Nodon Hibernatorium

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The Nodon Hibernatorium is visited in Desperate Measures. It is found in the ruins on north-eastern Anachronia. There is no direct teleport to this location. The teleport that is the closest by is the teleport to the Orthen teleportation device at the observation outpost which is located north-west from here. Enter using the door on the south side of the ruins (there is also a door on the north side).

After completion of Desperate Measures, players can find Archaeology artefacts to upgrade the cosmic focus. Nodon are one of the four factions of the dragonkin who used dream magic similar to the Moon Clan to sleep through the curse of Jas. Whilst the Nodon were sleeping, Kerapac used their anima to generate shadow anima to create the crucible in Kerapac's Laboratory.

After completion of Desperate Measures, the hibernation pods in the southern room of the ruins are used in the Orthen Dig Site as scenery to start the special research Let Sleeping Kin Lie. Through the research, the player learns that the vast majority of Nodon inside of the hibernation pods were killed due to malfunctions of the pods.[1]

Location of the Nodon Hibernatorium.

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  1. ^ Let Sleeping Kin Lie, RuneScape. "On careful closer inspection, the team has determined that a number of tubes have malfunctioned, killing the dragonkin that were within them."