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Sliske kills Guthix, abolishing the latter's edicts which allows the gods to return. Sliskeans have used this event as the epoch that marked the start of the Sixth Age of Gielinor.

The Sixth Age, also known as the Divine Age,[2] is said to be the current age of Gielinor by Sliskean followers. It commenced with the death of Guthix at the hands of the Zarosian Mahjarrat Sliske in the year 182 of the Fifth Age. With Guthix's death, the Edicts of Guthix put in place at the end of the God Wars were destroyed, allowing for the return of gods to Gielinor. Elder Gods have also emerged, bringing their own war against all mortal life.

With the beginning of the new age, a new Guardian of Guthix was chosen to shape the world as they saw fit, either by fulfilling Guthix's final wish of a world without gods, siding with a god of their choice, or striving for godhood themselves.

In addition, many of the Signature Heroes have lost their lives in the Sixth Age. Owen was corrupted during the assault on the Black Knights' Fortress, Xenia met her end trying to forestall the Elder Gods' return and Linza was turned into a wight by Sliske. This age also saw the destruction of the Stone of Jas.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

After the assassination of Guthix at the hands of Sliske in the year 182 of the Fifth Age, a small number of Sliskean devotees created their own calendar and declared the start of the Sixth Age. In Reldo's ages seventeenth edition, it is clarified that the Sliskean calendar has not had widespread acceptance and the Asgarnian calendar continues to be the dominant one.[3]

Reldo believes that the death of Guthix is as significant as the epochs that marked the start of the first four ages, but he also remarks that a decision on whether the death of Guthix marked the end of the Fifth Age or not should be up to the historians of the future, when the complete ramifications of his death have become apparent.[4]

Prior to the release of Reldo's ages seventeenth edition, a number of characters have made references to the Sixth Age which may no longer be canon: the regent of Asgarnia himself uses the calendar, among other non-Sliskean followers such as the Guthixian High Druid, Gudrik and Aoife Fairweather.[5][6][7][8][9] Cres also crafted a Sixth-Age circuit for the player, though he did so before the death of Guthix. Saradomin and Juna have both described the death of Guthix and return of the gods as the start of a new age, though this wouldn't necessarily mean a new calendar.[10][11]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Year 1[edit | edit source]

Tribute to Guthix[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tribute to Guthix.
The tribute of Guthix being north of Falador

Shortly following Guthix' death, Kaqemeex spread news to the Taverley Order of Druids. Thus the Tribute to Guthix began, as a way to honour, but not worship the late god. The Anima Mundi paid its respects by crying as well, as was seen in strange glowing trees that appeared throughout RuneScape. Eventually the Gielinorians succeeded in creating a tribute stone, a combined prayer altar and small obelisk, by combining more than 100,000 pieces of rune and pure essence to honour Guthix's passing. Some druids agreed to remain with the ancient order and teach Guthix's ways while not worshipping him, in line with his last wish. Others left the order, unable to continue with it after what happened. One of these, Biehn, founded the order of The Godless with the adventuress Kara-Meir, to help defend the world against the gods. Soon the Godless, and other factions of the gods decided to send out their emissaries out to the world to gather new recruits for their cause.

Following the death of Guthix a group of powerful creatures known as the Order of Ascension, who were created by the Guardian of Guthix Ocellus, began kidnapping nearby villagers in attempt to create a new Guthix to worship. Ocellus now guards the door to the Order's dungeon and stops them from escaping, while looking for help from adventurers.

Saradomin vs Zamorak[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Battle of Lumbridge and The Death of Chivalry.
Saradomin and Zamorak, locked in battle

Meanwhile, the death of Guthix had caused some of his power to be spread around the world. One such fragment may have, according to speculation from a portal expert, created the portal near Lumbridge through which Zamorak returned to Gielinor. This immediately caused a wave of chaos which threatened to destroy the nearby town. He was confronted by Saradomin, his long-time adversary and rival, and the two gods made battle west of Lumbridge, flattening the entire surrounding forest, destroying part of the castle and creating the Lumbridge crater. This disturbance also resulted in the relocation of several features of Lumbridge, including the entrance to the H.A.M. Hideout and tree patch. The two gods, locked in a stalemate, called armies of supporters to the fight. The Battle of Lumbridge raged for more than ten weeks with countless soldiers and beasts of war fighting over divine tears, remnants of Guthix's power. During the battle Saradomin sent a clone of himself to task Sir Owen, with the help of the World Guardian, to retrieve the Wand of Resurrection that was in the hands of the Black Knights. At the battle's conclusion Saradomin had amassed more tears than Zamorak by a narrow margin and was finally able to overpower his foe. Though Zamorak's lieutenant Moia saved him from a killing blow, the defeat nonetheless resulted in a significant loss of power for Zamorak.

A human collecting energy from a spring.

The leftover power released during Guthix's death began spreading around Gielinor. This caused small craters appearing in various locations, leaking energy known as wisps. Humans quickly discovered this and began collecting this energy for their own uses, calling the new skill Divination.

Sliske's grand ascension[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.

Since the start of the Sixth Age Sliske had been trying to attract the attention of the gods by murdering their warriors. He sent the gods and the World Guardian an invitation to his "grand ascension". Sliske revealed that he had kidnapped Death and proposed a contest for the Stone of Jas. The winner would be whoever killed the most gods before Gielinor's moon Zanaris eclipsed in front of the sun.

Armadyl vs Bandos[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Bird and the Beast.
Armadyl landing in front of Bandos' remains

With the depletion of the rift in Lumbridge at the climax of the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak the gods were forced to find other sources of divine energy. Both Armadyl and Bandos turned to the newly discovered skill of Divination and sent caravans of their followers to travel the world and bring back energy to their newly constructed bases.

They established sites in key places around Asgarnia and Misthalin and gathered followers to claim and defend these sites and their caravans. Members of the Godless also participated in the conflict by ambushing caravans belonging to the factions in order to prevent one side or the other from gaining a stronghold on the region. At times, they would offer a temporary truce to the combatants. The battle ended during the beginning of the second year with Armadyl's victory. Bandos was defeated and killed.

Year 2[edit | edit source]

Return of Zaros[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Fate of the Gods.

Zaros made contact with his loyal followers and the World Guardian to prepare for his return. Sliske was able to prevent most Mahjarrat from entering the shadow realm but Zaros managed to return with a new body. Zaros exiled Sliske, forbidding him for having any business with the Zarosians. This quest also revealed the threat from the Elder Gods and Zaros' plans to deal with them. The World Gate was reopened.

Party of the gods[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and A Shadow over Ashdale.

Not long after Zaros returned to Gielinor Marimbo, the goddess of monkeys, returned. She began a confrontation with the god of cabbages, Brassica Prime, at Saradomin's old camp next to the Lumbridge Crater. The Emissary of the Godless, Holstein, arrived to disrupt Marimbo and Brassica Prime's contest. Unlike other god battles, the two gods didn't want to fight and they decided to have a non-fatal competition with each other. Brassica was the victor of this competition, with Marimbo landing in second, and the Godless in third.

During this event Ashdale was attacked by creatures known as Crassians, who were kidnapping the citizen of the island. Thanks to the World Guardian, they managed to save the people of Ashdale by defeating a larger crassian known as Agoroth.

Avenging Bandos[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Mighty Fall.

After Bandos' death some of his followers blamed the cave goblins for his defeat, believing that this was due to them rebelling against their god during his attempt to return. They brought an army to Dorgesh-Kaan but, with the intervention of the World Guardian and Zanik, the Bandosians were distracted from their original task and held a tournament to decide who should lead their faction.

Year 3[edit | edit source]

Tuska's arrival[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Tuska Comes.
Vorago strikes down Tuska

Tuska hurtled through space towards Gielinor with the intention of consuming it but Wizard Chambers sent adventurers to stop her. Aligning with Saradominist, Zamorakian, Armadylian, and the Godless factions adventurers charged an Anima Mundi spear and used it to weaken the barrier around her which had been created by the anima that she had absorbed. The Godless victorious against Tuska, with Vorago dealing the final blow. Tuska's corpse crashed south of the Wizards' Tower. The world window on Tuska's back granted access to Mazcab for the first time.

The return and death of V[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Hero's Welcome.

The Fremennik and the Moon Clan temporarily worked together with the World Guardian to prepare a celebration for V, their hero. On his return, after announcing his goal of reuniting the Fremennik tribes and protecting his people and Gielinor, V was located and killed by the Dragonkin. After V was partly avenged by the World Guardian V's followers agreed to continue to work toward's V's goal of reuniting the Fremennik tribes. An emissary remained at V's resting place to recruit those who heard about V's death. This has included goblins, who were amazed by V's stories with most comparing his death to Bandos.

Invasion of Falador[edit | edit source]

Battle in Falador's square
The following takes place during Invasion of Falador.

The Zamorakian Black Knights staged an invasion of Saradominist Falador under White Knight control, in search for the lost sword of King Raddallin and the Banner of Raddallin. After several weeks, the Black Knights retreated after failing in locating the two artefacts. This resulted in the White Knights' victory.

The Mystery of Tutorial Island[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Beneath Cursed Tides.

A few years ago, Tutorial Island, an island where new adventurers go to learn the basics of being an adventurer, had mysteriously vanished. Rumours were said that the island was sent underwater due to a giant tsunami.

Myrtle, a wizard from the Wizards' Tower, Vannaka, the slayer master, and the World Guardian investigated the disappearance of Tutorial Island and discovered that it had been put under a curse by Hector Vivian, a hydromancer who wasn't allowed to leave the island until he completed its trials. The curse was broken, freeing the inhabitants who had been trapped on the sunken island.

Year 4[edit | edit source]

Sliske's scoreboard[edit | edit source]

Gods' Score Board impaled in the Grand Exchange
The following takes place during God Scoreboard and Nomad's Elegy.

Being displeased by the previous outcome in his previous contest, Sliske created a scoreboard for the contest in the middle of the Grand Exchange. Nomad attempted to create a new god under his control by harnessing the energy from the souls of Gielinor's deceased. This plan was foiled by the World Guardian, Death, Icthlarin and other past allies. The death of Nomad's god was noted by Sliske in his scoreboard contest. This event also affected the fate of Zanik again, with her returning to protect the Soul obelisk or remaining dead depending on choices made by the player during the quest.

The Heart of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Heart of Gielinor.

Fighting between the four factions of Sliske, Zaros, Seren, and Zamorak for control of the Heart of Gielinor awoke Telos, an Anima Mundi creature that guards the Heart. Soothsayer Sybil informs the World Guardian that they are the only one powerful and skilled enough to put Telos back to sleep.

Invasion of Port Sarim[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Port Sarim Invasion, Meg's cases and Kindred Spirits.

Meg decided to open up an detective agency and with the aid of the World Guardian managed to solve a number of cases. The World Guardian and Meg investigate a missing persons case, discovering that the missing people had been kidnapped by a slave trader named Jed. Meg herself is then kidnapped in a set up by Sliske, aided by Linza who wants his protection, to try and capture the World Guardian's soul. This plan was foiled and Linza was turned into another wight for Sliske's army. Jed hired pirates from the Skull region of the Wushanko Isles to invade Port Sarim in order to get more slaves, replacing the ones that he had lost due the the Word Guardian's intervention. Port Sarim fought back against the invading pirates, but in the end Jed succeeded in capturing more slaves and fled towards The Arc.

Dig site discovery and a new arrival[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Celebration of Fire, The Empty Throne Room and Birth by Fire.

At the Varrock Dig Site Celia Diggory and other dig site workers discovered the ancient throne room of Zaros. The dig site had hired more workers to help uncovered objects for the Varrock museum using devices from the newly discovered skill Invention. Around the same time the annual fire festival was coming to its conclusion only for a giant nihil to emerge from the flame, asking for help from adventurers. Its goal was to collect enough burning embers for the Queen of Ashes to study due to her interest in Gielinor.

Sliske's Endgame[edit | edit source]

The Eclipse, covering Prifddinas
The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

The eclipse of Gielinor by Zanaris marked the end of Sliske's contest. The gods involved were all invited to meet up at the Heart of Gielinor, to finally compete for the Stone of Jas. At the conclusion of the contest Kerapac appeared and destroyed the Stone of Jas. Enraged, Sliske attacked the World Guardian, resulting in his death.

Year 5[edit | edit source]

The Memorial to Guthix[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Memorial to Guthix.

At the beginning of the new year, an ancient Naragi shrine appeared north of Eagles' Peak. This site was soon discovered by diviners from across the world, including Orla Fairweather who remained at the site to study the shrine and further knowledge of Divination. This site became the Memorial to Guthix, a new site dedicated to the god's teachings.

Agents of Fury[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Agents of Fury.

Nymora, one of the Avernic generals of Zamorak who has much of her life tracking down those who betrayed her god and bringing them to justice, sent two of her agents, Zymthara and Miithrius, to help track down treacherous demons. Zymthara and Miithrius for help from adventurers around the world to complete their missions.

The Abyssal Knights[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Shattered Worlds.

The anima witch, an exiled Void Knight, discovered an ancient temple in Lumbridge Swamp that had had a seal placed on it. Using her knowledge of Magic and Invention she broke the seal and uncovered a portal to the Abyss. The Temple Knights and the Void Knights allied to form the Abyssal Knights to prevent creatures from the abyss from going through the portal. With the aid of adventurers from across the world, they are managing to prevent the creatures from coming through.

Rediscovery of the Lost Grove[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Lost Grove.
The Lost Grove

Solak, eventually succumbing to the controlling influence of Erethdor's mind, emerged from The Lost Grove, revealing its location to the rest of the world. His re-emergence caused Merethiel to return and recruit the World Guardian and other humans to assist her in defeating Erethdor once and for all. Despite his massive strength, Erethdor was unable to defeat the humans and was purged from Solaky. Solak and Merethiel then decided to work together to undo the damage that Erethdor had inflicted to the Lost Grove.

Year 7[edit | edit source]

Black Stones[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Curse of the Black Stone.

Bryll Thoksdottir heard rumours of sinister plots in the Temple of Aminishi and strange events within an ancient Dragonkin Laboratory. The World Guardian exploring these locations and freed those corrupted by a black stone, causing a being known as The Ambassador to accelerate his plans and complete a ritual to summon a powerful evil force and wipe out all life on Gielinor. A council of warriors, with the World Guardian as leader, attacked The Ambassador's temple underneath the sea to stop him from performing the ritual. The attack was a success and The Ambassador was killed.

Gielinor's Council[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Song of Seren and Desperate Times.

Worried about the threat of the Elder Gods, Seren arranged a meeting with selected leaders, Gods, and representatives of Gielinor's kingdoms and factions. After informing them of the threat, Seren outlined a plan to show each Elder God that mortal lives were worth saving. However Kerapac then arrived and present a second plan of using the elder artefact, the Needle, to stop the Elder Gods. The council agreed to Kerapac's plan but the World Guardian discovered that his true intention was to drain Gielinor of anima; preventing the Elder Gods from awakening and causing a new revision at the cost of killing all life on the planet. The council then turned its focus to stopping Kerapac before he succeeded in his plan.

Breaking the Storm[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Breaking the Storm and Anachronia.
Base camp of Anachronia

King Roald increased the funding of the Varrock Dig Site and replaced the former foreman with Mr. Mordaut to speed up the building of a ship to investigate a possible location of Kerapac. Adventurers from across the world were also hired to aid in the construction of the ship to set sail towards Anachronia. Upon arrival, they set up a base camp on the island, from which to explore and hunt for Kerapac.

Year 8[edit | edit source]

Rediscoveries[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Archaeology.

Guildmaster Tony and Dr. Nabinik had been researching the newly discovered mysterious monolith when Zaros arrived and activated it. The World Guardian, exploring dig sites as part of Archaeology, encountered Trindine, a Mahjarrat long believed to be dead.

Land out of Time[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Desperate Measures and Kerapac Track.

Seren's council sent Thok and Charos to Anachronia in order to locate Kerapac and requested that the World Guardian to go after them to see if they had made any progress. With the World Guardian's knowledge in Archaeology and the help of Hannibus, the group managed to discover two more factions of dragonkin and details of Kerapac's plan. Discovering that the group were attempting to stop him, Kerapac used the island's dinosaurs to attack the adventurers' base camp. Eventually the World Guardian and Jas stopped Kerapac's plan by having the Elder God Ful destroy the device that Kerapac was using to create shadow anima.

This event demonstrated that the Elder Gods were awake and that they were not pleased. Investigation by The Curator of various fauna from Anachronia revealed strange effects caused by Kerapac's anima experiments. Seren confided in the World Guardian that Kerapac's work had caused the elder god eggs to shake slightly and that another large-scale tampering would cause them to prematurely hatch.

Raksha Reawaken[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Raksha, the Shadow Colossus (miniquest).

Laniakea, a Slayer Master who had accompanied the expedition to Anachronia, arrived at the southern temple to investigate tremors there. A few adventurers had previously gone to investigate, but never returned. The World Guardian, who was informed by Laniakea that she found a door at the top of the fortress and deciphered it, but that it required shadow anima to open.

The World Guardian discovered pools of shadow anima in the area and channelled them to open the door, revealing a massive chamber underneath. Laniakea initially accompanied them, but the toxic shadow anima that accumulated inside nearly killed her, forcing her to leave. The World Guardian, protected by the shadow anima due to Guthix's enchantment, investigated and found Zaros inside. Zaros explained to the World Guardian that the chamber was actually a prison and explained the history of its inhabitant, Raksha, the Shadow Colossus. Zaros proceeded to take the vat of shadow anima that was subduing Raksha and leave.

The World Guardian was able to subdue Raksha after Varanus, Raksha's keeper, begged them to intervene.

Year 9[edit | edit source]

Battle of the Monolith[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Azzanadra's Quest and Battle of the Monolith (miniquest).

Zaros instructed Azzanadra and Trindine to retrieve Saradomin's crown, the Locator, as part of his secret plan to become an Elder God. However, when the two Mahjarrat failed to steal the crown, Zaros was forced to reveal himself to do so himself. The World Guardian discovered that Zaros also intended to attack the mysterious monolith once his final preparations were complete.

Saradomin learned of Zaros' theft of the Locator and formed an alliance with Seren and the Crux Eqal in an attempt to stop him. During the resulting battle Zaros took control of the monolith, being absorbed into it, but inadvertently caused shadow cacklers to be released into the world. All forces called a temporary truce to fight off the new invaders and prevent them from spreading into the world. The World Guardian recruited more reinforcement from the TokHaar and the forces were finally successful in pushing back the invaders. Azzandra ascended from the power released while sealing the monolith.

The TokHaar blamed the other forces for the event that unfolded and attempted to march on the Codex but were forced to retreat by the other fighters. Saradomin instructed Sir Owen to guard the monolith.

Reiniger discovered set of ancient doors west of Gulvas Mansion which she believed would lead to an intact section of Senntisten.

Preparing for War[edit | edit source]

The Gods siphoning the eggs
The following takes place during City of Senntisten.

Shortly after, the World Guardian noticed Ariane and Charos studying the eggs in the Elder Halls near the Heart of Gielinor. They concluded that, due to the events of the preceding battle, the eggs were starting to hatch. Azzanadra arrived and the group formed a plan to move the eggs to a still intact portion of Senntisten to hide them from the Elder Gods and attempt to siphon the anima out of them. The World Guardian was tasked with recruiting gods to help with the plan and successfully recruited Saradomin, Armadyl, Seren and Zamorak. Icthlarin declined the recruitment and decided to gather allies outside of Gielinor. Kerapac informed the group that the Elder Gods were well aware of their plan and that they were sending forces to retrieve the eggs.

Elder God Wars[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Nodon Front.

The Crux Eqal and Temple Knights joined in the defence of the eggs in Senntisten cathedral from Kerapac and the his forces sent by Jas to retrieve the eggs. The World Guardian confronted Kerapac and defeated him, prompting Jas to teleport Kerapac away. During the battle Naressa, a Nodon dragonkin, was able to break free from Kerapac's control and fled from the battle, hiding within the south western section of the city.

The following takes place during Glacor Front.

Seeing Jas' forces barely making any progress, Wen joined the fight, bringing numerous glacytes, glacors and an Arch-Glacor from Leng to begin an attack on a second front, while the Gielinorians received reinforcements from the Cadarn and Iorwerth Clans, with Helwyr as general of the defence. Akthanakos, Enakhra, Charos and Arianwyn joined Ariane and Azzandra in weakening the Arch-Glacor, with the help of the World Guardian.

The following takes place during Croesus Front.

During the battle, Bik discovered Croesus in Senntisten's graveyard and revived the dormant monstrosity to begin a third offensive to the east, wiping out the garrison stationed there. The Nodon and glacytes slowly gained ground towards the cathedral. Several new allies joined the battle, including The Raptor, Sir Owen, Ozan, the Abyssal Knights, and Valluta. Zarador and General Graardor became aware of the battle and began rallying their own army to assist. As the situation worsened, Zamorak suggested raising the dead to bolster their numbers, something which Seren accepted out of necessity. Zamorak then began to call his necromancers to the battlefield.

The following takes place during TzekHaar Front.

Ful broke the TzKal-Zuk free from Bandos' binds to lead an army of TzekHaar, remade TokHaar, to tunnel underneath Sentisten's sewers and cut off the flow of supplies being sent to those in the cathedral. Zemouregal, Khazard, Hazeel, Graardor, and the Twin Furies arrived to help. Graardor went to face TzKal-Zuk alone only to be defeated, though not killed. Eventually, the World Guardian defeated Zuk.

The following takes place during Het's Oasis, Eye of Het and Eye of Het II.

Icthlarin returned to Gielinor with no reinforcements, but suggested that the Eye of Het could be used to revive strong and willing souls to join their fight. Icthlarin, with Seren's approval, went to the Duel Arena to locate the artefact, only for a sudden earthquake to occur and destroy the area. With the help of volunteers from Al Kharid, the Archaeology Guild, and the World Guardian, a memorial to Het, called Het's Oasis, was formed. After an investigation of the earthquake, it was revealed that someone was attempting to break the ward placed on the artefact. It was later confirmed that Khazard had attempted to break the ward and had ambushed Icthlarin and stolen the Eye of Het. In front of the other gods, Zamorak revealed that he ordered this due to his belief that Seren was in fact trying to obtain the Eye of Het to create a loop where they would be stuck fighting in order to prevent the destruction of the elder god eggs. Seren admitted that this was the truth and Zamorak left, after having broken the artefact, leaving the three remaining gods to struggle siphoning the eggs, and Seren noting that the eggs would inevitably hatch.

Year 10[edit | edit source]

End of a War[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Extinction.

After Zamorak's departure, some of his forces were slowly leaving the battle. As his forces started leaving, the army of the Elder Gods started to attack harder, forcing each front's defences to retreat into the cathedral. Moia soon arrived to the entrance of Senntisten on the surface, only to witness Hebe, a Saradominist (later revealed to be Adrasteia, Saradomin's daughter), to be caught in the path of these lava warriors and was saved by Moia. The World Guardian arrived later and was informed by Moia on her attempt, with Hebe, to help where they can. Shortly after fighting the TzekHaar forces, they made it to the Cathedral and assisted each front's defences in pushing the enemy forces back. However, Zuk emerged from the sewers and started to attack the Cathedral's door, trying to force it open.

Seeing no way around this, Saradomin and Armadyl agreed to destroy the eggs so that the Elder Gods did not get to them. Not wanting to kill her own kin, Seren teleported the eggs and herself away from Senntisten. The World Guardian, with the help of Moia, Adrasteia, Hannibus, and Vicendithas, all travelled to different worlds that Seren could have visited, finally locating her on Freneskae. There, they encountered a dark portal emitting dangerous quantities of shadow anima, revealed to be a second, wild Shadow Breach. Kerapac caught up to the group, but helped to stall Jas by using the Needle to turn back time by a few minutes before she arrived, giving the World Guardian enough time to enter Erebus and locate something to stop Jas from retrieving the eggs and killing everyone. After traversing through Erebus, the World Guardian had baited a Shadow leviathan to emerge from the portal and attack Jas. Seemingly in a stalemate, Kerapac decided to interfere and distract Jas, by using all the power of the Needle and Siphon so that the leviathan could grab the Elder God and drag her into Erebus, with Kerapac being dragged along with her. The Needle was shattered as a result of Kerapac's overuse of the Elder Artefact.

With Jas gone, the chase for the eggs ceased, as the group tried to convince Seren to allow them to destroy the eggs, as there was no other way. Hannibus tried to comfort Seren, by allowing them to die within his homeworld, Iaia, where they could be at peace and ease in mind. This instead gave the goddess other ideas. She teleported to Iaia and attempted to allow the eggs to hatch on Iaia, calling the remaining Elder Gods to the Ilujankan homeworld. After evacuating those willing to survive in the village, the World Guardian offered to distract Seren so that they could visit neighbouring villages and evacuate them as well. The World Guardian fought against Seren, defeating her avatars and aspects while she attempted to call the remaining Elder Gods. Once ready, the World Guardian attempted to leave, only to be betrayed by Moia, who had seen an opportunity to remove them for Zamorak.

Because of this, the World Guardian was present when the Elder Gods drained Iaia's anima, but this caused them to be children, weaker than their old generation, sparing Seren as they recognised her. Thankfully, the World Guardian survived due to having obtained a power boost from Erebus, which was then depleted shortly after the Elder Gods were reincarnated. Seren promised that she would keep the young Elder Gods on Iaia, believing that the universe was too dangerous - not only from the gods that could do them harm, but also from the creatures within Erebus. The World Guardian returned to Gielinor, confronted Moia and updated the gods of what happened. They reported to the World Guardian that battle in Senntisten was wrapped up after Seren had left, with Azzanadra banishing the Arch-Glacor back to Leng, Zuk returning to the Kiln with the TzekHaar, Croesus being incinerated by Armadyl, and the Nodon returning to Anachronia and living with the Ilujanka.

Saradomin was unsurprised by Zamorak's betrayal, knowing that the god of chaos would plan something in the foreseeable future. However, he knew that his rival could not act immediately, for his forces had taken heavy losses during the battle. Saradomin and Adrasteia returned to Falador to oversee recovery efforts while Armadyl headed for Prifddinas, having agreed to the joint-living proposal between his people and the elves and that they would need him following their god's departure. Azzanadra thanked the World Guardian for their efforts in the battle, as they had saved the universe from complete destruction.

Sixth Age quests[edit | edit source]

There are 61 quests set during the Sixth Age. (wrong?)

References[edit | edit source]

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