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This article is about the building. For the music track, see Azzanadra's Cathedral.

The cathedral in Senntisten is a building first accessed during City of Senntisten quest. Located in the buried ruins of the city, it serves to guard the Elder God eggs while they are kept stable.

History[edit | edit source]

Early history[edit | edit source]

Erected in one of the more affluent areas of Senntisten, close to the palatial district[3], the cathedral was built sometime during the Second Age, being known simply as the Grand Cathedral during this time.[2] However, it was renamed sometime after the fall of Zaros, during the early Third Age: during one of his visits, Azzanadra, a Mahjarrat and Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Zaros, had a particularly nasty encounter with the vampyre lord, Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, that ended with most of his personal guard dead. The pontifex in charge of the cathedral had it renamed after Azzanadra to commemorate what they considered to have been his victory, though Azzanadra himself did not consider it a victory on his part.[4] Rather ironically, even though Azzanadra regularly toured religious sites across the city to deliver sermons, he rarely visited this one in particular.[5]

Being that the area was heavily fortified, both Zamorak and Saradomin were unable to occupy it after the fall of Zaros. After Saradomin was able to take Senntisten from Zamorak, he had most of the city razed in order to build Saranthium upon its ruins. However, the area surrounding the cathedral managed to survive and ended up buried underground, where it was preserved across the millennia as a testament to its hardiness.[6]

Rediscovery and repurposing[edit | edit source]

During the Sixth Age, a door was uncovered in the Varrock Dig Site, under the Gulvas Mansion. Reiniger, the Archaeology Guild's Acting Guildmaster, suspected it could be an entrance to an intact area of Senntisten, and requested the assistance of a scholar from Nardah known as Ali the Wise (secretly a Zarosian Mahjarrat named Wahisietel).[7] In truth, Azzanadra had directed her to start a new dig in that specific location, knowing in advance what they would find there.[8] However, the dig was interrupted after the Battle of the Monolith broke out, and was only able to resume after it ended.

As a consequence of the battle, during which Zaros forced open the Codex in order to use the Shadow Breach sealed within to travel to Erebus and Azzanadra ascended to godhood after closing the Codex, enough shadow anima seeped into Gielinor that the eggs of the Elder Gods were roused, bringing them to the verge of hatching.[9] Ariane, Charos and the World Guardian convened at the Elder Halls to come up with a plan to stop this, and concluded that the eggs had to be both moved away from the Heart of Gielinor and drained of their anima in the same manner in which Guthix had been doing it before his assassination.[10][11] While they agreed that they would need the assistance of the gods to drain the eggs, they were at a loss when it came to moving the eggs: they needed a location away from major population centers that wasn't out in the open and that could be defended, along with a means to move the eggs.

It was at this moment that Azzanadra teleported to their location and offered his own solution to the problem: using his newly acquired power to teleport the eggs to the ruins of Senntisten.[12][13] Since the city was completely empty, heavily fortified and buried deep underground, it was perfect to house the eggs; and since the Elder Gods needed to physically touch the eggs in order for them to hatch correctly, they could not risk carrying out a direct assault upon the city without risking the destruction of the eggs.[14] Seeing the logic in his proposal, the World Guardian and their companions accepted his assistance.

After the dig team finished excavating the entrance, Azzanadra and the World Guardian entered Senntisten and made their way to the cathedral, where Azzanadra took the opportunity to explain the history and significance of the building and surrounding area. Deeming the cathedral as an adequate place to move the eggs, he used telepathy to contact Ariane and Charos, who coordinated with Azzanadra to stabilize his teleportation spell. Carefully placing them upon the central dais, Azzanadra acknowledged that there was no turning back anymore[15], and so requested that the World Guardian find magical wards attuned to the ancient elements in order to help bolster the magical defenses of the cathedral[16], directing them to search the area west of the cathedral.

As the World Guardian retrieved the wards, the various gods they had requested for aid began to show up, ready to drain the eggs of anima in order to keep them from hatching. Once the last ward was activated, the assembled gods were visited by a projection of Kerapac, who was now a pawn of Jas. He noted the irony of their roles being reversed before declaring that he would be bringing an army to reclaim the eggs by force. After Kerapac left the cathedral, the gods unanimously agreed that Azzanadra should lead their forces in the coming battle. Though Azzanadra felt himself inadequate to perform such a task, he accepted their proposal while tasking the World Guardian to find a more permanent solution to their predicament.

True to his word, Kerapac returned to Senntisten leading an army of Nodon dragonkin and, after settling in the colosseum, began to lay siege to the cathedral from the north-west. In spite of this, the Archaeology Guild decided to start a dig within the city, believing that the potential discoveries were well worth the risk.

After a month of prolonged fighting, however, the opposing armies reached a stalemate. Seeing this, the Elder God Wen decided to rally an army of her own comprised of glacors, led by an Arch-Glacor from Leng. After another month of stalemate, the Elder God Bik discovered Croesus in Senntisten's graveyard and revived it. Finally, after yet another month, the Elder God Ful had the TokHaar reforged into the TzekHaar and sent them to attack the cathedral under the command of TzKal-Zuk.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 23 August 2021 (Update):
    • Beautiful stained-glass windows now appear in Senntisten's cathedral.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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