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Zemouregal is a powerful Zamorakian necromancer Mahjarrat who assisted Zamorak in his rebellion against Zaros. He is heavily involved in the history of Varrock, being the antagonist in The Legend of Arrav, in which he attempted to forcibly take an Imcando shield and destroy Avarrocka. The illustrations in The Legend of Arrav show that he had the appearance of a skeleton shrouded in a black cloak and plate mail during his attack. He is also Lucien's cousin.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal is a vain, arrogant and power-hungry Mahjarrat. He thinks lowly of most of his kin, only showing respect to those he deems worthy, such as Khazard, Hazeel and Lucien, while berating the others as disappointments. Nonetheless, he still cares a great deal for the future of his race. He will not miss out on any chance to gain power from anything that gets his interest piqued. He is also intelligent enough to manipulate the situation in his favour, as shown during the 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation.

In the Fourth Age, some time between the 14th and 15th Rituals of Rejuvenation, Zemouregal began to write a set of notes, on his cousin's advice, keeping track of the whereabouts and alliances of the other Mahjarrat. A notable entry is that of Enakhra, who he originally believed to be the only female Mahjarrat alive in Gielinor, who rejected Zemouregal's offer to "sire more of their race", being in love with Zamorak. This was later proven false with Trindine's release from Kharid-et, though as with the others, he believed her to be dead during the God Wars, and as such, had no notes on her.

Like Lucien, Zemouregal thinks somewhat low of Moia despite Zamorak treating her well due to her half-Mahjarrat and human heritage.

History[edit | edit source]

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Arrival to Gielinor[edit | edit source]

The profile of Zemouregal.

Zemouregal was born to two parents; his father (who shared the same name as him), and an unnamed female Mahjarrat. His father was killed pouring the last of his energy to him, as stated on his deathstone.

Like the other Mahjarrat, Zemouregal lived on Freneskae, the realm of perpetual warfare, along with many other tribes. Here, they would live to survive the elements and the destructive power of the legendary "Mother Mah", an Elder God that created their race and whom they would prevent from wreaking havoc on Freneskae through the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation, although at least one Mahjarrat regarded her as a mere myth and the rituals as superstitious traditions.[1] Due to the constant conflict with neighbouring tribes such as the Mahserrat as well as the frequent sacrifices at the Rituals, the Mahjarrat tribe never counted more than a few hundred members and was ruled kratocratically.[2]

In the Second Age of Gielinor, however, the two demi-gods Icthlarin and Amascut travelled to Freneskae in order to recruit the Mahjarrat to fight the Zarosian invaders of their homeland, the Kharidian Empire, in the Kharidian - Zarosian War. Some Mahjarrat opposed the proposal while others agreed to go, causing a large battle to break out. Both Azzanadra and Temekel argued that the Mahjarrat should go with Icthlarin and Kharshai was one of the most excited at the prospect of leaving Freneskae, as Gielinor is a much kinder realm than Freneskae was.[3]. Eventually, after the death of Salisard and the sacrifice of Abrogal, those in favour of travelling to Gielinor emerged victoriously and the entire Mahjarrat tribe accompanied the two gods to Gielinor.[2][3] There, Zemouregal aided the Menaphite warriors in driving back the Zarosian army, with success. During this time, they were known as the Stern Judges of Icthlarin.

However, as the Menaphites had almost ensured their victory a couple of years later, the Mahjarrat Sliske, who had got into a feud with Icthlarin over his methods in battle,[4] approached the Zarosian legate, a Chthonian demon named Duke Ceres, and made arrangements to desert the Menaphites and join Zaros.[5][6] Most of the Mahjarrat convened at the fortress of Kharid-et and soon emerged, joining arms with the Zarosians, proceeding to slaughter the retreating Menaphite armies.[7] The god Tumeken, father of Icthlarin and Amascut, swiftly interfered by sacrificing himself, his armies and half of his empire to repel the Zarosians; he used his powers of fire to create a massive explosion, turning half of the empire into a desert wasteland as well as obliterating his own army and most of the Zarosian one. Of the approximately five hundred Mahjarrat present, less than a fifth survived the explosion thanks to Azzanadra, who quickly erected a magical barrier as protection. Zemouregal was amongst those to survive and join the remainder of the Zarosian on the march to Forinthry.[7] He was given the rank of legate in the Army of Zaros.[8]

Sometime while on Gielinor, Zemouregal found some black stone on Karamja, believing it to be obsidian.

Serving the Empire[edit | edit source]

During the war against the Zarosians and the Menaphites, Zemouregal had been working on a special construct built from corpses, which was also capable of spreading disease. He visited Cres' (formerly known as Ipcress) settlement and used some of the steel Ipcress was using as a frame to hold the abomination, angering the smith. Zemouregal laughed at Ipcress' attempt to stop him and prepared to personally kill him to add to the construct, but was stopped by Death, who then proceeded to release the souls from his undead construct.

Zamorak's Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Zamorak prepares to battle Zaros.

Zemouregal assisted Zamorak in the betrayal of Zaros, fending off the latter's bodyguards while Zamorak duelled the god himself. After a tedious battle, Zamorak emerged victorious, having accidentally absorbed most of Zaros' power, with Zaros abandoning his body to avoid death. Zaros' spirit cursed those who had assisted in the rebellion, but, although Zemouregal was stricken, he remained unaffected, due to the magic running through his veins. The betrayal was incredibly successful. However, Zamorak was banished by the other gods for the imbalance in power he caused, during which time Zemouregal and his other allies laid low.

Shortly after, Zamorak returned to Gielinor in hope of reclaiming the Stone of Jas and called Zemouregal along with his other greatest warriors and started the God Wars, wherein Zemouregal assisted Zamorak likely using his necromancy skills to raise undead armies to bolster Zamorak's forces. The God Wars lasted approximately four millennia, and the Rituals of Rejuvenation continued during this period, with the Mahjarrat being split into a Zarosian and a Zamorakian faction. Zemouregal, belonging to the latter, prevailed during each of them and remained one of the most powerful Mahjarrat.

Varrock and Arrav[edit | edit source]

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It's Zemouregal!
Zemouregal's theme.

After the end of the God Wars, Zemouregal's actions remained rather secret, though it is known that during the Fourth Age, the Avarrockian hero Arrav encountered Zemouregal in the Land of Dreams, warning Arrav that he desired to take Avarrocka for himself. One of the Elders of Avarrocka, manipulated by Zemouregal, advised Arrav to seek a powerful shield, as he would supposedly be able to use it to defeat Zemouregal.

Zemouregal had been searching for this shield for many years, as it was an immensely powerful artefact, and it allowed its bearer great power over all races. Zemouregal desired it as it was able to deflect the spells that any Mahjarrat can summon, with which he could use to defeat any of the other Mahjarrat and enslave them. Arrav went on a journey in search of the shield, and finally Arrav found a tribe of dwarves known as the Imcando, which claimed to possess the shield. However, they refused to give him the shield, claiming that he could not have the shield, as they believed that Arrav would only be defeated by Zemouregal, allowing him to claim the shield for himself, which they would not allow to happen.

Zemouregal leads his army. In this depiction, it appears Arrav is already under his control, so this may be the retreat.
The mighty and undead Arrav.

Years later, Zemouregal once again appeared to Arrav in the land of dreams. Zemouregal claimed that Arrav had failed, and due to this, he would come and destroy Avarrocka with his army of undead minions, and that he would come and lay waste to mankind, once again cementing the Mahjarrat as the masters of the world. Arrav left Avarrocka, taking only his weapons and armour, running for six days before finally reaching the chief of the Imcando dwarves. Arrav once again requested the shield, but this time the dwarves gave it to him, claiming that they had seen the future, and that only one path was open to them, as once Zemouregal destroyed humanity, he would turn his attention to the dwarves. By the time Arrav returned, Avarrocka had raised an army in anticipation of Zemouregal's coming army, and shortly after Zemouregal arrived with a massive army of undead, began his attack on Avarrocka.

Arrav fights Zemouregal.

As the war between the two sides erupted, Arrav headed to battle Zemouregal, dispatching his undead minions along the way. Zemouregal, wielding a sword of pure shadow and smoke, claimed that although Arrav's shield may protect him, he will see his people slaughtered as they became part of his undead army. A fight broke out between the two, and, despite Arrav's great strength and agility, he was helpless to the strength of Zemouregal's blows, being unable to fight back. Arrav, distracted by the falling Avarrocka in the distance, was struck by Zemouregal's sword in his thigh, and Zemouregal began to laugh. Arrav, looking down at his unscratched shield and seeing the truth of his path, used all his remaining strength to run back towards Avarrocka, throwing the shield into the town, where it was picked up by the grandson of one of the Elders of Avarrocka, who unlocked the shield's true power and turned the entire zombie army into dust with a large bolt of magic.

Not accepting his loss, Zemouregal struck Arrav in the back with a powerful spell. Extremely wounded and crippled with pain, Arrav fell to the ground and crawled through the mud. Zemouregal stood over him, calling him a fool, saying that although Arrav had sacrificed himself to save his home, it was a pointless sacrifice, as with time, he would return, but with Arrav leading his armies. Zemouregal then fired a powerful smoke spell at Arrav, and although he tried to struggle against it, he soon died. Zemouregal then disappeared with the body of Arrav. Zemouregal then used his necromancy skills to bring Arrav back to life to serve him as his undead commander, performing a special ritual on Arrav, removing his still beating heart and using his magicks to place it in a highly secured area in his base. This gave Zemouregal complete control over Arrav's body, but leaving Arrav's mind intact, so he could watch in horror as he was forced to kill innocents and be unable to do anything about it.

The 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]

Shortly before the sixteenth Ritual was to take place, a weak, Zamorakian Mahjarrat named Lamistard attempted to bypass attending the ritual, as he would likely be sacrificed, while still being close enough to the ritual stone to be rejuvenated. To achieve this, Lamistard began tunnelling eastwards from the top of Trollweiss Mountain, planning to tunnel to right under the ritual marker and receive the full power boost during the ritual. However, he accidentally broke into the basement of his fortress instead. When Zemouregal discovered this, he imprisoned Lamistard and, at the ritual, suggested that he be the sacrifice. The other Mahjarrat swiftly agreed with Zemouregal, and Lamistard faced the void.

The Search for Bilrach[edit | edit source]

Ah, so many to choose from: Kharshai; Jhallan, perhaps; or Bilrach. He is notable[sic] lacking.
The following takes place during Nadir (saga).

Shortly after Ralvash had been sacrificed at the seventeenth ritual, Zemouregal was asked by his cousin Lucien to return to the ritual marker. The request was made by Moia, Lucien's daughter, whose mother was human. Zemouregal showed much interest in the, as he said, mongrel, although later agreed that she is useless. Moia wanted to inform her father and his cousin of the fact that someone, later revealed to be Bilrach, has tried moving the Ritual Marker, although Lucien claimed this to be impossible. Nevertheless, the two Mahjarrat argued who or what could have attempted to move the ritual marker and why before sending Moia away to find a Mahjarrat that wasn't present at the Ritual, Bilrach, while they remained to investigate. Moia occasionally reported to Lucien over the course of the next 499 years, but Zemouregal soon lost interest.

Sometime after this, it is likely he enlisted the services of the gargoyle Sharathteerk, as the gargoyle was not mentioned or present anytime before.

Final Attack on Varrock[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal in his base with Sharathteerk, Arrav and a zombie.
This may be our last real chance before the time comes to head north. We will make our attack on Varrock as soon as possible. I will claim the Shield of Arrav!
The following takes place during Defender of Varrock.

In 169 of the Fifth Age, Zemouregal decided to attempt another attack on Varrock to capture the Shield of Arrav before the 18th Ritual took place. To this end, he began assembling an army of armoured zombies in his base under the Wilderness. The Varrockian scout Hartwin learnt of this army of zombies being amassed when he saw them strangely organised at the Graveyard of Shadows. He reported this to Captain Rovin, who sent an adventurer along to investigate. By following tracks, they discovered Zemouregal's Base and that Zemouregal was preparing for another attack on Varrock to attempt to claim the Shield of Arrav before "heading to the north", this time, with the undead Arrav aiding him by force.

Zemouregal explains why he does not wish to ally with Lucien.

They overheard Zemouregal and Sharathteerk discussing an alliance with Lucien, for he was growing considerably in power, making progress on his quest to find Elder Artefacts. The gargoyle suggested that Lucien could be close to finding "it", but Zemouregal dismissed it as a thing of fairy tales and rejected the idea. He then summoned Arrav and they went to inspect the troops. Later, the adventurer and Hartwin encountered Arrav by himself, who was able to explain his curse when Zemouregal's concentration was elsewhere before being called again. They finally overheard Zemouregal saying that he was about to commence the attack, which led the duo to immediately return to the palace and inform Rovin to have the Beacon Network activated and the troops prepared.

Zemouregal after the failed attempt.

As the undead forces marched to Varrock, the adventurer went to consult the last known Imcando dwarf, Thurgo, about how to defeat the zombies, and was directed to The Sacred Forge in the lost city of Camdozaal. They uncovered the city and, with the help of another Imcando, Ramarno, activated the Forge. The Forge told them that the descendant of the Elder of Avarrocka to whom the shield belonged was the only one able to stop the invasion, when Zemouregal appeared in a nightmare, gloating on how his forces had reached Varrock, claiming the adventurer was too late.

The adventurer hurriedly returned to Varrock just as Zemouregal's forces overwhelmed the Varrock Palace. They were forced to find the descendant of one of the original elders of Varrock, who was the only person who could use the Shield of Arrav to destroy the zombie army. After investigating, they discovered Dimentheis Fitzharmon to be the individual, and then handed the Shield of Arrav to him. Dimentheis unlocked the shield's true powers and destroyed the entire zombie army in a similar way to the original defeat. Zemouregal, now defeated, withdrew with Arrav, Sharathteerk and departed to the north.

18th Ritual of Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]

Lucien, you would betray me and let me be the one to die? You are not worthy to decide. Wahisietel was right - all on Lucien!
The following takes place during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Shortly before the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation, the adventurer, with the assistance of the Zarosian Mahjarrat Wahisietel, then disguised as the human Ali the Wise, once again infiltrated Zemouregal's base. This time, they advanced to the room where Arrav's heart was kept and stole it after stealthily bypassing the security. They kept it in a specially prepared jar and, only hours before the next Ritual of Rejuvenation would take place, they broke into Zemouregal's fort while he was preparing his speech. They smashed an obsidian prism that Zemouregal had created to strengthen his control over Arrav before quickly leaving, thus allowing the curse of Arrav to be broken.

Zemouregal arrives to the ritual site and attempts to influence Lucien.

Wahisietel, the adventurer, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Idria and Akrisae were the first to reach the ritual stone, where they encountered Lucien before a fight ensued between them. After the arrival of Sliske and another battle with Lucien, the other Mahjarrat began to arrive, including Zemouregal, who appeared next to his cousin after Akthanakos. Zemouregal subtly but aggressively lobbied his cousin, who had declared himself leader of the ritual, for a Zarosian Mahjarrat to be the sacrifice. Though he did not care which Zarosian to be sacrificed, he immediately settled for sacrificing Jhallan when Lucien decided it because Jhallan was considered the weakest Mahjarrat of them all.

Zemouregal is attacked by Arrav while Lucien watches and does nothing.

When a fight broke out amongst the Mahjarrat after Wahisietel attacked Lucien, demanding that he be the sacrifice due to the threat he posed, Zemouregal sided with his cousin by summoning Sharathteerk and a troop of zombies to attack while he duelled Azzanadra. After the zombies were defeated by Sliske and his Barrows Brothers, Zemouregal summoned Arrav into the fight to deal with Sliske's wights. The adventurer then lured Arrav to his heart, which was in a jar between icy rocks near the ritual marker, releasing him from his curse. Arrav immediately turned against Zemouregal and launched a flurry of berserk attacks at him in fury, almost killing him. Zemouregal was not able to deal with both Azzanadra and Arrav at once and as such begged his cousin to help him. Lucien ignored him, focusing on his own adversary Wahisietel. An enraged Zemouregal then turned against him and convinced all of the other Mahjarrat to do so as well, joining together to attack Lucien all at once.

When the time for the Ritual arrived, the fighting was stopped by a bored Lucien, who sacrificed Jhallan to rejuvenate the Mahjarrat, Zemouregal included. Immediately after everyone was restored to full power, the Mahjarrat prepared to attack Lucien once again, but they were stopped when Lucien brought in the Stone of Jas to use its power. When Lucien touched the stone, two dragonkin were summoned to destroy him (the "False User"). Lucien attempted to slay them in an initially successful skirmish when Sakirth (a third dragonkin) turned up, picked up the Staff of Armadyl and hit Lucien from behind, breaking the orb of the staff. With the impact, Lucien was knocked off his feet and Sakirth impaled the staff's shaft to inside his chest, killing him in the process. After witnessing his cousin's death, Zemouregal simply stated "good riddance", but in reality was terrified of the Dragonkin and teleported away to his fortress before they decided to kill him too.

Attempt to Return Zamorak to Gielinor[edit | edit source]

You are wasting my time. I will kill Guthix in the name of Zamorak. When our lord returns, I will be lifted to greater heights than ever before! You will not stop me!
The following takes place during The World Wakes.
Zemouregal forming a plan.

Following the events at the Ritual of Rejuvenation, Zemouregal bode most of his time in his fortress, planning. This changed however, when the archaeologist Orlando Smith discovered what he believed to be the resting place of Guthix, where he went after bringing life to the world. With the help of the familiar adventurer, Smith was able to enter the newly-uncovered temple in search of something, a relic from the First Age, to take back to his peers at the museum in Varrock. However, in the process, the adventurer activated a butterfly-shaped artefact, causing the pathway to the inner caverns to be revealed, and triggering security measures around the world warning that Guthix had finally been located.

When the Stone Circle in Varrock began glowing, a selection of the Dark Wizards there travelled to Zemouregal's domain to meet with the Mahjarrat himself. Escorted and led by Sharathteerk, the wizards informed Zemouregal of what was transpiring, prompting Zemouregal to immediately realise the importance of such an occurrence; if Guthix were to be killed, the Edicts he had created barring the gods from Gielinor would be destroyed, allowing them to once again return, Zamorak included. Zemouregal began to plot Guthix's downfall, determined to bring the god of chaos back to the world and secure himself a high and respectful position, but unbeknownst to him at that time, he was being observed in secret by Sliske and the adventurer, concealed within the Shadow Realm.

Zemouregal and his posse are defeated and the angry Mahjarrat yields.

Zemouregal, like many other gods' followers, soon made his way to the excavated site, and there was able to breach one of the abandoned storage rooms with an army of undead at his command. To his surprise, however, he was met by the adventurer and their Guthixian allies, who had prepared a defence against him. After a moment of exchanges, in which Zemouregal revealed his plan to return Zamorak, the two forces clashed. Whilst the Guthixians dealt with Zemouregal's minions, the adventurer faced the Mahjarrat directly. Zemouregal quickly proved himself a tough adversary, summoning portals to make himself invulnerable to damage, as well as additional minions for the Guthixians to keep at bay.

Despite Zemouregal's best efforts however, he ultimately failed in his endeavour, the adventurer demonstrating their own formidable skill and defeating the Mahjarrat lord. Acknowledging his defeat, Zemouregal retreated, whilst his remaining undead minions were mopped up by the automatons, and the adventurer went to defend against the other invaders, including Zemouregal's fellow Zamorakian Mahjarrat, Enakhra, and prevailed against them all. In the end, this victory for the Guthixians would not last long when Guthix's inner chamber was breached by Sliske, who with a reconstructed Staff of Armadyl and proceeded to slay the ancient god. With Guthix dead, his Edicts were nullified, and a new Age was begun; an Age where the gods could once again step foot on Gielinor after years of banishment, with Saradomin being the first of the gods to return.

With the barrier dismantled, and Zamorak's return inevitable, Zemouregal waited for his lord to appear, so they he may serve him once again.

Sliske's Grand Ascendancy[edit | edit source]

Zamorak is not the only one capable of achieving godhood. Our kind has shown much promise. Lucien came close and now Sliske claims ascension... I will make sure I am next.
The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.
Audio options icon.png
Zemouregal's voice
Zemouregal at Sliske's Grand Ascendancy, angry at both Zamorak and Sliske.

Zemourgal is seen along with Enakhra, General Khazard, Azzanadra, Akthanakos and Wahisietel waiting outside the Empyrean Citadel in order to try and stop Sliske from ascending to godhood. After seeing Icthlarin pass through into the citadel, Zemourgal complained that they had waited long enough and tried to go in himself but is pushed back by the Barrows brothers guarding the door.[9]

Zamorak's Heist[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal is informed of Zamorak's plan.
The following takes place during Dishonour among Thieves.

With Zamorak weakened after the Battle of Lumbridge, Zemouregal was recruited by the World Guardian to assist Zamorak in obtaining the Stone of Jas from Sliske. Though reluctant at first to help his god after the events at Sliske's Grand Ascendency, Zemouregal decided to assist him after hearing that Zamorak intended to steal the Stone of Jas back from Sliske.[10]

Zemouregal assisted in the operation by summoning portals to swallow Sliske's hordes of wights while the rest of the heist team were busy opening the door to the Stone of Jas. When they arrived, Sliske appeared and told them that he knew all about their plan from the start, having observed Moia conversing with the World Guardian. Zemouregal angrily yelled at her for being a useless half-breed [11], but became enraged when Sliske states that he had spied on him too. [12] Zemouregal later fought Sliske's shadow apparitions, and was angered when Nomad revealed his treachery [13]. He bowed down to Zamorak at the end if the World Guardian assisted him or remained neutral.

Return to Freneskae[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Children of Mah.
Not believing that Zaros would keep his word, Zemouregal captures Kharshai.

Sometime after Zamorak's Heist, Zemouregal, like all of the remaining Mahjarrat, began to notice that their powers were waning at an alarming rate. He and the rest of the Mahjarrat return to the ritual marker to perform another ritual. Zemouregal immediately planned to use Kharshai as the sacrifice, due to being relatively weak and not being aligned with either side. Following Zaros's arrival, Kharshai told the World Guardian to extract memories from the Empty Throne Room while he informed the other Mahjarrat about his research. Zemouregal was fairly irritated at not being able to sacrifice Kharshai, especially at the World Guardian for constantly interfering in their affairs. [14]

When the World Guardian arrived at Freneskae, Zemouregal appeared and captured Kharshai, believing that the Zarosians had ulterior motives. He then taunted the World Guardian to make it to the ritual site alive before teleporting away with Kharshai. [15] Due to the powers granted by Guthix, the World Guardian was able to navigate to the ritual site alone and on foot, despite the numerous hazards along the way. Upon arriving, Zemouregal attempted to sacrifice Kharshai again to the dismay of both Wahisietel and Hazeel [16], before Zaros appeared and forced him to stop.

Zemouregal then learned of Zaros's intentions to siphon power from Mah into themselves, which would grant them even more power and stop the pull on their powers. Zemouregal did not trust Zaros, but he did not want to miss out on an opportunity to gain more power and agreed to work with him, claiming that his logic was sound.[17] He also learned of Zaros's controlling aura, which prompted him to state that the Zarosian Mahjarrat were "lovesick weaklings".

After the ritual, Seren came down to confront Zaros and the Mahjarrat for Mah's death. Zamorak sensed that Seren was actually the Mah who came to them thousands of years ago and accused her of causing immense pain and suffering. Zemouregal was enraged upon hearing Seren admit her role in shaping Mahjarrat culture, as she had nearly destroyed the Mahjarrat race.[18]

With his newfound power, Zemouregal returned to his fortress, contemplating on what to do with it.

Defending Gielinor[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during TzekHaar Front.

Zemouregal was presumably aware of the battle in the ruins of Senntisten but did not take any action until Zamorak called him to help supplement the alliance's forces with the undead. Making his way to the former capital, he was amused by how they had managed to hold off with just humans, elves and druids alike, stating that it was why they were losing in the first place.[19]

After Zamorak left the Senntisten ruins, Zemouregal remained behind to continue helping the alliance against the TzekHaar. He stated that he was reaching his limit with the corpses and believed that Zamorak had left to formulate a plan, knowing that it was only a matter of time before he could not help anymore.[20]

Dimension of Disaster[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Dimension of Disaster.

In this alternate history, Zemouregal had finally taken over Varrock. As the adventurer never existed, Delrith was summoned, and Varrock was already weakened when Zemouregal and his army had arrived. Zemouregal quickly conquered the city, killing all but Reldo, as he saw him as a useful asset. During his rule of Varrock, he greatly modified the castle, and imprisoned Delrith in the south-eastern part of the city after the demon began causing trouble. He also imprisoned Meg, Pauline Polaris and Hazelmere.

When the adventurer enters New Varrock for the first time, Zemouregal is surprised to see another human, before realising that they came from another dimension. Apparently bored of the lack of action in his kingdom, rather than immediately killing them, he allows them to act like a "hero" by gathering all the supplies and equipment they would need so that he could easily kill them once they did so. Watching from his scrying pool, he was surprised to see that they had equipped Arrav instead and called them a coward, but Arrav stated that it was his fight, and despite his powers over Arrav, the fallen hero killed him, bringing peace to New Varrock and allowing the souls of the zombies to pass on into the afterlife.

As ruler of his zombies, Arrav managed to make them tolerant by giving them two daily parcels of Zemo Bites, which they appeared to enjoy. He also added a furnace that he uses occasionally, and also seems to enjoy bot battling. Unlike the Zemouregal of our dimension, this Zemouregal was unable to control Arrav as much due to his new roles, so he created a black prism and locked it away to control him. He also seems to enjoy his scrying pool, as he mentions to Sharathteerk that he should try it also.

He also has a treasure room, with a weapons rack that has Balmung, Korasi's sword, a dragon scimitar and The Measure. He also has a set of Tetsu armour, suggesting that he has done Player-owned ports or simply took it from someone who had it. The room also contains all four godswords, suggesting that he may have looted them or made them himself. There also is a bottle containing Solomon, a stuffed Wise Old Man, The Raptor's armour, a statue of Commander Zilyana, and a Mrs. Golem (which is basically Kipple with a woman's dress). He also has the heads of each of the Signature Heroes, minus The Raptor's, mounted inside his bedroom.

Allies and Followers[edit | edit source]

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Until the eighteenth ritual, Arrav was Zemouregal's most powerful undead soldier, although he was forced to do so against his will. Zemouregal's main following are his large undead troops, which the gargoyle Sharathteerk seems to be in charge of. He is also an emissary between his Mahjarrat brethren and can be useful in combat and despite Zemouregal always blaming him of his losses, Sharathteerk has always remained loyal to him and has proven to be quite useful, even though his master claims otherwise. Under Zemouregal's command there is a vast army of (armoured) zombies, simple undead (such as various ghosts and specialised skeletons, but which cannot to be underestimated due to their large numbers. They guard Zemouregal's fort and Zemouregal's base, although most are taken along by Zemouregal himself as protection and as weapons in battles. In addition, Zemouregal seems to have some connection to the dark wizards of the Varrock stone circle.

Zemouregal also seemed to have had a short lived alliance with his cousin Lucien, after noticing that he had become extremely powerful and that it would be wise to keep on his good side. They also ran the investigation towards the ritual marker after the events of the 17th Ritual together. However, Zemouregal's refusal to back up Lucien's search for a "fabled object" (the Stone of Jas) enraged Lucien. Upon learning that he had gotten even more power, Zemouregal remarked that he should have been nicer to him. Due to his refusal, this completely shattered their alliance during the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation.

In combat[edit | edit source]

The World Wakes[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal summoning minions and portals to aid him.

Zemouregal serves as one of the boss fights in The World Wakes quest, being fought as one of the four enemies that attack the storerooms around Guthix's chamber. Zemouregal is level 98, and summons Armoured zombies, Ghostly wraiths, and Skeleton bone throwers to aid him. You have a choice of sending one of four groups of Guthixians to aid in the battle, although Cres and his Automatons is the correct choice. The fight is exactly the same no matter what group you choose, although choosing the correct one boosts your combat stats slightly.

When the fight begins, Zemouregal will hold a huge ball of blue energy over his head and summon two Dark portals. While the portals are around, Zemouregal will be immune to damage. After his portals are destroyed, Zemouregal becomes vulnerable to damage, and begins to attack you with magical attacks.

Zemouregal gives up, and begins to attack you directly.

Once Zemouregal is reduced to half of his life points, he will once again summon dark portals and become invulnerable, but this time summons eight instead of two. He also begins to summon Decaying portals, which summon more minions to aid him. After all of his dark portals are destroyed, Zemouregal will stop summoning minions and once again resumes attacking you, while your allies clear up all of the remaining foes.

After Zemouregal is reduced to zero life points, he will retreat, ending the battle.

This battle may be refought alongside Enakhra in the Dominion Tower.

Dimension of Disaster[edit | edit source]

Arrav versus Zemouregal.

Zemouregal returns as a boss in Dimension of Disaster, and is fought atop his palace in New Varrock. Unlike most boss fights, he is not fought by the player character, but rather by the player controlling Arrav.

At the beginning of the fight, he summons three protection portals. While they are summoned, he is completely invulnerable to Arrav's attacks. After they are destroyed, he will become vulnerable, but after a few hits, he will summon more portals and some of his zombie minions. These include exploding zombie cows, which may be lured over to Zemouregal or the portals to damage them.

After repeating this a few times, when Zemouregal reaches low life points, he will summon dozens of portals at once and lots of exploding zombie cows. The cows must then be lured over to the portals to destroy lots of them at once. Once all the portals are destroyed, Zemouregal may be attacked and killed once and for all.

Armies of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

In Armies of Gielinor, Zemouregal is a unit in the Saradomin campaign mission Army of Darkness. In this mission, he is a necromancer three times as strong as a regular one and can poison units with his attack. Even considering these facts, Zemouregal is fairly weak compared to his power in the main game.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Zemouregal's original skeletal model was released with the Defender of Varrock quest in September 2008. It was reworked with the release of Ritual of the Mahjarrat in September 2011 which also introduced his rejuvenated model. In April 2012 a rejuvenated model with an updated face appeared in Nadir saga, but has not been used anywhere else. A newer rejuvenated model has been released with the Dishonour among Thieves quest in February 2015, although it has been created primarily for the Dimension of Disaster quest released a month later. On 6 July 2015 all appearances of Zemouregal have been updated to the newest rejuvenated and corresponding skeletal model.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 6 July 2015 (Update):
    • Zemouregal (rejuvenated and skeletal) - in the Dominion Tower, the Nadir saga, Defender of Varrock, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The World Wakes, and Missing, Presumed Death - has been graphically updated.
  • patch 21 September 2011 (Update):
    • The graphical glitches within Zemouregal’s fortress have been addressed.
    • Zemouregal’s notes no longer refer to Hazeel being restored by his cult if you have prevented this.

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