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Primrose is a primary character in the quest The Needle Skips. Her mother, Megan, attempts to take care of her at her home west of Picatoris, which is made increasingly more difficult as Primrose succumbs to an unnamed disease that gradually weakens her. During the quest, players learn about her connection to her wizard father, Joss, and her romantic crush on his apprentice, Sloop, as well as events that lead to what would be her death. Megan meets Gail, who uses The Needle to revert time so Primrose can stay healthy and safe after she is initially murdered by a sea troll who breaks into their house.

The Needle Skips[edit | edit source]

During the quest, it is learned that the magic books that her father gave her to keep her entertained had the ability to summon manifestations of other beings that only she could see, causing her mother Megan to believe they were imaginary friends. These 'friends' were able to act and gather information on their own and discovered Megan's journals, which led to an escalation in which Megan tossed Primrose's books into the fireplace. One such 'friend' that Primrose disliked, a book about a demon, is implied to have affected Megan and influenced her via possession.

Primrose learns about "the Returning" event that Megan and Gail use each month once it becomes Primrose's birthday again to go back in time and sneaks out to hide behind a buckthorn bush to watch. Primrose is thus no longer reset with each Returning, and her health gradually worsens as Megan tries to figure out what keeps going wrong despite multiple Returning events. Primrose sneaks out to each Returning event despite her weakness, and eventually Gail catches her but does not reveal her presence to Megan.

During one event, Primrose is too weak to sneak home and faints on the buckthorn bush. Megan believes her to be dead despite Gail trying to tell her she is not, and Megan, under the influence of the demon from the book, stabs Gail with a knife. The Needle then pauses time in the area for the player to begin the quest.

At the end of the quest, Gail explains to the de-possessed Megan that Primrose is not long for the world and offers her ways to alleviate the pain of her child dying. Gail reveals to Megan and the player that she herself was once Primrose and that the best option and one that completes the local time loop is to allow her to bring Primrose to the Needle to become its new guardian, transforming her into Gail while simultaneously erasing all of her memories and sending her back in time by three years.

Desperate Times[edit | edit source]

Primrose makes a small appearance in Desperate Times. Once Kerapac takes control of the Needle away from Gail, Gail's power and memories are stripped away and she is left as Primrose, who then returns home to her mother.

Desperate Measures[edit | edit source]

Primrose makes another small appearance in Desperate Measures, where the player goes to her to ask advice about the Needle and how to combat Kerapac. She doesn't have any concrete suggestions, but she gives the player some ideas that eventually helps the player defeat Kerapac.

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