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Release14 September 2011 (Update)
LocationRellekka, Chamber of Guthix, Empyrean Citadel, Zemouregal's fort, Zamorak's hideout, Sliske's lair, Mahjarrat Ritual Site, Freneskae
OptionsTalk to, Examine
ExamineA dangerous and vindictive Mahjarrat.
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Ritual of the MahjarratThe World Wakes
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Release14 September 2011 (Update)
Options? (edit)
ExamineA dangerous and vindictive Mahjarrat.
Combat info
Combat level98
Life points31,500
Combat experience
Multicombat.png XP1,575
Constitution-icon.png XP519.7
Invention-icon.png XP
141 / 70 / 70
Max hit
Attack-icon.pngRanged-icon.pngMagic-icon.pngNecromancy-icon.pngWeapon Special Attack.png
336336336? (edit)? (edit)
4 ticks (2.4s)
Combat levels
707070? (edit)
1,4861,4861,486? (edit)
1,48670Zero weakness icon.pngInquisitor staff.png
Base hit chance
Zero weakness icon.pngAttack-icon.pngRanged-icon.pngMagic-icon.png
Poison immunity icon.pngDeflect immunity icon.pngStun immunity icon.pngDrain immunity icon.png
Immune? (edit)? (edit)? (edit)
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NPC ID14274
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Enakhra is a Zamorakian Mahjarrat. Although little is known about her origins, she is known to be a rival of Akthanakos, a Zarosian Mahjarrat with whom she has feuded since before they came to Gielinor.[1] She was long thought to be the last female Mahjarrat, although she had not been seen since before the God Wars.

History[edit | edit source]

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Arrival to Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Like the other Mahjarrat, Enakhra lived on Freneskae, the realm of perpetual warfare, along with many other tribes. Here, they would live to survive the elements and the destructive power of the legendary "Mother Mah", an Elder God that created their race and whom they would prevent from wreaking havoc on Freneskae through the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation. At least one Mahjarrat regarded Mah as a mere myth and the rituals as superstitious traditions, though.[2] Due to the constant conflict with neighbouring tribes such as the Mahserrat, as well as the frequent sacrifices at the Rituals, the Mahjarrat tribe never counted more than a few hundred members and was ruled kratocratically.[3]

In the Second Age of Gielinor, the two demi-gods Icthlarin and Amascut travelled to Freneskae in order to recruit the Mahjarrat to fight the Zarosian invaders of their homeland, the Kharidian Empire, in the Kharidian - Zarosian War. Some Mahjarrat opposed the proposal while others agreed to go, causing a large battle to break out. Both Azzanadra and Temekel argued that the Mahjarrat should leave Freneskae to go with Icthlarin. Eventually, after the death of Salisard and the sacrifice of Abrogal, those in favour of travelling to Gielinor emerged victoriously and the entire Mahjarrat tribe accompanied the two gods to Gielinor.[3][4] There, Enakhra aided the Menaphite warriors in successfully driving back the Zarosian army. During this time, they were known as the Stern Judges of Icthlarin.

The Menaphites had almost ensured their victory a couple of years later when the Mahjarrat Sliske, who had feuded with Icthlarin over his methods in battle,[5] approached the Zarosian legate, a Chthonian demon named Duke Ceres, and made arrangements to desert the Menaphites and join Zaros.[6][7] Most of the Mahjarrat convened at the fortress of Kharid-et and soon emerged, joining arms with the Zarosians, who proceeded to slaughter the retreating Menaphite armies.[8] The god Tumeken, father of Icthlarin and Amascut, swiftly interfered. He sacrificed himself to generate a massive explosion that obliterated most of the Zarosian forces, but that also annihilated his own army and turned half his empire into a desert wasteland. Of the approximately five hundred Mahjarrat present, less than a fifth survived the fiery explosion thanks to Azzanadra, who quickly erected a magical barrier as protection. Enakhra was amongst those to survive and join the remainder of the Zarosian on the march to Forinthry.[8] She was given the rank of pontifex in the Church of Zaros.[9]

Early history[edit | edit source]

In the Second Age, she built a temple in the Kharidian Desert in honour of Zamorak, a then-Mahjarrat who conspired against Zaros. According to legend, she showed her temple to Zamorak, but he spurned her, claiming that he would rather have a weapon that could kill a god than a temple.[10]

During this same period, Enakhra was sent on a mission by Zaros as part of a company consisting also of Zamorak, the Elder-Demon Thammaron, the human warrior Viggora, the archivist Perjour, and Zaros' Auspah dancer Char. This mission ultimately resulted in the burning of a Fremennik encampment by Char, in a rage at the loss of the rest of her people. [11]

In the years following Zaros' fall, Enakhra began hunting foes of Zamorak and turning them into stone, to serve as "trophies" in tribute to him. One such trophy was the Dragon Rider Hannibus, whom she pursued relentlessly.[12] Although Hannibus attempted to throw her off his scent, Enakhra ultimately succeeded in her hunt and was eventually able to transform the Dragon Rider into a statue. She was, however, unable to deliver her gift to Zamorak in the end, and the statue was eventually lost by unknown means before falling into the hands of Robert the Strong.[13]

At some point during the God Wars, Enakhra had visited the forests of Tirannwn, slipping past the elves' defence through cunning disguises as an elf, gnome and even an elk once. She found it to be quite pleasant compared to the other places she had gone during the war.[source needed]

Retreat into her Temple[edit | edit source]

Following these events, Enakhra dwelt in her temple for thousands of years. The last that the humans in the surrounding area learned of her plans was that she was "thinking of ending her rivalry with Akthanakos". In actuality, Enakhra tricked Akthanakos and led him into her temple, where she cursed him and turned him into a Bone guard, a living skeleton to guard her in her solitude.

In the late Fourth Age, an expedition of knights from Avarrocka was sent into the desert to, for unknown reasons, destroy Enakhra. It may be that at the time of the mission, the Mahjarrat Zemouregal had recently enacted his Invasion of Avarrocka and the populace of the city were afraid of more attacks. The expedition was a disaster: Enakhra killed all but one of the knights, Pentyn, who was doomed to be trapped in an ancient spell that preserved his life, but kept him cold, miserable and diseased.

Release from her Temple[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Enakhra's Lament.

During year 169 of the Fifth Age, a Zamorakian mage named Lazim delved into the desert knowing that there was a hidden pyramid. He had wanted to learn from Enakhra, who he knew was still inside the pyramid, and enlisted the help of an adventurer to access the temple under the pretence of building a statue. The statue's weight caused the loose sand to collapse, and Lazim immediately hired the adventurer to explore the temple.

While exploring, they solved some puzzles that Enkahra had used to maintain her hold on Akthanakos, before meeting a boneguard who was impressed by their resilience. Over the years, Enakhra's control over it had faded, but recently it had strengthened. The boneguard requested that the adventurer finish the wall it had tried to create. With Enakhra thinking of so much, she failed to notice that humans had infiltrated the temple and soon realized a wall was between her and the boneguard. She immediately destroyed the wall, but in those mere seconds, the boneguard transformed into a camel-headed man, who was revealed to be the Mahjarrat Akthanakos.

Enakhra and Akthanakos vowed to continue their long, drawn-out rivalry in The North, where the Ritual of Rejuvenation was shortly to take place.

The 18th Mahjarrat Ritual of Rejuvenation[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
No! I demand it be Akthanakos!

During the "negotiations" of who would be sacrificed during the ritual, she repeatedly suggested her old rival Akthanakos. However, her suggestions were constantly ignored by Zemouregal and Lucien. During the ensuing fight between the Zarosian and Zamorakian Mahjarrat, she fights Akthanakos, but does poorly and is almost beaten before all the Mahjarrat turn on Lucien and fight him instead. Jhallan is ultimately sacrificed, and she regains her powers. After witnessing Lucien's death at the hands of the Dragonkin, she quickly teleports away.

Locating Kharshai[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Koschei's Troubles (miniquest).

Sometime after the 18th Ritual, a very-powerful and near invincible Fremennik warrior named Koschei the Deathless, with the aid of the adventurer, recovered his memories and was revealed to be the neutral Mahjarrat Kharshai. But in recovering those memories, it allowed his power signature to be sensed by his fellow Mahjarrat. Shortly after, Enakhra, having tracked this signature, confronted Kharshai under the pretence of recruiting him to the Zamorakian cause. They were shortly joined by her rival, Akthanakos, who wished to gain Kharshai for the Zarosian side. However, both were rebutted by Kharshai, who was determined to maintain his neutrality, before demanding they leave him. Before leaving, an infuriated Enakhra warned him that he would be dragged into the conflict soon enough, and that when that happened, he would be in a very unfortunate position, particularly at the next ritual.

The Death of Guthix[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The World Wakes.

Upon discovery of Guthix's resting place, Enakhra was one of the three sub-factions of the Zamorakian group intending to kill Guthix so that Zamorak could return to Gielinor. Enakhra attack's came shortly after K'ril Tsutsaroth's assault was repelled. She was accompanied by numerous chaos druids and dark wizards, determined to bring Zamorak back. [14]

Enakhra and her forces encountered the adventurer, Valluta and Fiara. The two Guardians of Guthix were more than able to fight her soldiers, who were not prepared to fight massive creatures with immense physical strength. Enkahra challenged the adventurer herself, using her powers to sap the adventurer's health to restore her own. Despite her efforts, she was defeated and yielded, stating that she had failed Zamorak, retreating with the rest of her forces. [15] Enakhra's primary goal was a success regardless when Sliske killed Guthix, allowing the gods to return to Gielinor.

Sliske's Grand Ascendancy[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Missing, Presumed Death.
Audio options icon.png
Enakhra's voice
Enakhra, angered at both Sliske and Zamorak.

Enakhra fights off elite wights and a Zemouregal apparition

When the World Guardian and Icthlarin are teleported to the Empyrean Citadel, Zamorakian Mahjarrat Enakhra, Zemouregal, and either General Khazard or Hazeel can be seen outside the door on the right-hand side, whereas on the left hand side are Zarosians Akthanakos, Azzanadra and Wahisietel. They stand in front of the Barrows brothers, who are guarding the entrance, awaiting entry. Enakhra says they disagree with Sliske's ascension into godhood and claims he cannot become a god without their consent, so they have come to stop him. Like all the others who came to the Empyrean Citadel, they left when the dragonkin Strisath went on a rampage.

Zamorak's Heist[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Dishonour Among Thieves.

When Moia invites the World Guardian to Zamorak's hideout, Zamorak tells them that he needs their help in taking the Stone of Jas back from Sliske. Zamorak gives them a list of people that would help him greatly, one of them being Enakhra. Bilrach detects Enakhra heading towards Zemouregal's fortress, which Bilrach finds suspicious, although Moia thinks that she went up there to reason with Zemouregal. Due to the magical wards surrounding the fort, Moia teleports the player underneath the basement. After dispatching a few armoured zombies guarding the basement and ascending the stairs, Zemouregal and Enakhra are revealed to have been waiting for them. The World Guardian tells them that Zamorak wants them to come to his headquarters, and after they mention the Stone of Jas, the two head towards Daemonheim.

Zamorak had brought Enakhra along for his heist, stating that her mastery of magic would be important to overcome Sliske's deceptive systems. After the World Guardian gets the heist team ready to open the door guarding the Stone of Jas, Sliske summons shadowy clones of the team, including Enakhra. Enakhra and the others (excluding the World Guardian), fight off the shadow clones and his elite wights.

Return to Freneskae[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Children of Mah.

After Zamorak's attempted heist of the Stone, Enakhra and the other Mahjarrat noticed their powers were draining at an alarming rate and convened with the others at the Ritual marker. Enakhra, like Zemouregal, did not suspect any outside force was at play and wanted to sacrifice Kharshai, as he was weak and had no allies. She commented on how it would be the most unanimous vote they had since Lamistard, and that the World Guardian would not be enough to protect him. [16]

Zaros appeared after a brief argument and informed them that they should all go to Freneskae, though the Mahjarrat had forgotten what he had promised him due to thousands of years of conflict. Kharshai informed the others of his research on memories, and informed the World Guardian to head to the Empty Throne Room to recover them. Enakhra was skeptical of the research, believing that Kharshai was more useful to them dead than alive. [17]

Enakhra was still suspicious of Zaros's motives even after Zamorak showed them his memory of the betrayal, but accepted the fact that there was no other choice and took the journey to Freneskae. At the ritual site, Zaros informed the Mahjarrat what they would be doing, before Zamorak came and attempted to stop him but fail. Zaros suggested a Viniculum Juris pact, which Zamorak adamantly refused before Zaros quickly subdued him in a short scuffle. Enakhra told Zamorak to accept the pact, having knowledge of demonic pacts and that if he accepted, Zaros would have to fulfil his promise or face the void. [18] Following the ritual, Zamorak stated that they should work together for the unity of their race; Wahisietel agreed, prompting Enakhra to comment that the Zarosians were seeing the benefits of Zamorak's teachings. [19]

Defending Gielinor[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Glacor Front.

Enakhra was later called upon to help defend Gielinor from the onslaught of the Elder Gods. Wen, desperate to reobtain her egg, summoned a portal and brought glacors from Leng, including a massive Arch-Glacor. Due to her magical proficiency, she was able to prevent the Arch-Glacor from attempting to pop its core out, which had killed many elven warriors who tried to fight it. While she was upset that her rival Akthanakos was present, she nonetheless realised the dangers and worked with him. The World Guardian could ask her to take a rest, upon which she expressed doubt that they could break solid ice, but nonetheless complied if asked, stating that it was their funeral.

The following takes place during Eye of Het II.

Following Zamorak's departure from Senntisten, Enakhra remained behind as her contribution was critical to stopping the Arch-Glacor from advancing further. She had grown to like Gielinor despite being rife with folly, weakness and wasted potential, seeing a particular "charm" to it and she would defend it to her last breath as long as there was a chance to save it.

The following takes place during Extinction.

Despite her comment about Gielinor, Enakhra abandoned her fellow mages sometime afterwards, prompting Azzanadra to send the rest of the mages away for their own safety.

Relation to Zamorak[edit | edit source]

It is hinted strongly that Enakhra has an unrequited love for Zamorak, the god of chaos, and is an avid follower of his. It is first explained briefly by Aristarchus, a Menaphite scholar who specialises in desert lore. During the quest The Curse of Arrav, Zemouregal's fortress in The North is found to have several documents labelled "Notes (a-j) and Notes (k-z)", written by Zemouregal and detailing all of the known Mahjarrat to have come to Gielinor. According to Zemouregal, he wanted her help to save the Mahjarrat race but she refused, claiming that she had "feelings for Zamorak" which Zemouregal does not understand.

However, in the quest Dishonour among Thieves, she scoffs at the notion and asserts that she is not "smitten" with Zamorak, but in awe of him.

In Postbag from the Hedge Issue 43, Enakhra answers a letter asking her about her life, the life of Iban, and her home realm, Freneskae. She replies:

Ah, Freneskae: an ash-covered, smog and lava-filled delight. You humans would consider it desolate and harsh, a deathly place. To my Mahjarrat eyes, there is wonder there. For us Mahjarrat, life can come from death as easily as death from life... That is why we chose to follow Icthlarin, then Zaros (though I spit as I say his name), and my greatest love, Zamorak.
— Enakhra

She also probably likes Iban because he is "imbued with my lord's unholy power: sweet with corruption."[20]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Works[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Enakhra is the author or co-author of:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Enakhra's name backward spells 'arhkanE', possibly based on the word 'Arcane'.
  • Enakhra is stated by Zemouregal to likely be the only female Mahjarrat on Gielinor to still be alive. The only other female he mentions, Palkeera, the mother of Khazard, is deceased. Zemouregal does not count Lucien's daughter, Moia, either because he believes she is dead or because he does not consider her a "true" Mahjarrat due to her half-human lineage.
  • Despite missing approximately 13 Rituals of Rejuvenation and spending thousands of years using her power to keep Akthanakos entrapped, which should have severely weakened her, she appears to have experienced no detrimental affects, even though other Mahjarrat, most notably Jhallan, were severely weakened by missing just one ritual.

References[edit | edit source]

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