Transcript of Desperate Measures journal entry

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  • Seren is concerned that time is running out to track down Kerapac. Her aura has begun to affect the council and she fears if the council remains with her much longer then they will find themselves ensnared by the aura's coersive nature. She has told me that Thok and Charos are on Anachronia and on the trail of Kerapac.
  • Mr Mordaut informed me that Thok and Charos had visited Anachronia not long ago and were looking for Kerapac's lair.
  • Thok told me a rather outlandish story about him reaching the island. It sounds like Kerapac has set up his lair inside the volcano.
  • On Charos's advice, I excavated the ruins beside the volcano on Anachronia. I found a strange crystalline device and an ancient dragonkin tablet written in a very different style.
  • Hannibus was able to connect me to the dream network of the sleeping Nodon dragonkin. There I learned about Kerapac's device. This device creates something called 'shadow anima', which appears to have angered the elder gods. I suspect this is the device Kerapac is using to continue his battle with the elder gods.
  • After we discovered the sleeping Nodon, Kerapac arrived and threatened us all. Thok, Charos and myself attempted to fight him but we discovered that all our attacks were harmless. His mastery over the Needle has allowed him to reverse any harm he takes, making him invulnerable. A direct confrontation won't work against him.
  • I spoke with Primrose about the Needle. Unfortunately, she could not tell me of any way in which the Needle can be destroyed, or its user defeated. She mentioned that the Needle forges a strong connection with its user, but she did not have any suggestion of how to take advantage of this.
  • I spoke with the elder god Jas. She revealed that Kerapac is protected by a barrier of shadow anima that she refers to as the 'toxic substance'. She has given me an object that she claims will 'correct the problem' with regards to Kerapac and his mastery of the Needle. I need to resolve the situation quickly. Jas has made it clear that, if we aren't able to fix the problem soon, she'll destroy the island of Anachronia and the tidal forces will decimate other settlements as a result.
  • Kerapac, angry at us for not just laying down and dying, sent waves of rage-filled dinosaurs at the base camp in an attempt to destroy us. With the aid of Thok, Charos, Hannibus and Laniakea, we were able to protect the base camp from destruction.
  • I used the Measure to investigate the 'cosmic energy' that the dragonkin use for their technology. According to Charos, cosmic energy is another form of anima and can be manipulated just like any other enchantment. While investigating, we also discovered that the anima reacts oddly to me. It looks as though what makes me the World Guardian is actually a manifestation of shadow anima, which Guthix grafted to my soul when he made me the World Guardian.
  • I managed to power down the barrier within the lab.
  • I defeated the black stone dragon, sister to the on in the Dragonkin Laboratory. In defeating here, Kerapac's shadow anima barrier is no longer active.
  • I managed to escape Kerapac's lab before it was destroyed.
  • I have informed Seren that Kerapac and the Nodon have been bound to Jas via the power of the Needle. Ful has destroyed Kerapac's lab, so his device should no longer be a problem.