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Ariane is one of the seven Signature Heroes first announced in the Developer Blog "Who are the Signature Heroes?" She is a powerful magic user and plays a key role in the Rune Memories quest and the remake of the Rune Mysteries quest, which were both released at the same time on 28 November 2012.[1] She makes her first appearance, along with two other Signature Heroes, Sir Owen and Ozan (the master smith Linza is also mentioned), in the Fremennik Saga Three's Company. She also is the mage shown in the old RuneScape login screen.

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Ariane introduces herself.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ariane is a free-spirit intellect, she does not follow the superstitions of most wizards of not exploring outside their comfort zone of a spellbook. She believes that knowledge should be explored and used to make the world a better place,[2][3] and is determined to discover all the magical secrets of Gielinor.[1] She considers all sources of knowledge to be valid and dislikes the cautious nature of modern wizardry.[4] Ariane is one of the few individuals who knows about the Elder Gods.

She seems to have a split personality, as during the Fremennik Sagas Three's Company, she literally spoke to herself, then responded. This may have been simply humour, or an actual trait. Wizard Ellaron suggests she also has social issues.

She tends to be very precise[5] and dislikes vagueness and elaboration.[6]

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

Ariane is capable of precognition, having been raised in Seers' Village. She has at least dabbled in nearly every type of magic on Gielinor.

In the Fremennik Saga Three's Company, she is shown to have at least level 35 Magic and level 19 Summoning. She is also shown to have a Constitution level of 30. In addition, she has at least level 50 Runecrafting.

When the player encounters Ariane in the Taverley Slayer Dungeon, the pair end up defeating the troll shaman, Magic Stick. After the fight she teleports away using an Ancient Magics teleport, indicating she has obtained the ancient spellbook and has at least 54 Magic. However, in the trailer she casts an ice spell so she must have at least 58 Magic.

She does not have high Agility or Strength levels, and her Mining level is below level 50, as she cannot mine zephyrium ore.

History[edit | edit source]

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Ariane speaks

The Wizards' Tower[edit | edit source]

Ariane was born in Seers' Village and raised by her great-grandfather and grandmother. At an early age, she started getting premonitions, causing the townsfolk to believe that she could be the one of the greatest seers amongst her peers.

She eventually received an acceptance letter from the Wizards' Tower, inviting her to join them as an student; the archmage even noted her application essay to be one of the best-written she'd ever received. Packing up and saying farewells to her old home, she set off for the Wizards' Tower, travelling via the lodestone network, a creation of the wizards residing there.

Joining the tower, she shared a room with Caitlin, another apprentice. Although she preferred having her own personal space, her roommate seemed pretty amiable, so she started sharing about herself to her. Surprisingly, her peers suddenly start looking at her with disdain and contempt. She soon realised the cause was her inherited, and therefore unearned, precognitive skills - Caitlin had told the rest of the apprentices about them, and the budding wizards shunned her out of jealousy because they were of the belief that a true magician isn't born with their skills, but that they earn them through their work and study.

Within two years, she became a fully fledged wizard.

Apprenticeship[edit | edit source]

Ellaron, an elder wizard, offered to take up Ariane under his wing to help her progress faster. Already shunned by her associates, she agreed she'd be better off alone.

She asked Ellaron to help her repress her clairvoyant abilities, as she wanted to be known for her hard-work and determination, not her latent skills. Contrary to her hopes, Ellaron convinced Ariane to grow with her innate art and instead suppressing it. Taking Ellaron's advice, she started logging and trying to make sense of her visions. As time progressed, she lamented that her grasp on her foresight hasn't advanced as much as she hoped, but with her other magical and runecrafting expertise increasing tenfold she could now gain further recognition as a wizard, nearing senior wizard status. Soon after, she realised that powerful sensations were the triggers for her gift, pain being the most reliable and frequent one.

Ariane, looking to control and direct herself, tried to perform an experiment on Ellaron, wherein she attempted to guess a random number Ellaron writes on a tablet. The catch - she promised to stab herself in the hand for every wrong guess. Trying to guess Ellaron's number, Ariane attempted to utilise her anticipation of pain as a trigger, and brought upon a vision by her anticipation of defeat and the resultant pain. Satisfied with the result, Ariane hoped to channel her willpower to see farther into the future.

She attempted to gain further knowledge by using the same trick she used on Ellaron with Wizard Grayzag's lesser demon. The demon would tell her nothing until she spilled her blood in fealty to Zamorak, promising to give her the knowledge she desired the moment she did so. Ariane performed the trick successfully, thus gaining the knowledge without swearing to Zamorak. The demon however, seeing he has been tricked (though not realising how), shouted out for all the Tower to hear, "Hail, worshipper of Zamorak! Your allegiance is gladly accepted!"

This unfortunate event resulted in Archmage Sedridor, believing Ariane to be a Zamorakian, banishing her from the Wizards' Tower. Xenia offered and arranged for her a lodging in the Champions' Guild. This began her adventuring career.[7]

Adventures[edit | edit source]

Ariane and Ozan were tasked by the druids of Taverley to secure an artefact being protected by demons. The Raptor also came, but only to fight the demons guarding the artefact. After Kherian threw a snowball at the Raptor, she was worried he might do something to her, but after the boy told him that worth comes in battle, she sighed in relief as the Raptor was satisfied others wished to follow him.

The following takes place during Three's Company (saga).

Sometime after this mission, she accompanied Ozan and Owen in tracking down Carn, a criminal who fled to Daemonheim. Ariane was intrigued by the magic flowing in the area, as it changed on a constant basis. Linza requested they bring her ore and new smithing techniques if possible, the latter of which was acquired by summoning a cub skinweaver. Her expertise in magic was vital in reaching Carn.

After defeating Carn, Ariane wished to learn his techniques, as she believed it would be important and potentially beneficial in the future. If Owen kills the behemoth, she will be worried someone else even more dangerous would use it, while the others would have no way of stopping them.

Saving the Tower[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Rune Mysteries.

Some time after her exile, Ariane returned believing the Wizard Tower is in danger. Ariane had premonitions wherein she saw the tower in flames, so she returned to the tower to stop it from happening.

At the door, Ariane was stopped by the doorkeeper, Wizard Valina, who wouldn't let her in for any reason. During their conversation, an adventurer approached who Ariane recognised thanks to Xenia. She asked the adventurer to deliver a message to Archmage Sedridor. But seconds later, a strange vortex appeared in the library, and Wizard Borann ran away from it, dropping his Mindspike. Because Ariane was unable to enter the library thanks to a ward Sedridor had set up, the adventurer was forced to close the vortex by grabbing Borann's Mindspike and casting Air Strike on it.

Next, Ariane needed the adventurer to inquire with the other wizards and ask if they saw anything unusual. After the adventurer spoke to all the wizards of the tower, the adventurer reported back to Ariane. Sedridor was preparing an Icyenic Purge, a procedure where they flood the power beam with magical energy to kill any creatures within. Ariane said it may work, but wanted to investigate what they were dealing with. Ariane was also interested in what Traiborn said: That a swirly, sparkly thing had come up through the floor. Below the new tower was the ruins of the old tower, which was destroyed a hundred years ago. The chambers of the old tower were still underground, so Ariane proposed that the two investigate.

The door to the old tower ruins was blocked by a door which was rumoured to be connected to the Water Surge spell. However, Wizard Ellaron told the adventurer that the key wasn’t to cast the spell, but to understand it. He also hinted that two books in the library might be useful. The adventurer used the books, entitled “The Harmony of the Runes” and “The Runes of the Spells of Water” to unlock a secret compartment hidden in the library organ containing a key.

After reaching the heart of the old tower, roaming the area were several vortices like the one that attacked Wizard Borann in the library. Ariane determined that the vortices were soul fragments. Ariane thought that the old wizards put their souls into fragments to create a powerful magical effect, but whatever it was, it went wrong. She theorised that whatever happened caused the destruction of the old tower. The vortices were able to go up the power beam and cause trouble. There was an enchantment to keep the vortices confined below, but something had removed the enchantment, probably in the last few days. Ariane needed some time to restore it, but she needed the adventurer to delay Sedridor’s Icyenic Purge.

The adventurer delayed the Icyenic Purge just long enough by playing the organ extremely loudly, breaking Sedridor’s concentration. After the purge, Ariane told the adventurer that she managed to restore the enchantment just in time. Ariane suspected that some Zamorakian magical order wanted to damage the Wizard Tower, perhaps the Dagon’Hai or the Zamorakian Magical Institute.

The following takes place during Rune Memories.

Shortly after stabilizing the tower, Ariane wished to find out who had removed the enchantment on the power beam that caused the vortices to break out. However, her spell backfired and she ended up getting stuck on the beam. She theorised that she would be able to break free if she knew how to re-create the spell, and tasked the adventurer with searching the memories of the wizards that used to live in the old tower to do so. Upon seeing the last memory before the old tower's destruction, she was put in a magical coma for a brief moment. Upon coming to, she was horrified to learn that Ellaron intended to use her to destroy the new tower as revenge.

Ariane was able to channel the beam's power to prevent Ellaron from interfering with the adventurer's attempts to free her by siphoning the runes out from her. She was also able to allow the soul fragments to speak through her, each one condemning Ellaron's actions. The adventurer was able to remove all eight souls. Ariane was left shaken by Ellaron's deception, but thanked the adventurer for their assistance.

Deteriorating Relationship[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Heart of Stone.

Ariane soon got into a scuffle with Xenia when Xenia killed Pablo Corvusa and stole Ariane's research. Xenia was able to get away after the World Guardian found the two fighting. She told them that Xenia needed to be stopped and gave them Kipple, a magical golem that could locate a person after they teleported away. Upon arriving at a fifth, unexplained Elder God chamber, Ariane learned that Xenia intended to dump Gielinor's anima into the Abyss to prevent the Elder Gods from awakening. Ariane opposed her plan as it would prevent the use of magic. Regardless of the World Guardian's decision, Xenia continued to dump more anima, prompting Ariane to launch a spell that knocked her into the portal, killing her.

She later assisted in defeating the prehistoric abyssal. After the incident was resolved, Ariane regretted killing Xenia, but accepted it regardless. She later rebuilt another Kipple for the World Guardian for their assistance in tracking Xenia.

Celebrations[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Grand Party.

To celebrate the World Guardian's efforts in protecting Gielinor, Ariane helped out at the 20th anniversary party, creating two illusions of Elder Overload Golems to remind them of the victories they had over the years for the duration of the party's combat week. The illusions also provided the World Guardian with a huge elder overload effect when they attacked them.

Elder Threat[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Azzanadra's Quest.

Sometime after Xenia's death, Ariane began seeing visions of the multiverse being destroyed by the Elder Gods' offspring, including Gielinor itself. She headed to Freneskae's Elder Halls to look for clues, during which she was met by an arriving World Guardian and Azzanadra. She chose to help them in their investigation, using her powers to help uncover clues that the seasoned Mahjarrat was unable to accomplish.

She later accompanied Azzanadra to visit the four mouthpieces once more, but when they refused to divulge information about where the Elder Halls were, she devised a plan to destroy them, upon which she inhaled their dust. This knocked her unconscious, but she was able to locate Gielinor's Elder Halls in the process. After realising the Zarosians were making an attempt to steal Saradomin's crown, she accompanied the World Guardian to Falador, but was helpless in the ensuing scene.

Returning to Kharid-et, the Zarosians appreciated her efforts and asked her to join their cause, but she declined their offer. They respected her decision and promptly left. Ariane told the World Guardian that she wanted to live freely, and that she was intending to gather a team of researchers to investigate the three eggs they had found in Gielinor's Elder Halls.

Appearances in cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

2010 trailer[edit | edit source]

As a necromancer prepares to kill Sir Owen, Ariane and Ozan arrive. Ozan saves Owen by shooting the necromancer twice. Owen finishes the necromancer off. Dozens of skeletons the necromancer had reanimated begin attacking the three Signature Heroes. Ariane casts a spell that resembles a golden orb held in her hands, which she throws towards the skeletons; the spell expands and becomes a wave of energy that defeats over a dozen skeletons at once. She continues to cast spells of blue and purple energy against the skeletons. A massive, undead dragon-like creature arrives and prepares to battle them.

2012 trailer[edit | edit source]

Ariane plays a part in the RuneScape cinematic trailer that could be watched here.

The trailer opens in the druidic city of Taverley, where Sir Owen and Ariane are talking on a balcony while Ozan wanders past a couple of girls in the street below.

Suddenly, a gigantic troll appears and wrecks havoc before charging straight at Ozan, who dodges the first swing of the troll's enormous axe, but the scene changes to an Ozan's flashback when he couldn't evade the second strike.

Ariane freezing the troll.

The Raptor saves Ozan by slamming into the troll's axe shield-first. As the troll attempts to grab him, Sir Owen leaps off the balcony railing and smashes its right arm to little effect, and is shoved aside into a pillar. Ariane seizes her chance and hit it with a continuous stream of ice, freezing it solid. Ozan then shoots an arrow into the creature's chest, shattering it into blocks of frozen troll.

After the RuneScape icon appears and disappears, three more trolls are seen charging.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Ariane can be found in many places throughout RuneScape.

Roaming[edit | edit source]

Ariane talking to Aris.

Ariane will often teleport in and out of various locations. Places she has been seen roaming include:

Fixed[edit | edit source]

Places that the player can find Ariane at any time include:

One-time[edit | edit source]

Some places Ariane will appear only once, or until the player speaks to her for the first time. These places include:

Special[edit | edit source]

Quest and miniquest appearances[edit | edit source]

The first quest or miniquest to feature Ariane is in the Fremennik Saga Three's Company, where she is a playable character. She also plays a role in the Burthorpe tutorial, where she explains what Gelatinous abominations are and helps you defeat the Troll shaman Magic Stick. She then featured in the double bill quests Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories. She also makes an appearance in Heart of Stone tracking down Xenia with the adventurer and the golem she created.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • After Swept Away, she comments about the magic goulash that the player made.
  • After The Golem, she expresses her wish to have seen Uzer at its height and learn the ancient knowledge of golem creation.
  • After Desert Treasure, she commends the player for having discovered Ancient Magicks but laments the narrow-mindedness of the modern magical community and their refusal to accept them.
  • After The Temple at Senntisten, she mentions the player's discovery of Zaros and the apparent difficulty of finding any information regarding the god.
  • After The Blood Pact, she comments that she intends to venture into the Lumbridge Catacombs despite the Wizards' Tower forbidding its wizards from venturing into due to Dragith Nurn's ties with Necromancy.
  • After Heroes' Quest, she mentions that she rather that the player be tasked a heroic act rather than gathering arbitrary items.
  • After Legends' Quest, she comments about the map of Kharazi Jungle that the player created.
  • After While Guthix Sleeps, she laments about not being able to partake in the assault on the fortress due to other tasks assigned by the Crux Eqal. She further comments that she hoped for the Stone of Jas to be in human hands so that its powers could be used for the betterment of all.
  • After Tower of Life, she mentions that despite the moral controversies of such creation of life, the benefits would outweigh them.
  • After The Chosen Commander, she predicts the possibility of the player's action causing a new God Wars, with the Gods going against mortals. Due to the said actions, she foresees that the mortals might even stand a chance.
  • After The Dig Site quest she comments on the stone tablet and how she's not going to tremble in fear because some rock tells her to.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 31 October 2022 (Update):
    • Ariane, Linza, Owen, Ozan, Raptor and Xenia will now acknowledge the accomplishments of anyone who has completed the quests they are associated with.
  • hidden 24 January 2022 (Update):
    • The "Talk-to" option on some NPCs has been renamed to "Talk to".
  • hidden 27 September 2021 (Update):
    • Ariane was removed from the cathedral in Senntisten, as she is also found in the Glacor Front.
  • patch 9 April 2013 (Update):
    • An issue with Ariane not being able to cast offensive spells in the Three's Company Fremennik Saga has been fixed.
  • patch 11 December 2012 (Update):
    • The special runes in Rune Memories can now be used on the beam as well as on Ariane to withdraw the souls.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The homepage background that features Ariane, Ozan and Sir Owen was released one and a half months before they were announced.
  • When clicking on an advertisement for RuneScape, there is also an image of Ariane.
  • In the loading screen there is a picture of her fighting a horde of armoured zombies.
  • Previously, during Three's Company, her magic level was supposedly not high enough to autocast Fire Bolt and it was blacked out on her magic tab, although it could still be manually cast.
  • Also during Three's Company, she would sometimes cast two magic attacks in quick succession. It is unknown whether this is a glitch.
  • In some locations, it's not possible to walk through her.
    Ariane's temporary Heart of Stone chathead.
  • Ariane can use Ancient Magicks teleport spells on free worlds.
  • There is currently a glitch in which there can be two Arianes at Falador by the mercenaries, at the Wizards' Tower or on Lunar Isle.
  • As revealed in the third Above the Lore podcast, Ariane is 25 years old. Mod Stu also mentioned the possibility for her to aim for godhood, but it was just for fun to answer a question.
  • Upon release of Heart of Stone, Ariane was given a different chathead during the quest. It was removed a week later, however, and she now uses her regular chathead.
  • When Ariane talks about the altars of the Tower of Life, she makes a reference to cloning, a similarly controversial subject that could potentially cure diseases.
  • She is voiced by Alix Wilton Regan, who has done much voice work for BioWare.
  • Her severed head can be found in New Varrock in Zemouregal's bedroom.
  • Merchandise based on her character was made for the Chinese market for the release of RuneScape Heroes. There was notably small and body pillows and what appear to be a large mousepad.

References[edit | edit source]

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