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Gail is a guardian who is bound to The Needle, an elder artefact with the power to unravel time. Gail appeared three years before the events of The Needle Skips without any memories or idea of where she was or who she was. Players find her body at the beginning of the quest.

The Needle Skips[edit | edit source]

Gail felt drawn to a home west of Piscatoris and discovered a woman by the name of Megan and her sickly daughter, Primrose. Megan had a lot of trouble with the illness, and Gail wished to be of some assistance. One day while Megan was gone, a stray sea troll broke into the house and killed Primrose. When Megan returned, she was distraught and asked Gail for some sort of help. Gail, who wanted to be helpful, used the Needle to reverse time by a month, bringing Primrose back to life and at a healthier stage. Megan became dependent on Gail using the Needle to revert time, an event that was referred to as "the Returning", which used a lot of energy from both herself and the Needle, but she felt obliged. One night as Megan asked Gail to use another Returning, Primrose had come outside to spy on what her mother was doing with the 'blue lady' and hid behind a nearby buckthorn bush. Primrose was protected from the Returning and managed to sneak back home undetected but was not reset by time, and, as such, her disease accelerated.

As more and more Returning events happened with Primrose hiding nearby and thus getting sicker instead of better, Megan became increasingly worried. One night after a Returning, Primrose was too weak to sneak home and fainted in the buckthorn bush. Megan found her and believed her to be dead, despite Gail's insistence that she was not. Megan, under influence of a demon from burning Primrose's magical books a few Returning events prior, stabbed Gail with a knife, who then used the Needle to temporally freeze time in the area, until someone else could help free them all.

Once players rid the influence of the demon from Megan, she begs them for assistance with the situation involving both a dying and unconscious Primrose and an uncertain status on Gail. Players use the buckthorn salve to heal Gail enough to be able to act again. Gail then talks to Megan, telling her there can be no more Returning events and that her daughter is not long for the world. She offers Megan a way to save her daughter by bringing her to the Needle and allowing it to bind to her essence. Megan agrees, and Gail explains that this also completes the time loop, revealing that Primrose, under the powers of the Needle, is sent back in time three years, her memories wiped, and transformed into Gail.

Desperate Times[edit | edit source]

In Desperate Times, Gail makes an appearance to try and stop the World Guardian and Kerapac from manipulating the energies of the Needle. She quickly defeats Thok and Charos with magic and attacks Kerapac, who sends the player into a spatial-temporal rift through the Needle. The World Guardian has to complete a series of anima-redirecting puzzles to direct anima away from Gail and into Kerapac. After three successful redirections, Kerapac stabs the Needle with the Staff of Armadyl and keys its energies into himself, making the Needle respond to his whims. Gail's powers and memories from the Needle are stripped away and she is transformed back into Primrose.

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