Desperate Measures

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For the achievement, see Desperate Measures (achievement).
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Desperate Measures is a quest in the Elder Gods series and the sequel to Desperate Times. It was first revealed at RuneFest 2019.

It is the first quest to include the Archaeology skill as a feature and a requirement.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Finding the Dragonkin artefacts[edit | edit source]

Seren (with Eluned) chathead.png
Thok recounts his saga.

To begin the quest, head to Seren's Council, north of the Burthorpe Lodestone.

Talk to Seren on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Burthorpe Castle. She will tell you to go to the Anachronia base camp and speak with Mr. Mordaut. Speak to Mr. Mordaut and he will tell you that Charos and Thok are north of the camp.

Run north of the Anachronia base camp, and down the two flights of stairs to the dragonkin gate. Do not begin the agility course. Talk to Thok and play through his saga killing the dinosaurs and walking down the path towards Anachronia's base camp. Then talk to Laniakea and walk into the base camp. Once finished talk to Charos.

Excavating a dragonkin device.

Excavate at the spot south of Charos and Thok to obtain the Dragonkin device (damaged). Repair this at an archaeologist's workbench using 50 orthenglass to obtain the Dragonkin device, and bring it back to Charos.

After showing Charos the Dragonkin device, another spot will appear to the north of him. Excavate at this spot to obtain the Dragonkin tablet (damaged). Repair this at an archaeologist's workbench using 50 orthenglass to obtain the Dragonkin tablet and bring it back to Charos.

note: artifacts count towards archaeology daily!

Charos and Thok on Anachronia.png Excavation Spot.png 2nd Excavation Spot.png
Location of Charos and Thok 1st location to excavate 2nd location to excavate

Hannibus shared memory[edit | edit source]

Hannibus (armoured) chathead.png
The Hibernatorium.
The location of the entrance to the Ruins

Next, you will need to show these two devices to Hannibus who is next to Prehistoric Potterington on her ranch on Anachronia. To get there quickly, go to the top floor of the Manor Farm in Ardougne and teleport using the mystical tree.

Hannibus will translate the tablet and tell you to meet him in the ruins in the north east of Anachronia. See the picture for more information.

Once you have arrived, Hannibus will inform you that the ruins are home to another type of Dragonkin; the Nodon. As opposed to the Dactyl, who wished to rid themselves of their curse bonding them to the Stone of Jas, and the Necrosyrtes, who went insane and attacked False Users, the Nodon believed that they could sleep through the curse. While inside, he will mention that some of the Nodon are dreaming, but it is a shared dream and he is able to transport you into their dream.

Once Hannibus puts you into the dream, two Nodon caretakers will appear. If you speak to Hannibus, he will tell you to follow the first dragonkin who leaves the room and goes to the door on the north side of the ruins and accesses the lower chamber with the phrase "Hepencaraun". Return to Hannibus and re-enter the dream, and watch the second dragonkin enter a code on the pylon in the south-east corner of the room. Inspect the pylon after the dragonkin disappears and your character will remember the correct symbol when you need to enter it.

You may also watch the dragonkin inside first and follow the other one outside after if you desire; the order doesn't matter.

After exiting the dream, cycle all three symbols individually (may need to zoom in to see the three symbols) until your character says that it looks correct and then speak to Hannibus. You will be able to enter the lower chamber on the north side with the correct phrase.

The Kindra council memory[edit | edit source]

Primrose chathead.png
The Kindra council meeting.

Once inside, talk to Hannibus and enter the next dream, the Kindra Council Memory. Run up the path to the east and talk to Hannibus to start it.

The Kindra council meeting will start, with the four factions speaking; the Dactyl, Syrtes, Nodon and Aughra. Continue through the memory until the council dissolves. The Dactyl, Syrtes and Aughra will disappear. The two Nodon will not disappear and they will then take note of you and Hannibus, believing that Kerapac sent the two of you into the dream. After telling them that Kerapac is attempting to destroy Gielinor, they will share a vision with the two of you, showing that Kerapac's shadow anima experiments had displeased the Elder Gods and led to them binding the dragonkin to the Stone of Jas in retribution.

For some players, starting this cutscene will crash the game client and make progressing in the quest impossible. A workaround is to play in RuneScape Mobile. Try upgrading graphic drivers, also try changing from compatible mode to normal on startup of game client or vice versa.

The battle with Kerapac.

You and Hannibus will soon return to the real world, with Charos and Thok greeting you. Kerapac will appear soon after, realizing what you are up to. Hannibus attempts to plead with him, but Charos and Thok will attack. Attack Kerapac, although he will not take any damage. After a while, Kerapac will explain that because of his control over the Needle, he can manipulate all attacks inflicted towards him to deal nothing. Although he states that he could easily kill you all, he decides not to out of pity, and advises you spend your final moments wisely.

Hannibus will suggest an evacuation through the World Gate, but Charos states that they wouldn't get everyone out in time. Go to Burthorpe and speak to Seren to inform her of Kerapac's agenda. You will then inform the council that Kerapac has made himself invulnerable, but Seren suggests to speak to Primrose, as she was the Needle's former guardian.

Go to Primrose in her house to the west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. She will reveal that The Needle seems to have a mind of its own, and that it has power over its guardians, not the other way around.

  • Talk to Primrose (Chat 32), then ask about the Needle (Chat 2) and exhaust all chat options. Your quest log should update to go speak to Seren.

Upon returning to Seren, she will suggest appealing to its creator, Jas, to use that property to stop Kerapac. She will tell you to meet her outside the Heart while she requests an audience with her.

Meeting Jas[edit | edit source]


Meet with Seren at the entrance to The Heart. She reveals that Jas has accepted her request and will send you to talk with her.

Go through all the dialogue options with Jas, picking options that are neutral or positive. Jas will explain that she and her sisters already know of Kerapac's plot, but cannot intervene directly because Kerapac's shadow anima device is a toxic barrier to them. She points out that she and the others can stop Kerapac, but doing so would completely destroy the island and nearby settlements. Seeing that you are willing to help, she will give you the Eye of Jas to stop Kerapac and advises you hurry before she and the others are forced to act.

Choosing three negative dialogue options will cause Jas to state that she has reached her verdict, and that all mortal life will end. You will then be teleported back to Seren and a dialogue box will open stating that you remember an alternative universe in which Jas tears your body apart. If this happens, speak to Seren to retry your conversation with Jas and continue the quest.

Dinosaur invasion[edit | edit source]

Bagrada rex.png
Defending the Anachronia base camp from the dinosaurs using the no movement method.

Return back to Anachronia and speak to Charos, who is now by the lodestone. He will explain that Kerapac has flown into the volcano, and that he is controlling the dinosaurs on the island to attack the base camp. Kerapac will soon arrive, clearly disappointed by your actions. He has put the dinosaurs on a frenzy and is sending them to raze the base camp, allowing them to evacuate the camp early. Most of the inhabitants have been evacuated, but the archaeologists were too busy excavating and now must be defended.

Talk to Thok with both of your hands empty, and he will provide you with his stick. You will have to defend the base camp from five waves of dinosaurs by positioning your allies to defend the archaeologists from dinosaurs; each ally has different abilities, and can be told to target either strong dinosaurs, weak dinosaurs, enemies furthest away from them, or enemies closest to them. While preparing, Laniakea will come down to the lodestone and act as an ally in the fight.

Thok's attacks deal heavy damage, Hannibus can stop oncoming dinosaurs with his mind control, Charos will use fire spells, and Laniakea will use her spear in melee range and throw vials of poison at enemies out of melee range. As you are holding Thok's stick, you will automatically attack nearby dinosaurs.

An easy way to win is to set Charos to closest, Laniakea to furthest, Thok to strongest and Hannibus to weakest. Keep them in their default positions, stand 2 squares west of Charos. You can win without moving.

If a wave is failed, the entire run must be redone again. If you lose two times, talking to Thok will give a option to start an easier mode where all of you and your allies' attacks deal extra damage.

Kerapac's lab[edit | edit source]

Breaking into Kerapac's lab[edit | edit source]

Charos chathead.png
Locations of Charos where the Measure is to be placed

Next, speak with Charos, then speak to him again where he was at the beginning of the quest, north-west of northern start of the agility course. He'll instruct you to investigate the cosmic power surrounding the radio. He will give you The Measure to assist in this task if you don't have it, revealing that he "borrowed" it. You will have to find him four times in the Ruins surrounding the Volcano, and use the Measure nearby him each time to progress. If he does not react when you place the Measure, log out or hop worlds.

He will note that he observed nothing strange when he was alone, but that the readings began to fluctuate once you got close.

The locations of Charos and where you have to place the Measure is given in the image on the right. The order that you visit the last three locations doesn't matter.

  1. The first location is through the archway, immediately north of where you normally speak to Charos.
  2. For the second location, run to the start of the agility course and follow it until you pass through the cave, where you can walk north to Charos in a clearing.
  3. The third location requires you to run west of the lodestone, and then head north-west past the Arcane Apoterrasaur till you reach the dragonkin ruins.
  4. The last location is directly east of the previous location, up a flight of stairs.

Please note that on some occurrences, placing the Measure will not trigger the chat. If this happens, re-logging or hopping worlds should allow the chat trigger to occur.

Disabling the lab security[edit | edit source]

Solutions to Kerapac's Pylons

Return to where you first met Charos and Thok, where an entrance has appeared. As it is powered by shadow anima, you are the only one who can enter, as the others would be ripped to shreds if they tried to go through. Charos notes that Guthix's blessing that turned your character into the World Guardian essentially grafted shadow anima onto your very soul, making you powerful and helping you resist forces that regular mortals cannot. He notes that you "should not exist, but you do".

The lab security is controlled by four pylons. Each quadrant of the Lab is given a name in Kerapac's tablet, and corresponds to an Elder God's name that unlocks the pylon. Symbols on the walls of each room will tell you which room you are in; you can figure out which one is which by looking at how many characters are in the name, and whether the first and last letter are the same or different. For instance, Kalistrak is 9 characters and begins and ends with the same letter. Once you figure out the name of each room, you now know which Elder God name unlocks each pylon. To figure out which symbols you need to input, start cross referencing the letters of the names with the symbols spelling out the names of each room.

The solutions to unlock the pylons are given in the image on the right. They are the same for all players.

Black Stone Dragon[edit | edit source]

Bisdi chathead.png
The battle with the black stone dragon.

After all four pylons have been deactivated, a cutscene will play and you can enter the northern part of the Lab where Kerapac has a black stone dragon for security. It is level 91 and possesses 180,000 health. The dragon's attacks are the same as the one encountered in the Dragonkin Laboratory, but it is nowhere near as strong, nor does it summon black hands - nevertheless, take your best combat equipment and food. At 140,000 and 100,000 health, the dragon will land on the centre of the arena and generate a flame spiral, with all incoming damage being greatly reduced. As with the original encounter, dragonfire protection is unnecessary.

Kerapac is once again bound to Jas.

After defeating the Black Stone Dragon, Kerapac will appear, frustrated by your resistance, claiming that he is trying to save all of the worlds at a cost of only one. As you cannot convince him, you will use the Eye of Jas to allow Jas to intervene, claiming control of the Needle and of Kerapac and his hibernating Nodon. Kerapac begs to be killed, but Jas denies him. Kerapac encourages you to leave as the laboratory begins to collapse.

The player has two minutes to escape the laboratory. Run to the eastern area where three large rocks will collapse and entrap the player. Fortunately, the death of the black stone dragon has allowed your allies to enter. Charos and Thok will help you escape the laboratory by destroying fallen rock piles while Hannibus guides you to a side area. Rocks repeatedly falling in front of you will impede your movement, so do not expect to move far - click close to your character to move more consistently. Once you leave the laboratory, a cutscene will play where Ful emerges from the volcano, destroying Anachronia's volcano along with Kerapac's laboratory.

As with the prior cutscene from earlier in the game, this cutscene can again crash the game client for some players; however, unlike the prior cutscene, upon logging back into the game, the player will rejoin the quest at the aftermath of the cutscene and can continue on through the remainder of the quest normally, albeit missing the information that the cutscene provided.

Speak to either three to continue the quest. Charos will then tell you to inform Seren that Kerapac has been stopped. Return to Seren in Burthorpe; you may inform her that Guthix had imbued you with dangerous shadow anima, or keep silent. If informed, she will reassure you that if something happens, she and the others will be prepared. For now, she advises the player to celebrate their victory.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Desperate Measures reward.png
Music unlocked

Post-quest rewards[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Desperate Measures is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of the quest, the adventure's log states: "I tracked down Kerapac and foiled his plot to destroy Gielinor. He has now fallen back under Jas' control, bound to the Needle this time.";[sic]
  • During the quest Thok says he wishes to be a mighty duck or maybe a goose. The mighty duck line may be a reference to The Mighty Ducks film or the Mega Duck.
  • While fighting Kerapac, he will say "I am inevitable", a reference to the same line spoken by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.
  • The shared dreaming used by the Nodon might be a reference to the film Inception or the StarGate SG1 episode "The Gamekeeper" (S2, E4)
  • During the Kindra council memory, Kerapac says "These things are not the dragonkin way!". This is a possible reference to the Star Wars line "It's not the Jedi way!"
  • Azzanadra saying "Do not disappoint me." to the player is a reference to a long-running thread in the official lore forums titled "Azzanadra is dissappointed[sic]...". The forum thread began as a reference to Azzanadra's reaction to the player if during The Light Within, they chose to spare Eluned.

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