Elder God Wars

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Symbols rpresenting Jas, Wen, Bik and Ful.

The Elder God Wars is an upcoming storyline, released over a period of a year, featuring quests and new PvM bosses.

The Elder God Wars is something we've been looking forward to telling the story of since last RuneFest, and the last RuneFest is a long time ago now. There was a revelation last year, we started focussing in on the word 'Wars' of 'Elder God Wars'. And really, wars don't only last a day, they're not bang and done, they're not an individual dungeon, or anything like that. Things build up to wars, wars take months and months, there are ramifications, there are stories from the ground and stories from up high. There's so much that goes on in wars, and we really wanted to deliver that experience.
— Mod Osborne; 12 January 2021[1]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Azzanadra's Quest[edit | edit source]

The first chapter of the Elder God Wars storyline, Azzanadra's Quest, was released on 22 February 2021.

Other upcoming content[edit | edit source]

Elder God Wars Dungeon[edit | edit source]

An animated image of Ful, used to announce the Elder God Wars Dungeon at RuneFest 2019.

The Elder God Wars Dungeon was announced and discussed at RuneFest 2019.[2] The announcement occurred via an animation of Ful, in which a voiced narrator stated:

"The creators. You know them as the Elder Gods. You may think them united, but they are not. You may think they speak with one voice, but they do not. At the dawn of this universe there was no life save for them, but there was still conflict. That conflict will come again."

Mod Osborne stated in a press release that the Elder God Wars Dungeon will take place in a 'buried city'[3] and have skilling content.[4] Unable to confirm or deny whether the Elder God Wars Dungeon takes place in a buried city, Mod Jack stated that 'if' it did, they would want to include Archaeology in the exploration of the city in some way. [5]

References[edit | edit source]

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