Dragon dragonkin armour

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This article contains information obtained from the game APIs or cache.
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Dragon dragonkin armour is an unreleased set of armour which has been in the cache since the release of Desperate Measures on 27 July 2020. It is presumably made from dragon metal, or orikalkum.

This set of armour is for a Dragonkin, and would likely have been worn by one of them - such as Kerapac. The original intention for this armour is unknown, but it may have been cut from content such as Desperate Measures, the Orthen Dig Site or Raksha, the Shadow Colossus. It may also be yet to appear in later stages of the monthly Effigy Incubator D&D.

The armour has a prominent green-tipped horn on the helmet. This is interesting because when viewing the Nodon in Kerapac's laboratory with freecam, they all appear to have a horn on their face. This is unlike any other Dragonkin currently in-game, including other Nodon. During Desperate Measures, the Nodon are the only faction to decorate themselves with dragon (or orikalkum) armour.

As Kerapac and the Nodon were bound to Jas at the end of Desperate Measures, it is possible that this armour may feature in the Elder God Wars.

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