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Duke Horacio of Lumbridge is the ruler of the duchy of Lumbridge, including the town and surrounding areas. He is a vassal of King Roald Remanis III of Misthalin, whom he is a good friend of.[1][2] He inherited the position of duke from his father, and is a descendent of Polonius, the original duke of Lumbridge.[1] He has an aunt whom he apparently tries to avoid, sneaking out the back door when she visits for Christmas.[3] He lives on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of Lumbridge Castle.

He maintains the castle with the aid of a cook and servant. He refuses to give them time off, as he considers them core staff.[4] He also had an advisor, whom he knows to be a member of H.A.M.[5] He also helps organise the Lumbridge Guard, whom he consider to be an exemplary force.[6] However, he does not use them as an offensive force unless he is certain there is cause, often hiring adventurers to investigate possible causes.[7][8]

He often misunderstands things, such as mistaking fearful screams for screams of joy, and getting homonyms such as hair and heir confused.[1] Despite this, he does what he can to improve the lives of Lumbridge's citizens, whether it be opening up emergency funding to rehome the displaced and increase security,[9] or easing tensions by establishing diplomatic relations with neighbours.[10] He considers Lumbridge to be a open and welcoming place, despite the concerns of his staff.[1]

During The Beach event, he can show up and request a sand replica of Lumbridge Castle.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Born to unknown parents, Horacio has always had an interest in ruling and politics due to his father's guidance.

When he was young, he visited the island of Crandor, which was an important city-state at the time. Contact with the city was later lost when the dragon Elvarg awoke and destroyed the place, and the rulers on the mainland were scared that she would turn on them.[11] He keeps a supply of anti-dragon shields, which he only hands out to those attempting to slay truly powerful dragons.[12] If asked for multiple shields, he makes comments about adventurers hoarding supplies.[13]

He eventually met and married his future wife Oriana, though she died before they could have children. He has not remarried since.[1]

During the Zamorakian Insurrection of 165, he led his troops to aid King Roald at Silvarea, partaking in the Second Battle of the Salve.

A Dragon Problem[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Dragon Slayer.

When the adventurer spoke to Oziach to obtain the right to buy and wear his rune platebodies, he requested that they slay Elvarg. The adventurer informed the guildmaster of the Champion's Guild, who sent them to Horacio, as he had a stockpile of anti-dragon shields. Horacio did not want to see his shields go to waste, and asked what dragon they would be slaying. They informed him that they were going to slay Elvarg, and he gave him a shield, telling them to make sure she was dead for sure if they killed her.[14]

Upon hearing that they killed Elvarg, he handed them out to the adventurer without question.[15]

The Lumbridge Secret Council[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Recipe for Disaster.

He is a member of the Secret Council of Gielinor, a group who supposedly secretly run Gielinor, but in reality just have a meal and get nothing done.[16] Although initially present, Horacio was forced to take a temporary leave when the Mysterious Old Man suddenly appeared and called him for a "quick game". This in turn saved him from the Culinaromancer, who appeared shortly after Osman was abducted by Evil Bob.

Discovery of the Dorgeshuun[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Lost Tribe.

When a tribe of Dorgeshuun cave goblins accidentally excavated into Lumbridge Castle cellar, they were seen. The witness went to the duke, but by the time they investigated, the goblins had covered their tracks, causing Horacio to doubt their word.[17] After urging from his advisor Sigmund and an adventurer, he commissioned the adventurer to investigate the possibility of goblin invasion. The adventurer found a brooch, which he didn't recognise. When informed that the goblins did indeed exist, he put his men on alert. The adventurer returned stating that there were goblins, although friendlier and stated that they did not take anything from the cellar. Horacio then informed them that some silverware was missing, and he had no choice but to declare war on them if it was not returned.[18]

The adventurer proved that Sigmund was behind the theft in an attempt to provoke a war between Lumbridge and Dorgesh-Kaan, causing Horacio to dismiss Sigmund and seek a diplomatic treaty with Ur-tag, the leader of the Dorgeshuun. The tunnel was left open as a route between the two lands. However, he found the Dorgeshuun less than cooperative, due to their fear of the surface world.[19]

The following takes place during Death to the Dorgeshuun.

When the Dorgeshuun sent Zanik to the surface to investigate the H.A.M. group, Horacio greeted her warmly and advised her to be patient with the Dorgeshuun Council. He also reported an increase in H.A.M. membership but little activity. Zanik and the adventurer were able to foil a H.A.M. plot to flood the city, and the Dorgeshuun eventually voted to keep the city open to the surface dwellers after a fierce debate, allowing trade to fully commence between Lumbridge and Dorgesh-Kaan.

The following takes place during The Chosen Commander.

When Sigmund was killed by Zanik during an assault on his hideout, she severed his hand. The ring of life activated, teleporting the detached limb to Lumbridge, where Horacio found it.

Battle of Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Battle of Lumbridge.

In the year 1 of the Sixth Age, following Guthix's death, a mysterious portal appeared in the Lumbridge woods behind the castle, bringing in many onlookers. Soon after, Zamorak stepped out of the portal and destroyed the surrounding land, leaving behind a large crater, intending to absorb the anima leaked with Guthix's death. Almost immediately, Saradomin arrived to confront his rival, and the two began fighting each other as their followers, the Kinshra and White Knights arrived soon after.

Duke Horacio and his guards were caught in the middle of the battle, and immediately set out to work to keep the battle away from the town. He opened his treasury and allowed adventurers to decide how they should deal with the situation at hand. Fortunately, the battle did not spill into Lumbridge, although due to numerous adventurers' advice, he gave his guards additional training and equipment should the fight spill into their town.

After Saradomin defeated Zamorak, the Kinshra and White Knights left the battlefield. Horacio immediately hired Foreman George to assist in rebuilding Lumbridge. With the help of George, his workers and numerous adventurers who assisted in reconstruction efforts, Lumbridge was soon back up and running again, and the battlefield was eventually turned into a seasonal area of interest for the town.

Reparations[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Twilight of the Gods.

Several years after the Battle of Lumbridge, shortly after the end of the Elder God Wars, Saradomin was encouraged by his daughter Adrasteia to hold audiences with his subjects with the intention of making amends with those who were in need of aid or felt themselves wronged by him. Horacio held one such audience with Saradomin, where he revealed that, although their forces were victorious and they were largely able to rebuild, the Duchy of Lumbridge was left in a debt that had lasted for ten years. Furthermore, Misthalin was unable to offer aid due to crop failure as a result of the Battle of the Monolith, the ensuing famine and the severe loss of life in the siege of Senntisten.[20] Saradomin offered Horacio a million gold as compensation, which he gratefully accepted.[21]

A few months later, Horacio suffered a cake-related incident which left him indisposed. When King Roald invited several Misthalinian nobles to attend a formal banquet at the newly-constructed Fort Forinthry, Horacio's condition meant that he could not attend, leaving his cousin, Lady Iris Ruthven, to go in his place. When questioned, Iris expressed confidence that Horacio would make a full recovery.[22]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • hidden 27 June 2022:
    • "Talk-to" option at The Beach changed to "Talk to".
    • Duke Horacio's animations while at The Beach have been updated.
  • patch 25 January 2021 (Update):
    • Players doing the Dragon Slayer portion of the Grand Party miniquests can now reclaim the Frying Pan from Duke Horacio if they've destroyed it.
  • ninja 15 August 2016 (Update):
    • Duke Horacio has moved the two families displaced by the Battle of Lumbridge into better accommodation across the river, away from the threat of the goblins.
    • The 'manage-crisis' option on Duke Horacio in Lumbridge has been removed.
  • patch 18 August 2014 (Update):
    • Duke Horacio's lectern is no longer interactive.
  • patch 13 January 2009 (Update):
    • Duke Horacio will now only give you an air talisman during Rune Mysteries when you have inventory space.

References[edit | edit source]

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