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Prince Tenebra Remanis, also known as The Black Prince, was a prominent member of the Drakan family, and was a human-born vampyre lord. He serves as the main villain of the RuneScape novels Return to Canifis and Legacy of Blood.

He was one of the Five Princes of Misthalin, being the eldest of the quintet. He, along with his brothers, rode to war against the dark forces of Morytania. He was captured by enemy forces and was tortured, killed and resurrected for nearly 20 years at the hands of Vanescula Drakan before he was converted into a vampyre. Presumed dead along with his brothers Henry, Hywell and Bran, the youngest of the five brothers inherited the throne of Misthalin.

Charos's Journal, records that Tenebra attended a Great Hunt, organised by Charos, Drakan's adviser. At which Tenebra told Charos to flee after Charos insulted Drakan's secret desire to find the Stone of Jas.

He took the moniker the Black Prince and spent the following centuries planning how to take the throne, which was his by right. He amassed an army of undead, planted a false prophecy spoken by Leo V, and produced several heirs, though most were grotesque monstrosities that he incorporated into his army. He eventually succeeded in the Fifth Age, siring a child by a werewolf, Gar'rth. Gar'rth, being a werewolf-human hybrid (vampyrism was not hereditary), proved to be more wilful than his purebreed werewolf kin, resisting Zamorak and escaping over the River Salve in Year 163 of the Fifth Age.

Tenebra sent Jerrod, Gar'rth's maternal uncle, after his heir, though did not tell the werewolf why Gar'rth was so important. He also sent a Wyrd into Misthalin to weaken the River Salve in preparation for his invasion.

Jerrod the werewolf.

With Gar'rth currently in his father's possession, Tenebra moved forward with his plot to invade Misthalin, using several large siege machines built in the slums of Meiyerditch to take his place as Lord of both the Land of the Dead and of the Living.

While Gar'rth was under his watch, Tenebra forced him to try and accept Zamorak as a way of dealing with the Myreque. Throughout this time, Gar'rth tried and failed to kill his father several times. When Gar'rth refused to kill some Myreque captives and tried to kill Tenebra instead, his father imprisoned him with a dying girl and his old journals.

At the second Battle of the Salve, Tenebra released Gar'rth and marched with him and an army of zombies to the Paterdomus Temple. The zombies defeated the Misthalian army and were on the point of victory when Gar'rth and Kara-Meir used the Sunspear to attack him. Tenebra ran back to get reinforcements from Vanescula's army, but she refused to send them over, having intended for him to die all along. When Tenebra died, the zombies in the temple lost any form of coherence and were easily defeated.

He treated those he deemed to have failed him harshly, banishing Jerrod from Morytania for being tricked into killing the Wyrd and imprisoning Gar'rth for disobeying him.

He seemed to have some form of rivalry with Vanescula Drakan.

If the player is wielding the Sunspear when speaking to Kara-Meir on Tuska's corpse she describes how she used a similar dagger which likely originated from the same spear to kill Tenebra.

Family[edit | edit source]

Roald I
Roald II
Roald III

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is likely that Tenebra is based on Edward of Woodstock (1330-1376), the eldest son of Edward III of England, known better as "the Black Prince". This name was given either due to the colour of his arms, or due to his black reputation against the French he ruled over in Aquitaine. This seem to be in par with Tenebra's character, who is also the eldest son of a king but did not succeed him. Additionally, both of them were very successful military commanders.
  • Tenebra is likely derived from tenebrae, which is Latin for darkness.