Shadow Breach

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Zaros abusing the Shadow Breach contained by the Codex with disastrous consequences.

The Shadow Breach is a phenomenon described by Guthix as one of the greatest threats to the universe and existence itself, on par with the Great Revision and the broken Needle.[1] It is a crack in the fabric of reality, beyond which lies Erebus. The breach emanates entropic energies that are harmful to Gielinor; in response to its threat, the Codex was built to seal it.[2]

During the Battle of the Monolith, Zaros opened the Codex in order to access the shadow breach and enter Erebus, carrying a vat of shadow anima to shield himself. Shortly after, shadow cacklers began to emerge from the breach, attacking everyone present. The breach also began to emit dark energies once more.[3] Azzanadra was eventually able to close it, but the backlash of energy forcibly ascended him to godhood.

By then, however, the shadow breach had unleashed enough shadow anima upon Gielinor that the Elder God eggs were stirred and brought to the verge of hatching. In order to prevent this, Azzanadra teleported the eggs to the ruins of Senntisten, causing a massive battle to break out in the buried city.

The shadow leviathan emerging from the Freneskae breach and attacking Jas.

According to Zaros, there is another shadow breach beyond Freneskae[2], which is later encountered during the Extinction quest. Seren references this breach as a "wild" version, although it had never appeared anywhere in Freneskae when she resided on the planet and believes that Zaros may have had a role in its unexplained appearance during the Sixth Age. This breach would be used by the World Guardian to lure a shadow leviathan to Freneskae, upon which it dragged Jas and Kerapac back into Erebus.

References[edit | edit source]

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    Azzanadra: ...Erebus.
    Zaros: Yes. My destination."
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