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StandardDesperate Measures
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Sakirth is a Necrosyrtes Dragonkin who first appears in the final cutscene after completing the quest While Guthix Sleeps and is seen wearing a turquoise robe.

Sakirth hits Lucien with the Staff, killing him.

At the climax of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Sakirth is responsible for slaying the Mahjarrat Lucien. After Strisath disarms Lucien of the Staff of Armadyl, Sakirth picks up the Staff and strikes Lucien from behind with it; Lucien is knocked to the ground, and the Staff is broken. Sakirth then leaps atop the fallen Lucien and stabs him through the chest with the Staff's broken shaft, killing him instantly.

Sakirth kills V.

During Hero's Welcome, Sakirth uses the Elder Mirror to channel V's energy into Tarshak, a captured Dactyl Dragonkin, which kills V in the process and mutates Tarshak. After mutated Tarshak is killed by the player, the two Dactyl and Necrosyrtes factions meet together and engage in a scuffle.

Sakirth is blown away by Tarshak.

During a memory in Desperate Measures, it's revealed that Sakirth was once a member of the Kindra council, and the leader of the Syrtes; the predecessor to the Necrosyrtes. At their final council meeting, he proposed seeking out Jas, believing that once she was made aware of them, she would see them as worthy of respect. His proposal never came to pass though, because Kerapac's shadow anima device was activated in secret, which resulted in the enraged Jas binding the Dragonkin to the stone

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His examine text used to be "Creator of Dragons."