Transcript of You Are It journal entry

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  • I found a mysterious clue scroll pinned to a tree in McGrubor's Wood. When I claimed it a double agent appeared who told me I had been added to an exclusive list.
  • The clue scroll led me to Reldo in Varrock library where he informed me that anyone who receives the clue scroll ends up dead. As he signed his name on the scroll, new words appeared on it.
  • At Lumbridge Castle I completed the next step of the clue scroll. In a vision, a circle of ripper demons threatened me before I witnessed a memory of Uri's. It appears that Uri was an undertaker and was trusted to bury a casket with someone close to Duke Horacio.
  • While digging in the Lumbridge graveyard I discovered a buried casket and triggered another vision. I saw Uri looting the casket that he had promised to bury with the Duchess; it appears that this undertaker has turned graverobber.
  • After the vision, the double agent appeared once more to threaten me.
  • The clue scroll led me to the Rimmington house portal and with it another vision.
  • This time reality seems to have been more disrupted than usual. A woman approached Uri about burying their husband with a large amount of wealth. I wonder what it could all mean?
  • A bookcase in Draynor Manor was my next destination. Hidden amongst the books I found a key that unlocked Duchess Oriana's belongings. Inside I found an old necklace.
  • The clue scroll pointed me back to McGrubor's Wood. Digging at the location the scroll indicated, I discovered a hidden chamber below.
  • Within the chamber, I discovered a coffin. Upon investigating it, a vision revealed that it belongs to Charos and that Uri tried to rob from it.
  • The double agent told me that I need to destroy the correct wishbringer.
  • I destroyed the statue of the stone. As I did the double agent disappeared and Uri was restored.
  • Uri explained to me how Charos had cursed him and that he suspects the old necklace I found is capable of discovering more secrets of Charos.