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Unstable glacytes are monsters summoned by a Glacor when it reaches half health, together with Sapping glacytes and Enduring glacytes. You will need to kill these 3 glacytes before being able to proceed killing the Glacor.

Unstable glacytes' special trait is exploding. When their bar completely fills up, they will explode and deal damage equal to 33% of the players' current life points and damage themselves for 90% of their life points. This can be avoided by walking one or two steps away from the Unstable glacyte. Please note that the explosion will hurt other players fighting other Glacors and vice versa. After exploding, glacyte will heal before starting the process all over again; however, they will not heal back to 100% health. These can be killed easily after an explosion. If this is killed last, the Glacor will have a similar cycle to the Unstable glacyte. They will attack as usual, but they will explode after a while. If they aren't killed fast enough after they explode, they will heal to half life before starting the cycle again. Please note their explosion radius is slightly larger.

As with all the Glacytes, the Unstable glacyte is immune to stuns and binds, meaning that casting Entangle, for example, and moving away is completely ineffective.

There may be a glitch with unstable glacytes which causes them to not stand still while they explode, meaning that they run after the player even at the end of their countdown, making the damage inescapable since they run as fast as the player. This glitch occurs most often when the player attacks the Unstable glacyte after its timer is full.

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 28 January 2019 (Update):
    • Camel Warrior Mirages and Glacytes will now have the correct Slayer helmet buffs applied when the summoners are the players slayer target (though as before they will not give slayer experience or reduce slayer count).