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ExamineOne of the Praetorians, Zaros's secret police.
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Trindine (/ˈtrɪndn/ Trin-deen)[1] is a Zarosian Mahjarrat currently active on Gielinor and Azzanadra's daughter.[2] After being brought to Gielinor by the Menaphite deity Icthlarin around the start of the Second Age, Trindine and the rest of the Mahjarrat served the Menaphite people of the Kharidian Desert before eventually swearing their allegiance to the god Zaros.

Trindine served as one of the Praetorian during the reign of the Zarosian Empire alongside Sliske, who was her superior. Trindine was a skilled spy, able to shapeshift with such mastery that could hide her identity even from the gods. She was also one of the few mahjarrat to dominate the art of manipulating and transversing the Shadow Realm. At the end of the Second Age, Trindine concealed both herself and the Vaults of Heriditas within the Shadow Realm at Kharid-et while it was under siege, leading her fellow Mahjarrat to believe she had perished in combat.

During The Vault of Shadows, Trindine is freed by the player, although hiding in the Shadow Realm for thousands of years left her weak and disoriented. The Mahjarrat Azzanadra transferred some of his power to Trindine and informed Trindine of all the events while she was confined. During Azzanadra's Quest, Trindine seemingly aids the player in locating Gielinor's Elder Halls, but also assists Zaros in stealing the Crown Archival from Saradomin.

History[edit | edit source]

Arrival to Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Like the other Mahjarrat, Trindine hailed from Freneskae, the realm of perpetual warfare, where she was born as Azzanadra's daughter.[2] She was brought to Gielinor with the other Mahjarrat under Icthlarin's banner, to combat Zaros' forces. She defected and joined the Zarosians alongside most of her brethren, and was one of the hundred Mahjarrat that were protected by Azzanadra from Tumeken's self-detonation.

Service to the Empire[edit | edit source]

Trindine was present during Zamorak's betrayal in Zaros' throne room.

Following the conclusion of the war, Trindine was given the rank of Praetorian, a secret police for Senntisten, and served as Sliske's subordinate.[3][4][5] Although she was exempt from his "jokes", she disliked working with him, considering it to be a "nightmare", but grudgingly respected his ability to manipulate the Shadow Realm.[6] She was at one point assigned to Pontifex Madromurt's diocese, which the latter objected to, as Madromurt complained that her presence caused his diocese to work inefficiently due to the fear they had from her presence.[7]

She was present during Zamorak's attempt to usurp Zaros, as shown in Kharshai's memory. She proved uncooperative to Kharshai's attempts to root out traitors, confiding in Sliske instead.

Following Zamorak's betrayal, Trindine remained loyal to the Zarosian faction. She accompanied Azzanadra to Kharid-et with her group of praetorians to assist in the fort's defence.[8]

She expressed her suspicion about choosing to house the Vaults of Heriditas at Kharid-et in her journal, as she wondered why Zaros did not store it in his Sanctum Sanctorium. However, she then recalled the capital was in chaos, and thus the secrets needed to be held in a more obscure location.[9][10] While inspecting the Vault of Shadows, she found a shadow diamond, using it to move the praetorian building into the Shadow Realm, and covering the evacuation of the fort's civilians.[11] Upon finishing up her work with the diamond, she entrusted it to Praetorian Titus, ordering him to deliver it to Azzanadra.[12] Following a Zamorakian demon attack on the fortress that wiped out most of the garrison, Trindine was left to seal the Vault by herself in the Vault of Shadows.

Much to her disdain, her praetorians were members of the Cult of Orcus, but knew they would not interfere as they were ultimately loyal to Zaros.[13] In addition to this, the siege had forced her to use the prison lock combination for the Vault of Shadows itself, but was confident that the enemy would be unlikely to discover the Vault hidden in the shadows.[14]

Knowing that she would not survive if she continued to use her powers and that her efforts would go to waste should the enemy discover her, Trindine decided to enter a state of stasis to preserve her energy. She noted that she would have all the time in the Shadow Realm, and would occasionally write down her discoveries in case she would not survive.[15] Kharid-et was eventually forgotten, buried in the sands, leading the rest of the Mahjarrat to believe that she had died in battle.

Rediscovery[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Vault of Shadows.
Azzanadra and Trindine reunite in the Kharid-et vault after thousands of years.

Following the rediscovery of Kharid-et during the Sixth Age, Azzanadra, using his Dr Nabanik persona, oversaw efforts at Kharid-et. It had brought back some memories of the past, and he had recalled leaving a "trusted loyalist" to oversee the fort's defence, wondering what her final moments were like.[16] The World Guardian soon arrived to help out with the excavation efforts, and discovered the Vault of Shadows. They were able to solve the puzzle and open the locks on all four sides, discovering her in the Shadow Realm; she was the trusted loyalist Azzanadra had mentioned.

Trindine mistook the World Guardian for Sliske, asking them why he took so long to rescue her. The World Guardian stated that they were not Sliske, prompting Trindine to ask for their name and the fate of the Zarosian Empire. Before they could begin, Azzanadra teleported in, having sensed her presence once more. Both Mahjarrat were surprised to see each other, with Azzanadra stating that he thought her to be dead, while Trindine had assumed the same after he left her at Kharid-et. Trindine was also confused as to how Azzanadra and the World Guardian were able to see her deep within the shadow. Azzanadra then asked the World Guardian to leave as he informed Trindine of all the events that had taken place, wishing to privately speak with her.

Afterwards, Azzanadra told the World Guardian that he had provided Trindine with some of the energy he received during the ritual on Freneskae during Children of Mah, as she was still locked on Gielinor and as such, missed out on the ritual. Although temporary, Azzanadra resolved to find a permanent solution to help Trindine catch up with the rest of her race.[17] Trindine decided to remain in the Vault of Shadows for the time being, as she felt unready to leave, but thanked the World Guardian for freeing her.[18]

Zaros' plans[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Azzanadra's Quest.
Trindine discussing the plan to find the Elder Halls with Azzanadra, Ariane and Sir Owen.

Trindine worked with Azzanadra to reclaim the Locator from Saradomin. She pretended to assist the World Guardian in investigating where Gielinor's Elder Halls were located, but was secretly learning about the Locator. She took on the disguises of both Sir Upticious and Wizard Trindy during the mission, though Sir Owen saw past the Sir Upticious guise. When Sir Owen went to look for Sir Vey Lance, Trindine went with him, where Sir Vey Lance revealed himself as the Zarosian demon Veilinius. Owen threatened to expose the demon's identity to the Temple Knights, unaware that organisation was actually compromised of Zarosians. Trindine opted to knock Owen unconscious rather than kill him. She took part in the plot to steal the Elder Crown, giving Veilinius the Frostenhorn in order to awaken the Temple Knights' Zarosian loyalties. After Zaros took the Crown, she fled with the rest of the Zarosians to Kharid-et.

When the World Guardian confronted the Zarosians at Kharid-et, Trindine informed them that she returned the book she had stolen from the Wizard's Tower, and that Owen was still alive before she teleported away.

Attacking the Monolith[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Battle of the Monolith.

Trindine accompanied the Zarosian attack force to take the Codex by force, joining the battle. During the second week, Zaros opened the Codex and stepped inside to search for something within Erebus, ignoring the damage that he would cause doing so. The Zarosians began assisting the triple alliance in sealing the Codex before more shadow creatures could enter Gielinor.

When asked about the Shadow Cacklers, Trindine reveals that she had dealt with them in the Vault. When the World Guardian asked if she could seal it, Trindine refused, stating that the shadow that was emitting from the Codex was cold, dead and trying to draw her in from where she was standing, which she had never experienced in the Vault. Coupled with her recent release, Trindine was fearful of being sealed once again.

The Eye of Het[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Eye of Het II.

As the Elder God Wars began to reach their climax, Icthlarin proposed using the Eye of Het — a powerful relic kept in the Duel Arena, that could resurrect the dead in order to supplement their depleting forces. Before he could retrive it, however, the Duel Arena was struck by an earthquake that sank most of the structure under the sand and left an oasis in its wake. The World Guardian safely retrieved the Eye of Het, but Icthlarin insisted that they investigate the earthquake's source before he took the Eye to Senntisten. Upon doing so, the World Guardian came upon a note that incriminated the Zarosians, but when they took it to Azzanadra he claimed that the note was fake and a poor attempt to impersonate Trindine, who would never be so clumsy as to leave evidence behind.

When the World Guardian questioned Trindine herself, she admitted to overhearing the conversation and agreed that someone was trying to incriminate her, but seemed more intrigued about the sabotage than anything. Deciding that finding the culprit wasn't worth provoking gods, Trindine changed the subject to the World Guardian's "shadow", asking them why it was so strong. She explained that the mages who reached anything resembling competence in shadow magic changed on a magical level, and that the change was something she could see as a shadow in their auras; the World Guardian's shadow was so strong that initially she had mistaken them for Sliske. When they declined to answer, Trindine believed that it was a personal subject and withdrew her question.

Edicts re-established[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Aftermath.

Following Zamorak's demon invasion, the re-establishment of the Edicts of Guthix, and the subsequent banishment of Zamorak, Azzanadra gathered Trindine, Nex, and Wahisietel in the praetorium at Kharid-et to discuss the aftermath of the invasion. After confirming that Nex was also affected by the Edicts, Azzanadra ordered Trindine to work with Adrasteia, whom Saradomin had appointed as his successor in his absence, under the belief that she would not have the spine to do all that would be required of her, and tasked Trindine to do it in her place in order to ensure stability and security in the human kingdoms, permitting her to use Soran and Veilinius if it was necessary. Once Azzanadra put his final affairs in order, Trindine bid him farewell, affectionately addressing him as "Dad", before he departed to Freneskae with Nex.[2]

Investigating Moia[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Daughter of Chaos.

Trindine later took on the persona "Anne Dimitri", presenting herself as a sharp-tongued, yet highly competent spy in Adrasteia's service. When Adrasteia learned that a Varrockian border patrol had been decimated by Moia, she asked the World Guardian to handle her, believing her to be the greater threat over Bilrach, as the Zamorakian faction had collapsed into civil war following their god's banishment.

A few days before the investigation, Trindine approached Moia at the Red Dragon Isle and offered to help her. While the half-Mahjarrat Moia was highly suspicious of Trindine's motives, Trindine pointed out that the Mahjarrat faction didn't have a choice against the demons, who would simply keep coming back upon death. She handed her a particularly powerful diabolus before leaving, which she would use to capture the souls of four Chaos Demons and Avaryss, the Unceasing. Trindine "assisted" the World Guardian in investigating Moia's memories before confronting her at the Hydra Gate, where Moia called her out on her disguise before stating that she would make the world fear her and left through a rift.

Trindine and the World Guardian chased after Moia but found themselves back at where they had started their investigation. Trindine stated that she was doing what she was asked of by Azzanadra and that while she had her reservations with the Saradominists, knew that peace was better than chaos. She did admit that she might had underestimated Moia, but promised to continue monitoring both Bilrach and Moia's actions before sending them off to Adrasteia to inform them of the news.

Civil War[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Civil War I (miniquest) and Civil War II (miniquest).

Adrasteia lets the World Guardian know she received a wordy, prose-filled message from Anne Dimitri, essentially asking for the World Guardian to meet at their 'usual location' to share information about the Zamorakian civil war. Anne shares that she has used some Praetorian devices that capture information from the Bilrach-aligned Mahjarrat, but asks the player to defeat a number of demons in the Wilderness first to upset the balance. Players who have completed the Gross Misconduct achievement are able to skip this section. She will then show a cutscene of the Mahjarrat discussing their dislike of Moia before Bilrach appears and announces they are aligning with the werewolves, or at least a faction of them, led by Jerrod. While the other Mahjarrat squabble over such an alignment, Bilrach speaks over them to accept with Jerrod on the condition that they assist the werewolves with overthrowing the vampyres of Darkmeyer.

After this, Anne will report she has obtained another peculiar recording on one of her devices, but it was stolen by the Wandering Ramokee and Nikkel. Players will need to convince the duo of which side is 'better' by completing at least four Wilderness Flash Events; players who have completed the Walk on the Wildy Side I achievement may skip this section. The device is damaged, and plays the recording in black and white. They view a scene of three cultists, named Jaxyys, Solmestix, and Lux. They comment about another cultist named Ravon who was especially fanatic, before Lux tells a campfire story of Vengeance, an escaped forgotten warrior from Daemonheim who went on a murderous rampage. Jaxyys corrects him with her interpretation of surviving terrible trauma before escaping Daemonheim. Vengeance then appears and murders Jaxyys and Lux, before approaching Solmestix, who begs for his life to see his sister again, at which Vengeance lets him live, whereupon he runs out of the Wilderness. Anne is impressed that the rumour of Vengeance is true and that it could be a boon to the Bilrach-aligned forces, and thanks the player for their help.

End of the Civil War[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Civil War III (miniquest) and Succession.

Anne Dimitri asks the World Guardian to assist the druids in the Kharidian desert north-west of Het's Oasis with their desert rejuvenation efforts. Once the World Guardian finishes assisting the druids and reports back to Anne, she presents a recording showing the banishment of K'ril Tsutsaroth by Bilrach and the deceit of Nymora by Moia, effectively ending the Zamorakian Civil War. Anne urges the World Guardian to report back to Adrasteia.

During the events of Succession, Anne Dimitri appears at the White Knights' Castle to notify Adrasteia and the World Guardian that Bilrach and his army are recruiting by the Mage Arena in the Wilderness. She then urges the duo to disguise themselves in Daemonheim armour and infiltrate the recruitment drive to get closer to Bilrach and his army.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 March 2022 (Update):
    • Players were unable to complete the Eye of Het II miniquest due to Trindine failing to appear near the Archaeology camp. This has now been fixed, and players should be able to progress through the miniquest without further issue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Trindine's white knight name being a pun on the word "surreptitious", in addition to being a reference to her job as a spy, foreshadows her betrayal towards the end of Azzanadra's Quest.
  • Trindine's persona name "Anne Dimitri" is an anagram for "I am Trindine."

References[edit | edit source]

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