans belonging to both factions, disrupting their efforts and creating chaos on the battlefield. Occasionally, temporary truces were established between the warring factions, but these moments of respite were short-lived.

As the conflict raged on, Armadyl ultimately emerged victorious. The battle reached its climax at the beginning of the second year, culminating in Bandos' defeat and demise. His death marked the conclusion of the war.

Year 2[edit | edit source]

Return of Zaros[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Fate of the Gods.

Zaros established contact with Azzanadra, a loyal Mahjarrat follower, in order to reach out to the World Guardian. They recognised that Sliske, who was obstructing the other Mahjarrat from entering the shadow realm, needed to be involved in bringing the World Gate out of that realm. This was crucial as the World Guardian would be able to unlock the gate and travel to Freneskae.

Once on Freneskae, the World Guardian met with Zaros and learned of the god's need for a physical body. They were tasked with venturing to the Elder Halls, gathering Mah's energies, and assisting in creating a suitable vessel for Zaros. During this journey, Zaros provided the World Guardian with insights into the Great Revision and their shared goal of preventing it. Additionally, Zaros enlightened them about Mah's significance.

After successfully retrieving the necessary energies and crafting a body for Zaros, the World Guardian and Zaros returned to Gielinor. The news of Zaros' return was shared with a select group of loyal Zarosians who were informed of his resurrection.

As for Sliske, his actions and his involvement in advising the World Guardian on sabotaging Zaros' return led to his exile from the faction. It was clear that his actions were not aligned with the goals and intentions of Zaros. Azzanadra was given the task of locating the Elder Halls, furthering their mission in support of Zaros' return.

Party of the gods and Ashdale's trouble[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and A Shadow over Ashdale.
Marimbo and Brassica Prime at Saradomin's old camp next to the Lumbridge Crater

Shortly after Zaros made his return to Gielinor, another god, Marimbo, the goddess of monkeys, also made a comeback. She initiated a confrontation with Brassica Prime, the god of cabbages, at Saradomin's old camp near the Lumbridge Crater. The Emissary of the Godless, Holstein, arrived accompanied by Kara-Meir to disrupt the contest between Marimbo and Brassica Prime. However, Marimbo and Brassica Prime did not wish to engage in a violent battle, instead opting for a non-fatal competition.

Kara-Meir was forced to leave, leaving Holstein to focus on recruiting new members for the Godless. The competition between Marimbo and Brassica Prime unfolded, with Brassica Prime emerging as the victor, followed by Marimbo in second place. The Godless took the third position in this non-fatal competition.

Meanwhile, during this event, the island of Ashdale faced a crisis as it came under attack by creatures known as Crassian. These beings were kidnapping the island's inhabitants, posing a significant threat. Thankfully, with the intervention of the World Guardian, the people of Ashdale were saved from further harm. The World Guardian played a pivotal role in defeating Agoroth, a powerful Crassian entity, and rescuing the kidnapped citizens, ensuring their safety and restoring peace to Ashdale.

Avenging Bandos[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Mighty Fall.

In the aftermath of Bandos' demise, his followers unleashed a wave of violence and retribution. They targeted the human followers, holding them responsible for their god's death. However, the blame for Bandos' defeat primarily fell on the Dorgeshuun, as they were believed to have weakened Bandos when they rebelled against the god during his attempt to return.

The Bandosian followers amassed an army and set their sights on the caves beneath Lumbridge, intending to march to Dorgesh-Kaan to seek retribution. However, the intervention of the World Guardian and Zanik, a prominent figure among the Dorgeshuun, disrupted their plans. Through their actions, the Bandosians were diverted from their initial objective, choosing instead to hold the Kyzaj, a tournament based on the ancient Bandosian traditions, to determine the new leader of their faction.

Following the conclusion of the tournament, the Bandosians underwent a shift in their priorities. They no longer harboured intentions of attacking Dorgesh-Kaan, as the outcome of the Kyjaz and the subsequent leadership would occupy their attention and reorient their faction's focus. This turn of events offered respite and averted the immediate conflict between the Bandosians and the Dorgeshuun.

Year 3[edit | edit source]

Tuska's arrival[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tuska Comes.
Vorago strikes down Tuska

The goddess Tuska was discovered by Wizard Chambers, an astromancer from the Wizards' Tower. Upon learning her identity, Chambers devised a plan to defend Gielinor from this formidable beast. A lodestone was created and sent to Tuska, and when she drew near, the lodestone activated. Chambers then called upon Gielinor's hero to confront and protect the world from Tuska's threat.

Realising that Tuska had a protective barrier around her, which prevented direct attacks, the gods and Vorago became aware of the situation. Representatives from Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl, and the Godless ventured to Tuska's location. They sought to recruit adventurers and heroes to assist in charging an Anima Mundi spear infused with the respective energies of their factions. The objective was to weaken the barrier around Tuska using this powerful weapon.

Despite moments of despair, it was the efforts of the Godless that inflicted the most damage on Tuska. Vorago, a powerful being, ultimately delivered the final blow. Tuska's colossal corpse crashed to the south of the Wizards' Tower, leaving a world window on her back. This unique portal granted access to a previously unknown location called Mazcab.

With Tuska defeated and Mazcab now accessible, a new chapter in Gielinor's history was unveiled, promising new adventures and challenges for the heroes of the realm.

The return and death of V[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Hero's Welcome.

The Fremennik and the Moon Clan set aside their differences and joined forces with the World Guardian to organise a homecoming celebration for their revered hero, V. Upon V's return, he expressed his determination to reunite the fractured Fremennik tribes and safeguard both his people and Gielinor from the influence of the gods.

During a meeting with the World Guardian to discuss the mysterious drain of his powers, V was tragically located and slain by the fearsome Dragonkin. In the wake of this devastating loss, the World Guardian sought to avenge V's death, partially succeeding in their mission. Despite the sorrow and grief, V's loyal followers remained committed to carrying on his legacy and working towards the goal of reunifying the Fremennik tribes.

A dedicated emissary was stationed at V's resting place to recruit and rally those who had heard of V's demise. This recruitment effort extended to unexpected allies, such as goblins, who were captivated by V's inspiring tales. Many drew parallels between V's fate and the demise of Bandos, recognising the profound impact of their deaths on their respective factions.

Through unity and determination, V's followers aimed to honour his memory and continue the quest for the reunification of the Fremennik tribes, as they strive to forge a stronger future for themselves and the world of Gielinor.

Invasion of Falador[edit | edit source]

Battle in Falador's square
The following takes place during Invasion of Falador.

The Black Knights launched a bold invasion on the city of Falador, driven by their quest to find the lost sword and banner of Raddallin. Lord Daquarius, the leader of the Black Knights, believed that acquiring these artefacts would grant them the rightful claim to the kingdom of Asgarnia.

Meanwhile, the World Guardian had successfully located the two artefacts and uncovered a letter left behind by the late king. However, their knowledge was kept hidden by Darla, who believed that revealing the truth of the letter would not be well-received by the people of Asgarnia, and that they were not yet ready to learn its contents.

Despite their best efforts, the Black Knights were unable to locate the sought-after artefacts during their invasion. After several weeks of relentless pursuit, they were ultimately forced to retreat. This marked a significant victory for the White Knights and the defenders of Falador, as they successfully repelled the Black Knights' invasion and safeguarded the city and its treasures.

The events surrounding the failed invasion underscored the importance of secrecy and the delicate nature of the truth contained within the letter. The fate of the lost sword and the Banner of Raddallin remained protected, and the White Knights emerged triumphant in defending their kingdom.

Sliske's scoreboard[edit | edit source]

Gods' Score Board impaled in the Grand Exchange
The following takes place during Dishonour among Thieves, God Scoreboard and Nomad's Elegy.

After Zamorak's failed attempt to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske, the cunning and enigmatic Sliske devised a unique way to draw attention to his contest. He created a scoreboard right in the heart of the Grand Exchange, hoping to generate more interest and participation in his mysterious competition.

During this eventful period, the nefarious Nomad, known for his insatiable thirst for power, sought to create a new god under his control. His plan involved harnessing the energy from the souls of the deceased across Gielinor. However, the World Guardian, aided by Death, Icthlarin, and other allies from their past adventures, managed to thwart Nomad's scheme.

The death of Nomad's aspiring god did not go unnoticed by Sliske, who incorporated the event into his scoreboard contest. The outcome of this contest had implications for the fate of Zanik. The choices made by the player during the quest determined whether Zanik would return to protect the Soul obelisk or remain deceased, shaping her personal trajectory in the unfolding narrative.

Year 4[edit | edit source]

The Heart of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tales of the God Wars (miniquest) and Heart of Gielinor.

After a significant period of time, a location of immense anima was uncovered, earning it the name the Heart of Gielinor. The discovery of the heart attracted the attention of followers from various factions, including Sliske, Zaros, Seren, and Zamorak. Each faction sought to seize control of the heart, driven by their loyalty to their respective gods and their individual ambitions.

The intense conflict between the four factions awakened Telos, the Warden, a formidable creature born from the Anima Mundi itself. Recognising the World Guardian's exceptional power and skill, Soothsayer Sybil urged them to take on the monumental task of putting Telos back to sleep. The World Guardian engaged in a fierce battle with Telos, demonstrating their prowess and determination.

The prolonged struggle for control over the Heart of Gielinor lasted for approximately a year, with Seren's faction ultimately emerging victorious. Seren's followers assumed responsibility for guarding the heart, acting under her guidance and commands. The Heart of Gielinor, with its potent anima reserves, remained a pivotal location within Gielinor's ever-evolving landscape.

Invasion of Port Sarim[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Port Sarim Invasion, Meg's cases and Kindred Spirits.

Inspired by her adventurous spirit and desire to help others, Meg made the bold decision to establish a detective agency. Teaming up with the World Guardian, the duo embarked on numerous investigations, successfully solving various cases that came their way. Their skills and resourcefulness made them a formidable team in unravelling mysteries.

One of their notable cases involved a string of missing persons. Through their diligent efforts, Meg and the World Guardian uncovered a disturbing truth: the individuals had been abducted by a notorious slave trader named Jed. The investigation took an unexpected turn when Meg herself became a target, falling victim to a cunning plan orchestrated by Sliske, with assistance from Linza, who sought Sliske's protection. The duo's resilience and quick thinking thwarted the scheme, but not without consequences. Linza was transformed into a wight, joining Sliske's formidable army.

Meanwhile, Jed, determined to replenish his lost slaves, hired pirates from the Skull region of the Wushanko Isles to invade Port Sarim. The pirate invasion sparked a fierce battle as the people of Port Sarim fiercely resisted. Despite their valiant efforts, Jed managed to capture more slaves and escaped towards The Arc, an region filled with adventure and danger.

Dig site discovery and a new arrival[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Celebration of Fire, The Empty Throne Room and Birth by Fire.

At the Varrock Dig Site, an exciting and groundbreaking discovery awaited Celia Diggory and her fellow workers. They stumbled upon the long-lost ancient throne room of Zaros, a significant find that held immense historical and archaeological value. With the assistance of newly developed devices from the Invention skill, the dig site had employed additional workers to aid in the excavation and recovery of artefacts to be displayed in the Varrock Museum.

Coinciding with this momentous event, the annual fire festival was reaching its climax. However, the festivities took an unexpected turn when a colossal nihil emerged from the flames. This enigmatic creature sought the help of brave adventurers, appealing for assistance in collecting burning embers. These embers were intended for the Queen of Ashes, who possessed a deep fascination with Gielinor and desired to study these unique fiery remnants.

Adventurers, drawn by the call for aid, embarked on a quest to gather the burning embers for the Queen of Ashes. As they ventured into dangerous territories and faced formidable challenges, they learned more about the mysterious queen and her fascination with the world of Gielinor. The journey to collect the burning embers became not only a test of strength and skill but also an opportunity to uncover secrets and forge alliances with powerful beings.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

The Eclipse, covering Prifddinas
The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

The eclipse of Gielinor by the moon Zanaris signalled the climactic end of Sliske's contest, bringing together the gods, the World Guardian, Vorago, Death, and the Dragonkin at the Heart of Gielinor. This gathering marked the final opportunity for the contenders to compete for the coveted Stone of Jas. As the contest reached its conclusion, many participants were teleported out once the victor was declared.

However, the unexpected appearance of Kerapac, a prominent Dragonkin, disrupted the proceedings. Filled with fury, Kerapac unleashed the destructive power of the Mirror upon the Stone of Jas, shattering it into fragments. This act of defiance left the Zaros, Seren, Sliske and the World Guardian in shock and disbelief.

In the midst of the chaos, Sliske, consumed by rage, targeted the World Guardian in a fit of vengeance. A fierce battle ensued, resulting in Sliske's ultimate demise. The conflict concluded with the defeat of Sliske, bringing an end to his treacherous machinations and ensuring the safety of Gielinor.

The Memorial to Guthix[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Memorial to Guthix.

At the start of the new year, an ancient Naragi shrine emerged in the northern region of Eagles' Peak. This remarkable site quickly attracted the attention of diviners from various corners of the world, all eager to explore its mysteries. Among them was Orla Fairweather, a devoted scholar of Divination, who chose to remain at the shrine to delve deeper into its secrets and expand the knowledge of this mystical art.

Over time, this sacred location evolved into the Memorial to Guthix, a site devoted to preserving and honouring the teachings and legacy of the revered god. The shrine served as a repository for the memories of Guthix, containing invaluable recollections from his time before his discovery and throughout his presence on Gielinor.

The Memorial to Guthix became a gathering place for those seeking to understand and connect with the wisdom of Guthix. It offered opportunities for individuals to learn from the memories stored within the shrine, gaining insights into the philosophy and principles that Guthix espoused during his life. Visitors could immerse themselves in the memories and experiences of Guthix, deepening their understanding of the delicate balance he sought to maintain in Gielinor.

The establishment of the Memorial to Guthix added a new dimension to the exploration and study of Divination, as scholars and adventurers flocked to the shrine in pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. It became a revered site where the ancient Naragi heritage and Guthix's teachings merged, creating a space of reflection, contemplation, and spiritual growth.

Year 5[edit | edit source]

Agents of Fury[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Agents of Fury.

Nymora, a formidable Avernic general loyal to Zamorak, dedicated a significant portion of her life to hunting down individuals who had betrayed her god and ensuring they faced the consequences of their actions. Recognising the need for assistance in this task, Nymora dispatched two of her trusted agents, Zymthara and Miithrius, to seek aid from adventurers across the world.

Zymthara and Miithrius, acting as representatives of Nymora, approached adventurers and called upon their skills and bravery to aid in tracking down these treacherous demons. These missions were of great importance, as they involved pursuing and apprehending those who had betrayed the trust and allegiance they once held to Zamorak. The agents explained the gravity of their task and the impact it could have on restoring honour and justice to Zamorak's cause. They sought the assistance of adventurers who were willing to embark on dangerous quests, face formidable adversaries, and navigate treacherous environments in pursuit of these traitorous demons.

With Zymthara and Miithrius as their guides and sources of information, adventurers worked alongside them to uncover leads, gather intelligence, and ultimately confront the treacherous demons. Together, they faced numerous challenges, battles, and tests of their mettle as they pursued their shared goal. The involvement of adventurers from around the world provided a crucial contribution to Nymora's mission, as they brought their unique skills, knowledge, and determination to the cause. With their combined efforts, they sought to bring these betrayals to justice and uphold the ideals of Zamorak.

The Abyssal Knights[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Shattered Worlds.

The anima witch, an exiled Void Knight, stumbled upon an ancient temple hidden within the depths of Lumbridge swamp. This temple had long been sealed away, its true purpose unknown to most. Driven by her curiosity and knowledge of Magic and Invention, the anima witch utilised her expertise to break the seal, unveiling a mysterious portal leading to a section of the Abyss.

To her astonishment, she discovered that anima, a powerful life force, had permeated this section of the Abyss, creating a new and unforeseen threat. Realising the dangers it posed to Gielinor. The Temple Knights and the Void Knights, both renowned organisations with a history of defending the realm, recognised the severity of the situation and understood the need for immediate action. In a rare display of cooperation and unity, the Temple Knights and the Void Knights formed an allied organisation known as the Abyssal Knights. This newly established faction was dedicated to the prevention of creatures from the Abyss from infiltrating Gielinor through the recently discovered portal.

The Abyssal Knights, armed with their unique knowledge and skills, stood as a formidable force against the encroaching threat. However, they quickly realised that they couldn't face this challenge alone. Recognising the significance of the task at hand, they reached out to adventurers from all corners of the world, seeking their aid in defending Gielinor from the malevolent creatures that sought to spill forth from the Abyss.

Adventurers who answered the call joined forces with the Abyssal Knights, forming a united front against the relentless onslaught of Abyssal creatures. Together, they ventured into the dangerous depths of the Abyss, battling hordes of twisted and otherworldly beings in an ongoing struggle to protect Gielinor. Through their combined efforts and unwavering determination, the Abyssal Knights and the adventurers have managed to prevent the creatures from the Abyss from fully infiltrating Gielinor. The portal remains heavily guarded, and the forces of darkness are held at bay, thanks to the continuous vigilance and courage of those who stand as defenders of the realm.

Rediscovery of the Lost Grove[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Lost Grove.
The Lost Grove

Solak, the powerful guardian of the Lost Grove, fell victim to the corrupting influence of Erethdor's mind, a malevolent force that had taken hold of him. The once-majestic guardian emerged from the depths of the Lost Grove, revealing the hidden location of this mystical realm to the rest of the world.

Upon witnessing Solak's emergence, Merethiel recognised the dire threat posed by Erethdor's control over Solak. Determined to free her companion from this dark influence, Merethiel sought the aid of the World Guardian, as well as other courageous humans, who had proven their worth in previous battles. Joining forces with Merethiel, the World Guardian and their companions embarked on a perilous quest to confront Erethdor and liberate Solak from his control once and for all. The battle against the corrupted guardian was fierce, with Erethdor wielding immense power and displaying formidable strength. However, the combined efforts of the humans proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

Through unwavering determination and strategic skill, the adventurers managed to weaken Erethdor's hold on Solak. As the darkness within Solak began to recede, the corrupted influence of Erethdor was purged from the guardian's being. Solak, now freed from the malevolent force, regained control of his own will and consciousness. Recognising the damage that Erethdor had inflicted upon the Lost Grove, Solak and Merethiel, having formed a newfound alliance, made a pact to work together. United in their purpose, they set out to undo the devastation caused by Erethdor's influence, healing the wounds inflicted upon the once-thriving realm.

With the combined efforts of Solak, Merethiel, and the World Guardian, the restoration of The Lost Grove began. As nature reclaimed its rightful place and the wounds inflicted by Erethdor's corruption gradually healed, the beauty and harmony of the grove were restored.

Year 6[edit | edit source]

Black stones[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Curse of the Black Stone and 'Til Death Do Us Part.

Bryll Thoksdottir, having received information about sinister plots in the Temple of Aminishi, called upon the World Guardian and other adventurers to investigate the location. Upon arrival, they were attacked by the Acolyte of Seiryu, who mistook them for pirates. Engaging in fierce battles against the acolytes and other powerful adversaries within the temple, they eventually reached Seiryu the Azure Serpent, who was chained and under the influence of Black Stones.

With the determination to free Seiryu from the Stone's control, the World Guardian and their allies fought against the Azure Serpent, ultimately managing to break the chains and liberate Seiryu. Grateful for their rescue, Seiryu informed the World Guardian of another individual influenced by the Stone, sensing their presence far north of the mainland. Kerapac, a renowned figure with knowledge of the Black Stones, revealed that he had once experimented on a dragon and provided guidance on where to go next.

Accompanied by Bryll, the World Guardian journeyed to Kerapac's old laboratory, uncovering not only the details of the experiments conducted there but also further insights into the nature of the Black Stones and the existence of the Black stone dragon. Engaging in a fierce battle, they successfully defeated the Black Stone Dragon and returned to Bryll to share their findings. However, before they could delve further into their discoveries, Death urgently contacted the World Guardian, seeking their assistance in saving Moia from a rift located north of Draynor. The rift was connected to the black stone and demons were being summoned through it. With the aid of Death and his Horsemen, the World Guardian and Moia fought tirelessly against the onslaught of demons. Eventually, a powerful version of Lucien emerged from the rift, but with the combined strength of their allies, they managed to defeat him and close the rift.

After these events, the World Guardian decided to return to Madam Shih to catch up with her. However, their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the Ambassador, who killed Shih's crew. Filled with a thirst for revenge, Shih left the World Guardian behind to confront the Ambassador, who planned to unleash a powerful and evil entity onto Gielinor through a ritual. With the assistance of Seiryu and their gathered allies, the World Guardian engaged in a fierce battle against the Ambassador, ultimately emerging victorious and ending the influence of the eldritch entity.

Year 7[edit | edit source]

Gielinor's Council[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Song of Seren and Desperate Times.

Worried about the impending threat of the Elder Gods, Seren took the initiative to gather selected leaders, gods, and representatives from Gielinor's kingdoms and factions. In this meeting, she revealed the gravity of the situation and proposed a plan to demonstrate to the Elder Gods the value and worth of mortal lives. Her intention was to convince the Elder Gods that the preservation of Gielinor and its inhabitants was essential. However, their discussions were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Kerapac, who presented an alternative plan involving the use of the elder artefact known as the Needle to thwart the Elder Gods. Despite initial scepticism, the council agreed to consider Kerapac's proposal, recognising the urgency and magnitude of the threat they faced.

However, the World Guardian, discovered that Kerapac's true intention was to drain Gielinor of its anima, a vital life force, as a means to prevent the Elder Gods from awakening and initiating a new revision. This drastic plan would come at the cost of extinguishing all life on the planet. Realising the deception and the immense danger posed by Kerapac's plan, the council swiftly shifted their focus towards stopping him and safeguarding Gielinor. With the World Guardian at the forefront, they rallied their forces and resources, determined to thwart Kerapac's destructive intentions and protect the lives of all beings on the planet.

Breaking the Storm[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Breaking the Storm and Anachronia.
Base camp of Anachronia

In response to the growing threat posed by Kerapac and the need to locate him, King Roald of Varrock took decisive action. He allocated additional funding to the Varrock Dig Site and appointed Mr Mordaut as the new foreman, with the objective of accelerating the construction of a ship that would serve as an expedition vessel.

Recognising the importance of this mission, adventurers from all corners of the world were enlisted to assist in the ship's construction. Their diverse skills and expertise proved invaluable in expediting the process, ensuring that the vessel would be ready to set sail as soon as possible. Once the ship was completed, the adventurers, accompanied by Mr. Mordaut and other researchers, embarked on a journey towards the mysterious and treacherous island of Anachronia. This uncharted land held the promise of potential leads and crucial information regarding Kerapac's whereabouts.

Upon reaching Anachronia, the expedition members established a base camp, a central hub from which they would operate and launch their search for Kerapac. However, they soon discovered that the island was not only fraught with danger but also home to an array of peculiar and unfamiliar flora and fauna. The adventurers found themselves immersed in a world teeming with exotic and enigmatic creatures, encountering species they had never before encountered in their travels across Gielinor. The flora on the island boasted vibrant colours and unique properties, presenting a rich tapestry of biodiversity waiting to be explored.

As the expedition delved deeper into the mysteries of Anachronia, they encountered various challenges, puzzles, and formidable adversaries, testing their skills and resilience. The island's landscape and inhabitants provided a constant source of wonder, as well as formidable obstacles that needed to be overcome in their pursuit of Kerapac.

Year 8[edit | edit source]

Rediscoveries[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Archaeology and The Vault of Shadows.

Guildmaster Tony and Dr Nabanik, the researchers of the mysterious monolith, were engrossed in their studies when Zaros made a dramatic entrance and activated the enigmatic artefact. As the monolith revealed its true power, Tony delved deeper into understanding its workings, driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

In his relentless pursuit of understanding, Tony made a fateful decision to experiment with a black stone on the monolith. However, this act of boldness had unforeseen consequences. To the shock of all present, Tony found himself absorbed into the very structure he sought to comprehend, becoming one with the monolith. Meanwhile, the Archaeology Guild, which had recently opened its doors to new recruits, welcomed the World Guardian as a member. This prestigious organisation granted them access to various dig sites scattered across the realm, where they would uncover hidden treasures, ancient artefacts, and long-forgotten lore.

As the World Guardian ventured into the depths of dig sites as part of their Archaeology pursuits, they stumbled upon the Kharid-et Dig Site. There, they encountered Trindine, a Mahjarrat long believed to be deceased. Given their exceptional talent and dedication, the World Guardian was bestowed with the honourable title of Guildmaster, succeeding Tony in leading the Archaeology Guild. This newfound responsibility brought with it the task of overseeing expeditions, training new recruits, and unlocking the secrets hidden within the ancient artefacts they uncovered.

As Guildmaster, the World Guardian took charge, guiding and mentoring fellow archaeologists while unearthing fascinating discoveries. They immersed themselves in the study of forgotten civilisations, deciphering cryptic inscriptions, and piecing together fragments of history.

Land out of Time[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Desperate Measures and Desperate Creatures.

Seren's council, concerned about the activities of Kerapac on Anachronia, dispatched Thok and Charos to investigate his whereabouts. They also requested the assistance of the World Guardian to join the mission and provide insights into the situation. Together with the help of Hannibus, the group embarked on a journey to uncover the truth. As they delved deeper into Anachronia, the World Guardian and their companions stumbled upon two additional factions of dragonkin, each with their own agenda prior to the curse. The information they gathered shed light on Kerapac's plans and the imminent danger they posed.

Realising that Kerapac was aware of their interference, he unleashed the island's formidable dinosaurs to attack the adventurers' base camp. Despite the fierce resistance, the World Guardian, along with their allies, managed to fend off the onslaught and continue their pursuit of Kerapac. With the combined efforts of the World Guardian and Jas, an Elder God, they thwarted Kerapac's plan and cursed him to the Elder God once more. Elder God Ful would emerge from the ground destroyed the lab and device that Kerapac had been using to manipulate shadow anima, halting his dangerous plan.

This incident served as a stark reminder that the Elder Gods were indeed awake and their displeasure was apparent. The Curator, in their investigation of Anachronia's fauna, discovered unusual effects caused by Kerapac's anima experiments. Seren shared her concerns with the World Guardian, revealing that the elder god eggs had begun to stir in response to Kerapac's actions. Further tampering on a large scale could lead to the premature hatching of these eggs, which carried significant consequences for the world of Gielinor.

Raksha Reawaken[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Raksha, the Shadow Colossus (quest).

Laniakea, a seasoned Slayer Master who had joined the expedition to Anachronia, arrived at the southern temple to investigate unsettling tremors. Previous adventurers who ventured there never returned, prompting her concern. Aware of the situation, Laniakea approached the World Guardian and shared her discovery of a door at the pinnacle of the fortress, which she managed to decipher. However, opening the door required the power of shadow anima.

Guided by Laniakea's insights, the World Guardian explored the surrounding area and stumbled upon pools of shadow anima. Harnessing their connection to Guthix's enchantment, they channeled the dark energy and successfully unlocked the door, revealing a colossal chamber beneath. Initially, Laniakea accompanied them, but the toxic nature of the shadow anima proved too perilous, forcing her to retreat for her safety.

Undeterred, the World Guardian, shielded by Guthix's enchantment, ventured deeper into the chamber, where they encountered a surprising sight—Zaros. Zaros divulged that the chamber was, in fact, a prison, and proceeded to enlighten the World Guardian about its long-standing occupant, Raksha, the Shadow Colossus. Zaros seized the vat of shadow anima that kept Raksha subdued and made his departure.

However, with Varanus, Raksha's keeper, pleading for intervention, the World Guardian heeded their call and took it upon themselves to subdue Raksha. Aided by their skills and resolve, they managed to confront Raksha and bring them under control, ensuring the safety of Anachronia and its inhabitants.

Heist for the Crown[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Azzanadra's Quest.

After some time had passed, Zaros devised a clandestine plan and assigned Azzanadra and Trindine with the task of retrieving Saradomin's crown, known as the Locator, as a crucial step toward his aspirations of becoming an Elder God. Aware of the potential risks and complexities involved, Azzanadra decided to keep the World Guardian at arm's length by assigning them a separate task, under the pretence of Zaros's orders, to locate the Elder Halls in order to find a way to prevent the premature hatching of the Elder God eggs.

Unbeknownst to the World Guardian, their efforts to locate the Elder Halls were part of an elaborate ruse orchestrated by Azzanadra and Trindine to aid in the theft of Saradomin's Crown. As events unfolded, Trindine activated the Frost Horn, unleashing its power and converting a significant number of the Temple Knights into their ranks. Chaos ensued, leading to a confrontation between the transformed Temple Knights and those loyal to their cause.

However, despite their concerted efforts, Azzanadra and Trindine failed to obtain Saradomin's Crown. In a desperate turn of events, Zaros himself had to step in and take matters into his own hands to secure the prized artefact. This unexpected twist revealed Zaros's hidden agenda, as the World Guardian discovered his intentions to attack the enigmatic monolith once his preparations were complete.

Year 9[edit | edit source]

Battle of the Monolith[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Battle of the Monolith.

After learning of Zaros' plan to attack the Monolith, Saradomin, Seren, and the Crux Eqal formed an unprecedented alliance to stop him. The battle that ensued was fierce, and Zaros managed to gain control of the Monolith and enter through its breach. However, his actions unintentionally unleashed Shadow Cacklers and other menacing creatures that threatened to spread across the world.

Realising the gravity of the situation, all forces involved called for a temporary truce to combat the new invaders and prevent their destructive influence from spreading. The World Guardian took charge and rallied reinforcements from the TokHaar, bolstering their collective strength. Through relentless determination and strategic coordination, the united forces succeeded in pushing back the Shadow Cacklers and reclaiming control over the affected areas. Azzanadra, amidst the chaos, ascended to a higher form, harnessing the released power to seal the Monolith.

Despite their victory, the opening of the Monolith had caused further contamination of the planet, amplifying its corruption. Blaming the other forces and life on the planet for the catastrophe, the TokHaar attempted to march on the Codex, seeking to dismantle their former allies and everything they stood for. However, their efforts proved futile, and they were ultimately forced to retreat in the face of unwavering resistance.

Following the intense battle, Saradomin entrusted Sir Owen with the crucial task of guarding the Monolith, ensuring its stability and preventing any misuse. Meanwhile, Reiniger, driven by her insatiable curiosity, made a remarkable discovery west of Gulvas Mansion—a set of ancient doors that she believed would lead to an intact section of Senntisten, an ancient and mysterious city.

Preparing for war[edit | edit source]

The Gods siphoning the eggs
The following takes place during City of Senntisten.

Shortly after, the World Guardian encountered Ariane and Charos engrossed in their study of the Elder Hall near the Heart of Gielinor. Their analysis indicated that the eggs were beginning to crack open, a sign of the impending emergence of the new generation Elder Gods. Recognising the gravity of the situation, Azzanadra, offering his assistance, collaborated with Ariane, Charos, and the World Guardian to devise a plan.

Their plan involved relocating the eggs to a secure and intact section of Senntisten, away from the prying eyes of the Elder Gods. The goal was to conceal the eggs and attempt to extract the anima within them, hoping to disrupt the Elder Gods' awakening. The World Guardian was entrusted with the crucial task of rallying the gods to aid in this mission. With determination, the World Guardian successfully recruited Saradomin, Armadyl, Seren, and Zamorak, all of whom pledged their support to the cause. However, Icthlarin declined the invitation, choosing to assemble allies beyond the boundaries of Gielinor.

While waiting for the arrival of the gods, the World Guardian, under Azzanadra's guidance, took the initiative to erect a powerful barrier of Ancient Magicks around the cathedral. Using warding devices and ancient spells, they fortified the area to prevent the Elder Gods from directly accessing the eggs. This defensive measure aimed to buy them time and thwart the imminent threat.

As the eggs were safely transported to their new location and the gods gathered, a projection of Kerapac materialised before the group. Kerapac ominously revealed that the Elder Gods were aware of their plan and were mobilising their forces to retrieve the eggs. The news sent a chilling reminder of the stakes involved and the immense challenges that lay ahead. Undeterred by this revelation, the World Guardian, the gods, and their allies steeled themselves for the impending confrontation. Aware that the fate of Gielinor hung in the balance, they prepared to face the oncoming onslaught of the Elder Gods' forces with unwavering resolve.

Elder God Wars[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Nodon Front.

As the imminent threat of the Elder Gods loomed, the ranks of defenders grew as the Crux Eqal and Temple Knights joined forces to safeguard the precious eggs within the sanctity of Senntisten cathedral. United in purpose, they stood resolute against Kerapac and his forces, dispatched by Jas herself to reclaim the eggs. Drawing upon the wisdom of past ages, the generals of the previous God Wars lent their experience to the defence, bolstering the collective strength of the defenders. Amidst the chaos of battle, the World Guardian emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. Armed with unwavering determination, they confronted Kerapac, engaging in a fierce struggle to prevent him from reaching the cathedral and laying his hands on the eggs. In a monumental clash, the World Guardian emerged victorious, dealing a devastating blow to Kerapac's ambitions. However, Jas, ever cunning, intervened and whisked Kerapac away, denying him the release of death and keeping him under her control to lead her forces.

Within the crucible of the battle, a remarkable turn of events occurred. Naressa, a Nodon dragonkin held captive by Kerapac, managed to break free from his malevolent grasp. Seizing the opportunity, she fled the battlefield, seeking refuge within the concealment of the city's southwestern sector.

The following takes place during Glacor Front.

Seeing Jas' forces struggling to make progress, Wen, another Elder God, decided to join the effort to retrieve the eggs. She opened a portal unleashing a horde of glacyte, glacor, and an Arch-Glacor from the realm of Leng to launch an attack on the cathedral. The defenders faced a formidable onslaught as the power of an Elder God was unleashed upon them. In response to this escalated threat, the Gielinorians received reinforcements from the Cadarn and Iorwerth Clan, with Helwyr taking charge as the general of the defence. Recognising the need for additional strength, Akthanakos, Enakhra, Charos, and Arianwyn joined forces with Ariane and Azzanadra. Together, they worked to weaken the Arch-Glacor, providing their allies a chance to fight back against this formidable foe.

The World Guardian, ever valiant, stepped forward and successfully defeated the Arch-Glacor, granting the mages a momentary respite before another one emerged. Sensing the need for more support, Seren approached King Roald and Duke Horacio, urging them to lend their defence by stationing a garrison in the graveyard. The aim was to establish a strategic stronghold to prepare for the next assault and bolster their chances of repelling Bik's forces.

The following takes place during Croesus Front.

During the fierce battle, Bik stumbled upon the remnants of Croesus in Senntisten's graveyard. In a bold move, she revived the dormant monstrosity, unleashing it as a powerful weapon to spearhead a third offensive towards the east. With devastating force, Croesus swept through the garrison stationed there, obliterating any resistance in its path. Gorvek, renowned for his previous encounters with the monstrosity, took charge of the defence on this front. Drawing upon his experience, he instructed the forces on how to effectively deal with Croesus' spore, devising strategies to counter its lethal capabilities. The Nodon and glacytes steadily advanced, gaining ground and inching closer to the cathedral, their relentless assault putting immense pressure on the defenders.

Amidst the chaos, a wave of new allies emerged on the battlefield, answering the call for assistance. The Raptor, a formidable warrior known for his combat prowess, joined forces with Sir Owen, the steadfast knight, and Ozan, the skilled rogue. The Abyssal Knights, led by Valluta, brought their otherworldly powers to bear against the encroaching threat. Word of the desperate battle reached Zarador and General Graardor, the mighty warlord of the Bandosian forces. Both swiftly rallied their armies, mustering their strength to aid in the defence.

As the situation grew increasingly dire, Zamorak, ever the strategist, proposed a controversial measure to bolster their dwindling numbers: raising the fallen as undead warriors. Seren, recognising the dire necessity of the situation, reluctantly agreed, understanding that desperate times called for drastic measures.

The following takes place during TzekHaar Front.

As the relentless battle raged on, Ful set her sights on turning the tide in her favour. Utilising the power of the Elder Kiln, she harnessed its energy to transform the TokHaar into a formidable new force known as the TzekHaar. Learning from the shortcomings of their previous incarnation, these reformed warriors were forged with greater strength and resilience.

Within the depths of the Kiln, Ful discovered TzKal-Zuk, a powerful being bound by Bandos' restraints. Recognising his potential as a leader, she liberated him from his chains, granting him the command over her newly created army. Zuk, infused with renewed purpose, burrowed through the intricate tunnels beneath Senntisten, expertly severing the vital supply lines that sustained the defenders within the cathedral. Amidst the chaos, a host of formidable allies joined the fray. Necromancers led by Zemouregal Khazard and Hazeel, with General Graardor, and the Twin Furies arrived to lend their support. The undead and Bandosian forces rallied under their command, ready to stand against the onslaught of the TzekHaar and protect the sanctity of the cathedral.

Taking refuge within the sewers, Graardor stepped forward to confront TzKal-Zuk in a personal duel. The confident Zuk, seeking entertainment, issued an open challenge to Graardor, threatening to face the gods if left unchallenged. In a display of sheer strength, the demigod triumphed over his adversary, though refrained from delivering a fatal blow.

Undeterred, the World Guardian emerged, accepting the daunting task of confronting TzKal-Zuk. Armed with unwavering determination, they engaged in a gruelling battle, preventing Zuk from advancing further towards the cathedral single-handedly. Through their skill and resilience, the World Guardian emerged victorious, thwarting Zuk's plans and preserving the defence of the cathedral.

The following takes place during Het's Oasis, Eye of Het and Eye of Het II.

As the fierce battle raged on, Icthlarin, the god of the dead, returned to Gielinor with a sombre realisation. Unable to bring reinforcements, he proposed a daring alternative to bolster their forces. Icthlarin suggested using the Eye of Het, a powerful artefact capable of reviving fallen souls who were strong and willing to continue the fight. This approach stood in stark contrast to the necromantic practices employed by the defenders.

With Seren's approval, Icthlarin set out to locate the Eye of Het, which was believed to be located in the Duel Arena. However, their search was abruptly interrupted by a violent earthquake that ravaged the area, reducing it to ruins. Undeterred, a group of volunteers from Al Kharid, the Archaeology Guild, and the World Guardian joined forces to create an Oasis dedicated to Het, providing a focal point for their efforts.

Further investigation revealed that someone had attempted to break the ward placed upon the artefact. It was later revealed that Khazard, a cunning antagonist, had orchestrated the attack and stolen the Eye of Het from Icthlarin. In a dramatic confrontation witnessed by the other gods, Zamorak confessed that he had ordered the theft. Zamorak believed that Seren intended to use the Eye of Het to create a perpetual conflict, trapping them in an endless cycle of fighting to prevent the destruction of the Elder God eggs. Seren reluctantly admitted the truth of Zamorak's claims, leaving the three remaining gods to grapple with the challenge of siphoning the eggs while acknowledging the inevitable hatching that awaited them once Zamorak left.

Year 10[edit | edit source]

End of a war[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Extinction.

After Zamorak's departure, his forces gradually began to retreat, causing the Gielinorians to lose their undead allies and leaving them at a disadvantage. This allowed the army of the Elder Gods to advance, forcing the defenders to retreat into the cathedral. In the midst of the chaos, Moia arrived at the surface entrance of Senntisten and discovered the TzekHaar pouring out of the city. Together with Hebe, later revealed to be Saradomin's daughter Adrasteia, Moia fought against the escaping lava creatures. The World Guardian arrived and aided in eliminating the remaining TzekHaar in Senntisten, while also supporting the defence of each front.

Despite the valiant efforts of the defenders, Zuk emerged from the sewers and relentlessly attacked the Cathedral's door, attempting to force it open. Faced with no other viable option, Saradomin and Armadyl reluctantly agreed to destroy the eggs to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Elder Gods. However, Seren, unwilling to bring harm to her own kin, teleported away with the eggs. Determined to prevent the destruction of the eggs and save everyone involved, the World Guardian, Moia, Adrasteia, Hannibus, and Vicendithas embarked on a journey across different worlds in search of Seren. They eventually located her on Freneskae, where they encountered a dangerous portal emitting shadow anima—a second wild Shadow Breach. In a tense turn of events, Kerapac caught up to the group and used the Needle to turn back time, buying them a few minutes before Jas arrived.

With the clock ticking, the World Guardian ventured into Erebus, a realm of shadows, to find a solution to thwart Jas and protect the eggs. Along the treacherous path, they baited a shadow leviathan to emerge from the portal and engage Jas in a fierce battle. As the confrontation reached a stalemate, Kerapac intervened, sacrificing himself by using the power of the Needle and the Siphon to distract Jas. In a daring act, the leviathan seized the Elder God and dragged her into Erebus, with Kerapac being pulled along with her. The Needle shattered as a result of the immense power exerted by Kerapac.

With Jas' suppose elimination, the chase for the eggs came to an end, and the group attempted to convince Seren to allow them to destroy them. However, Seren had a different plan in mind. She teleported to Iaia, Hannibus' homeworld, and sought to allow the eggs to hatch there, summoning the remaining Elder Gods to the Ilujankan realm. The World Guardian engaged Seren in a desperate battle, defeating her avatars and aspects, all in an effort to distract her while the willing Ilujankan evacuated their homeworld. In a shocking turn of events, Moia betrayed the World Guardian, seizing the opportunity to please Zamorak by disabling the world gate, leaving the Guardian stranded.

Extinction world gate.png

As fate would have it, the World Guardian remained present when the Elder Gods drained Iaia's anima. This transformative event reduced them to children, weakened compared to their previous generation. Seren, recognising the Guardian's efforts, spared them. The World Guardian, having obtained a power boost from Erebus, survived the anima drain, although their newfound strength was depleted shortly after the Elder Gods' reincarnation.

Seren made the decision to keep the young Elder Gods on Iaia, believing that the universe was too perilous for them. She cited the dangers posed not only by other gods who could harm them but also by the creatures dwelling within Erebus. The World Guardian returned to Gielinor and confronted Moia, updating the remaining gods on the events that had transpired. They were informed that the battle in Senntisten had concluded after Seren's departure, with Azzanadra banishing the Arch-Glacor back to Leng, Zuk returning to the Kiln with the TzekHaar, Croesus being incinerated by Armadyl, and the Nodon returning to Anachronia.

Saradomin, unsurprised by Zamorak's betrayal, understood that his rival would not be able to act immediately, given the heavy losses his forces had suffered during the battle. Saradomin and Adrasteia returned to Falador to oversee recovery efforts, while Armadyl made his way to Prifddinas to watch over Seren's followers. Azzanadra expressed his gratitude to the World Guardian for their unwavering efforts in the battle, acknowledging the crucial role they played in the outcome.

Zamorak's demon invasion[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Twilight of the Gods and Zamorak's demon invasion.

Soon after, the World Guardian stumbled upon an injured White Knight named Sir Cadian just outside the gates of the City of Senntisten. Upon further investigation, they discovered that Gregorovic, who later on is revealed to be an Chthonian demon with dual personas of Gregorovic and Erasinus, had saved Sir Cadian from a demonic ambush along with Naressa. However, Gregorovic's return to Senntisten had triggered a mental clash between his two identities, causing a volatile situation. Together, the trio ventured to Senntisten Asylum in search of a cure for Erasinus. Their path led them to Cyrillus, Yk'Lagor, and Dahaka, two of the three demons who were Aughra Dragonkin also seeking a solution. With the assistance of Senecianus, they managed to find a cure for Erasinus' condition.

During their cure, the Aughra informed the World Guardian about Zamorak's plans, amassing legions of demons, suggesting an imminent attack on Gielinor. This prompted them to travel to Falador to inform Saradomin. In a daring move, the Guardian infiltrated a Zamorakian cult to gather more information, uncovering Zamorak's control over the Infernal Source. However, before a concrete plan could be formulated, demons launched an assault on Misthalin and Burthorpe. Bilrach, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat, arrived and demanded Saradomin's surrender, threatening further attacks on Saradominist kingdoms.

The Shadow Voice within the World Guardian's mind proposed the idea of re-establishing the Edicts of Guthix. Seeking guidance, the Guardian met with the Guardians of Guthix at the Tree of Balance and proved their worthiness to carry the Edicts. However, they learned that the ritual would come at a cost—they would lose their powers, and all gods above a certain power threshold would be banished if successful, rather than just banishing Zamorak. Despite the risks, the gods agreed to proceed with the ritual.

While preparations for the ritual were underway, the World Guardian focused on defending the people of Gielinor. They also dispatched agents to search for a way to reach Zamorak directly, aiming to confront him and put an end to his destructive plans.

Demons invading Gielinor

A new era[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Aftermath.

Azzanadra's agents successfully uncovered a secret Zamorakian base beneath Senntisten, where cultists and coven witches were summoning demons through a powerful portal. Saradomin dispatched his knights to clear the area, but they faced fierce resistance and were pushed back, necessitating the intervention of the World Guardian. Together with their allies, the World Guardian fought through the enemy defences, determined to reach Zamorak in the Wilderness Crater.

In an encounter with Zamorak, the World Guardian revealed their plan to use the remade Edicts to stop him once again. Zamorak, initially amused, soon realised he had underestimated the Guardian's power and was defeated, resulting in his immediate banishment from Gielinor, losing their power and title. The now former World Guardian wasted no time in informing Saradomin and Adrasteia of the victory, and Saradomin confirmed that the new Edicts were affecting him as well. After broadcasting a message of Zamorak's defeat to the people of Gielinor, Saradomin, too, was banished by the Edicts. Before his departure, he appointed Adrasteia as his successor and entrusted Zilyana to follow her, a decision he made with finality.

Adrasteia, feeling the weight of her new responsibility, asked the Adventurer to check on Armadyl and Azzanadra. They met with Armadyl at his Divine Focus, where the aviansie god expressed remorse for not being able to spend his last moments on Gielinor in the Wilderness, a place where he and Obi'Sooth had once lived. Recognising that the gods' pursuit of power had caused turmoil, Armadyl revealed his intention to go to Tarddiad and aid the crystal shapeshifters who had been abandoned by Seren. As for Azzanadra, he and Nex both affected by the Edicts, planned to continue their work on Freneskae. Trindine would collaborate with Adrasteia to establish long-lasting peace, while Wahisietel would guide humanity and keep Akthanakos in check.

The Zamorakian Civil War[edit | edit source]

Following Zamorak's defeat and the reestablishment of the Edicts, his followers found themselves in a state of internal conflict. K'ril Tsutsaroth, seeking to take control of the faction, engaged in fierce battles against Bilrach and his followers in the treacherous Wilderness. Meanwhile, Moia, acting on behalf of Bilrach, diligently destroyed attacking demon forces and their human allies, including a Varrockian patrol.

Concerned about the escalating demon attacks, Moia delved into the matter and discovered that Avaryss was behind the assaults. Determined to put an end to Avaryss's actions, Moia confronted her and cunningly trapped her soul within a Diabolus, a powerful artefact provided by Trindine. A survivor from the Varrockian patrol managed to report the situation to Adrasteia, who, recognising the urgency, enlisted the aid of the Adventurer, the former World Guardian, to investigate further. Teaming up with Anne Dimitri, a newly recruited member working under Adrasteia's command, the World Guardian tracked down Moia just after her victory over Avaryss. However, during the confrontation, Anne was revealed to be Trindine in disguise, and Moia took advantage of the chaos to escape, leaving the Adventurer to report the developments to Adrasteia.

As the conflict unfolded, Moia sought out Nymora and struck a deal with them, offering to betray K'ril Tsutsaroth in exchange for her sister's soul. This turn of events ultimately led to Bilrach claiming victory, resulting in K'ril's banishment back to Infernus. With the internal war among Zamorak's followers resolved, albeit through unexpected alliances and betrayals, a semblance of stability returned to the faction under Bilrach's leadership.

The following takes place during Succession.

After the internal conflict within Zamorak's followers was resolved, Bilrach turned his attention towards the human kingdoms and sources of powerful magic. He dispatched his subordinates to Menaphos and Senntisten, seeking to acquire devices and knowledge that would enable him to siphon the souls of the human kingdoms, thereby enhancing his own power. Through astute deductions, Adrasteia uncovered Bilrach's nefarious plan. Realising the grave threat it posed, she enlisted the assistance of the Adventurer to thwart his ambitions. Together, they worked tirelessly to disrupt Bilrach's scheme, preventing the siphoning of human souls. Their successful intervention not only embarrassed Bilrach but also weakened him significantly.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Moia seized the moment to challenge Bilrach's authority and showcase her newfound power, which had been augmented by the information Bilrach had acquired. In a bold move, Moia successfully overthrew Bilrach, ushering in a new era and causing a strange and enigmatic energy to spread throughout Gielinor. During this time, Adrasteia, recognised for her wisdom and leadership, was officially coroneted as Basilissa.

A new foundation[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during New Foundations.
Fort Forinthry fully built

In response to the threat posed by the Zamorakians who had settled within the Wilderness, King Roald of Misthalin announced an opportunity for individuals to reclaim a strategic vale located between Misthalin and Daemonheim. The purpose of this initiative was to establish a protective border for the Saradominist kingdoms and prevent further encroachment by the followers of Zamorak. Those who succeeded in reclaiming the vale would not only be granted prestigious positions within Misthalin's rank of nobility but also gain ownership of the land itself.

While many individuals failed in their attempts to reclaim the vale due to its inherent dangers, the Adventurer rose to the challenge and embarked on the mission. They fearlessly confronted hordes of zombies that infested the area and, in the process, rescued Bill, a valuable ally who joined their cause. Together, they began the arduous task of rebuilding the vale, transforming it into a fortified stronghold.

Through their efforts, the Adventurer recruited individuals such as Father Flint, Aster, and Overseer Siv, each contributing their unique skills and expertise to the project. Working tirelessly, the team successfully restored the vale to its former glory, and upon its completion, they proudly named it Fort Forinthry. In recognition of their remarkable achievement, the Adventurer was bestowed with a title of nobility, cementing their position as a prominent figure within Misthalin's hierarchy.

Year 11[edit | edit source]

Royal banquet[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Murder on the Border.

After the successful completion of Fort Forinthry, King Roald of Misthalin extended an invitation to the Adventurer, who is the ruler of the fort, to host a grand banquet at the newly fortified stronghold. The purpose of the event was to bring together the nobles and duchies of Misthalin, including the king and queen themselves, in a celebration of the fort's completion and the unity of the realm. The invitation was warmly received, and preparations began in earnest.

The Adventurer, with the help of their allies, oversaw the construction of the banquet kitchen, ensuring that it would be fully equipped to cater to the distinguished guests. The invitations were sent out to King Roald and Queen Ellamaria, along with their wine taster Simon. Duke Hoarse of Edgeville, accompanied by his pet princess and his fiancé Rodney, as well as Iris the Lumbridge ambassador, and Duchess Alba of Lumford.

As the banquet commenced, a brief argument arose at the table, but the Adventurer swiftly changed the topic by regaling the guests with a captivating story recounting their past adventures. The tale left the attendees impressed, and they commended the Duchy for their remarkable achievements. However, the joyous atmosphere was abruptly shattered when Duke Hoarse suddenly began coughing violently and collapsed to the floor, lifeless. It became evident that he had been poisoned, plunging the fort into a state of lockdown until the murderer could be identified and apprehended.

With the assistance of Aster, a trusted ally, the Adventurer diligently gathered clues and evidence to unravel the mystery. During the investigation, an assassin attempted to eliminate the fort's ruler to silence them, but the plot was thwarted. Meanwhile, the murderer manipulated events to open the northern gate, allowing dark beasts to infiltrate the fort. In the ensuing chaos, one of the creatures claimed the life of Simon, the wine taster, but Queen Ellamaria valiantly defended King Roald and vanquished the dark beasts.

The evidence discovered during the investigation pointed to the involvement of Zamorakian agents, with the assassin in possession of a letter from their paid contractor detailing their nefarious instructions. With the accumulating evidence, the Adventurer and their steward were able to expose the identity of the murderer, who was non other than Bianca, Aster's sister, and kitchen cook. Shockingly, it was revealed that the original target of the plot was King Roald himself, as an act of revenge against Queen Ellamaria. The murderer was swiftly apprehended, and justice was served. The revelation of the murderer and the subsequent arrest brought the banquet to an abrupt end. However, amidst the turmoil, a silver lining emerged as it was announced that Duke Hoarse's sister would assume the role of Edgeville's new duchess. Though the celebration had been marred by tragedy, the fort remained a testament to the unity and resilience of Misthalin, and the bonds forged among its people grew even stronger in the face of adversity.

Fortifying the fort[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Unwelcome Guests.

Following the conclusion of the banquet, the Adventurer found themselves visited by the renowned warrior known as the Raptor. The Raptor had observed a growing number of zombies amassing to the north of Fort Forinthry, and together with them, they set out to confront the undead threat. With their combined strength and skill, they successfully defeated the zombies, ensuring the safety of the fort.

Recognising the need for additional protection, Overseer Siv took it upon themselves to recruit guards for the fort. Meanwhile, the Adventurer focused on fortifying the outside walls, bolstering the fort's defences against future attacks. With the newly positioned guards and the fortified fortifications, the duo of adventurers prepared for the inevitable onslaught. Their preparations were soon put to the test as they once again found themselves under attack. This time, however, they faced a formidable opponent in the form of a powerful phantom. Though they fought valiantly, the source of the phantom's origin remained a mystery. Determined to uncover the truth, the Adventurer and the Raptor embarked on an investigation that led them to a crypt located further north.

Venturing into the crypt, they discovered Zemouregal, a cunning Mahjarrat, in the midst of attempting to force open an ancient Dragonkin door. It became clear that Zemouregal was responsible for sending the zombies to the fort as a diversionary tactic, distracting the Adventurer from interfering with their nefarious plan. In a display of their power, Zemouregal summoned several powerful undead beings to engage the Raptor and the Adventurer, forcing them to retreat temporarily.

Recognising the need for additional preparation and strength, the two adventurers vowed to return to the crypt once they were better equipped to face the formidable foes that awaited them.

Into the Crypt[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Dead and Buried.
The closed ancient door

After successfully dealing with the undead outside Fort Forinthry, the Raptor and the Adventurer were eager to continue their quest into the crypt behind the sealed Dragonkin door. However, before they could proceed, they were met with a new challenge: injuries among the guards. To address this issue, Overseer Siv suggested appointing a Captain to take charge of the Fort. After conducting interviews, Sofía was chosen for the role and was given the rank of Captain. She wasted no time in setting up a station for archery training to better prepare the guards for future encounters.

Once the preparations were complete, the two adventurers returned to the Crypt. Their plan was simple: the Raptor would distract the remaining undead while the Adventurer quickly constructed a bridge to facilitate their passage. Within the Crypt, they stumbled upon a mysterious Dragonkin device, which they brought to Reldo for further examination. Reldo revealed that the device had the ability to induce deep sleep and cause vivid dreams. However, before Reldo could warn them about its potential dangers, the impulsive Raptor decided to use it to unlock the door and learn its secrets, unintentionally putting them both into a deep slumber.

In their dream state, with the help of the Adventurer, the Raptor began to unravel the dream's mysteries and discovered a shocking revelation - they were, in fact, Queen Ellemaria. This newfound knowledge added a deeper layer to their quest. Undeterred by the revelation, they continued their pursuit of the key to unlocking the Dragonkin door. Unfortunately, they soon learned that Zemouregal had already beaten them to it. After thorough investigation, they discovered that Zemouregal headed somewhere within the Lunar Sea.

Thankfully, Overseer Siv came to their aid once again, providing crucial information about their next destination: Ungael, a feared location among the Fremennik. Siv then started preparing a ship to help the adventuring duo search for the island.

A hidden threat[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Necromancy/Pre-release.

After the banishment of the gods, Rasial, the First Necromancer, saw the opportunity to break the cycle of death itself, which would lead to the extinction of all life on Gielinor. To accomplish this dark goal, he enlisted the aid of Hermod, the Spirit of War, to assist him to subjecting the people of the city of Um to his will, creating an undead army to wage war against mortal life. During this ominous time, Rasial took a keen interest in the Adventurer, communicating with them telepathically as they engaged in various activities. The significance of the Adventurer's actions became apparent, leading Rasial to closely observe their movements and actions throughout Gielinor.

Necrotic nexus[edit | edit source]

Encountering Rasial, the first necromancer

A mysterious portal emerges to the north of the Draynor lodestone, shrouded in an enigmatic aura. As the intrepid Adventurer approaches the portal, a spectral sword, known as Angurvadal, materializes from within its depths, striking them down with an eerie precision. In the realm beyond mortality, Death's somber office becomes a confessional for the unexpected demise. Death himself confesses surprise at the Adventurer's demise, the result of an unforeseen twist.

Unfolding the tapestry of events leading to this fate, Death leads the Adventurer into the Underworld's embrace. Here, they encounter Rasial, the First Necromancer, who extends an unconventional invitation—the Adventurer as his chosen apprentice. A grand design emerges as Rasial unveils his plan to wage war on the living from the City of Um, a desolate haven drained of life by the emptied Well of Souls. Amidst this spectral desolation, two souls, Lupe and Sostratus, emerge as survivors, offering their aid to the Adventurer's cause to stop Rasial, while admiring his method of Necromancy; content on conjuring.

Guided by Death's decrees, Malignius Mortifer assumes the mantle of mentor, imparting the arcane arts of Necromancy to the Adventurer. The path unfurls with rituals, armour-crafting by Kili, and mastery of necromantic runes. Through incantations and combat skills, the Adventurer hones their newfound powers. A mission to restore the Well of Souls spurs the gradual resurgence of Um's ghostly populace, familiar faces from the Adventurer's past exploits among them. Rasial, perched in his citadel, intermittently jeers and watches as the Adventurer forges ahead.

In time, an audience with Necrovarus unveils revelations about Rasial's treacherous past. The Adventurer imbibes the Book of Haricanto's ritual, fortifying the Well of Souls. History unraveled—Necrovarus, once a student of Rasial, betrayed by his own mentor. The Adventurer's journey escalates to Rasial's citadel, culminating in a showdown against Hermod, the Spirit of War. Victory draws Rasial's attention, his declaration to spare Um from Angurvadal's scourge a testament to the Adventurer's prowess.

While Rasial acknowledges the Adventurer's growth, the First Necromancer unveils unfinished lessons. The shadows of Duke Orcus and the Necrolord of Daemonheim linger. The Adventurer seeks counsel, uncovering Orcus's tomes, enhancing their necromantic acumen. Following their practice, they once more consulted Death, this time delving into the enigma of the Necrolord in Daemonheim. Death directed them to free the lingering spirits and draw the Necrolord's attention, a strategy that bore fruit. After briefing Yudura on Rasial, a collaborative deal emerged—to aid Yudura in locating their remains, while they helped the Adventurer. A sinister twist, however, lay beneath the surface. The Necrolord's offer was a ruse, designed to wrench the apprenticeship from Rasial's grasp through the Adventurer's destruction.

Before the Adventurer could react, Rasial intervened, a macabre dance commencing. Rasial acknowledged Yudura's contribution, seizing a newfound insight, before lethally silencing them. A hollow victory—though revelations eluded them, the Adventurer remained resolute, honing their Necromantic prowess. Unyielding training defined their path, a journey steadfastly directed toward conquering Rasial.

The following takes place during Alpha vs Omega.

Continuing their training, Rasial would confront his apprentice, informing them that he is prepared to test them and see how well they learned the arts of Necromancy, promising to release the souls he had captured from the city of Um if they are defeated. The Adventurer would accept the challenge and face Rasial in his Citadel. After a long battle of summoning undead and clashing with each other, the Adventurer became victorious, learning of Rasial's plan, who emerged as a giant ghostly head. Upon reporting to Death, they learn that Rasial was a fellow Guardian of Guthix, having gone rogue. With the city and the world safe, the Adventurer prepares for the future that lies ahead.

References[edit | edit source]

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