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Intern Jimmy is an intern of the Archaeology Guild. He serves as the assistant manager of the Senntisten Dig Site. He can be found just North East of the Cathedral

Research[edit | edit source]

Jimmy is an intern archaeologist that can be hired to work for the player on research and special research missions. He is unlocked during the tutorial without any additional requirements.

He has the following effects on research expeditions:

Researcher Image Location Cost to recruit Speed buff Cost buff Description
Jimmy Jimmy (Archaeology).png None None 0% 0% An up-and-comer, aspiring to become one of the greats. Diligent and hard-working.

History[edit | edit source]

City of Senntisten[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during City of Senntisten.

Jimmy was placed at the entrance to the ruins of Senntisten to make sure only those with authorization would enter.

When the World Guardian found a Pontifex Maximus figurine after digging up the entrance to the forum, Jimmy had the option to provide the materials necessary to restore it (except for a dragonstone).

Assistant site manager[edit | edit source]

As Kerapac led an army of Nodon dragonkin to attack Senntisten, the Archaeology Guild decided to start a dig within the city. Since the ruined city was effectively the World Guardian's discovery, it would've made them the site's manager. However, given that they already had their hands full defending the Elder God eggs from their parents, Jimmy was made the site's assistant manager, tasked with handling the clerical duties of the site's management while the World Guardian focused on the actual digging.[1]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jimmy has the same tattoo as Acting Guildmaster Reiniger, which is the same symbol that can be found at each Dig Site in the Writings on the Walls mystery. This, as well as his dialogue, strongly suggests that like Reiniger he may be a member of Silhouette, a secret Zarosian organisation which infiltrated the Archaeology Guild.
  • When City of Senntisten was first released, if players restored the pontifex shadow ring and attempted to use it to teleport to Senntisten, they would instead be teleported to the entrance next to Jimmy, who would clarify that an exception was being worked on so that the ring could teleport the player past the wards erected during the quest, but that it would take a few weeks.[2] Following the release of the Nodon Front a month later, the ring was updated to teleport players to the Cathedral in Senntisten.
  • Initially Jimmy could be found next to the ancient door leading to Senntisten. Interacting with the door on a free-to-play world after the release of the Nodon Front prompted a dialogue with Jimmy informing that the area can be accessed only on a members' world. When Jimmy was moved inside the city with the release of the Senntisten Dig Site, the door dialogue remained, however his chathead is no longer visible and his name is erroneously displayed as QUEST_SENNTISTEN_ARCH_INTERN_JIMMY.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Intern Jimmy, "Senntisten Dig Site", RuneScape. "Well, since Senntisten is effectively your discovery, I would say you're the site manager really. But since you've got a lot of stuff on your plate already, I'm here to assist you as best I can. I'll handle the minutiae of the site management and you can focus on uncovering ancient secrets from the Second Age."
  2. ^ Intern Jimmy, "City of Senntisten", RuneScape. "Oh, yeah, about that... We're working to create an exception so your ring can teleport you past the wards straight into the cathedral. But it's going to take us at least a few weeks. I promise we'll make that ring more useful for you or my name's not James."