Lieutenant Crane

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Lieutenant Crane chathead.png

Lieutenant Crane is a Black Knight located in the Black Knights' Base in Taverley Dungeon. She is the elder sister of Tessa, and is also Bosun Higgs' friend, having fought and rose through the ranks together.

Crane's reputation among the Black Knights is fairly high and in good standing, as Lieutenant York wondered as to why she would need two low-ranked knights. She cares for Tessa and understands family matters come first, as she knew Higgs deserted so she could find her brother.

When the World Guardian approached her about leading an elite force to attack the Ambassador's stronghold, she requested that the World Guardian check on Tessa. After learning that Commandant Bletchley failed Tessa, enslaved her and had her tongue cut out, she begged the World Guardian to rescue her sister and bring her back to the Taverley base. Upon doing so, she joined the World Guardian and Higgs in assassinating Commandant Bletchley. The World Guardian lured him to the rooftop, where Crane and Higgs were waiting and brutally killed him. Crane and her knights then joined the strike force.