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The dragonkin are a race of powerful and intelligent dragon-like creatures that originated from the previous cycle of the universe.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-First Age[edit | edit source]

The dragonkin lived in peace on their homeworld until The Great Revision. Zaros suspects their home plane was destroyed shortly after the Elder Gods left Freneskae. Forcae remarks that the dragonkin homeworld contains pure veins of Orikalkum, which he planned on returning to in order to create an orikalkum dragon.[1] When The Great Revision arrived, the dragonkin fled their homeworld and hid in the Abyss.

The council meeting.

Following the end of the previous revision, the dragonkin looked for a new planet to settle on, but the worlds they initially arrived on were incapable of sustaining them, so they were forced to return to the Abyss. Over 60,000 years ago, the dragonkin took notice of the planet Gielinor and made their way there,[2] long before Guthix arrived in the First Age, noting that it had everything they needed to sustain them. They settled on Anachronia, where they created their first city on Gielinor; Orthen.[3]

The dragonkin during this time consisted of four creeds: the Dactyl, Syrtes, Nodon and Aughra. Both the Nodon and Aughra agreed that they needed to repopulate and learn more about the new universe before confronting the Elder Gods. The Dactyl wanted to fight the Elder Gods, while the Syrtes wanted to prove their worth to them. These ambitions worried the Nodon and Aughra, who requested that the Dactyl and Syrtes give them status updates at every meeting.

Kerapac revealing his plan.

One of the Dactyl fledglings, Kerapac, created a device dubbed the Crucible which could generate shadow anima, a substance which was toxic to the Elder Gods. Kerapac believed that they needed to fight back and that shadow anima would allow them to rival or even surpass the power of the Elder Gods. He activated the device without informing the Kindra council or other dragonkin. The shadow anima that was drawn into the animasphere alerted the Elder Gods, who proceeded to destroy Orthen and other dragonkin cities in response. Jas, seeing "mortal" life for the first time, that they desired their power, and had no purpose, chose to bind them to the Stone of Jas so that they could have a taste of their power and give them purpose. This caused the dragonkin to suffer immensely and they lost many of their traditions in the process.

The dragonkin are bound to the Stone of Jas.

In response to the curse, the Nodon chose to enter a period of forced stasis at the remains of their former city. The Dactyl and Syrtes vowed to keep fighting the Elder Gods. The Aughra had no clear goal in mind, many of them fleeing to the Abyss, where they possessed the bodies of Infernals and Chthonian demons (although this caused them to eventually suffer from Superimposed Personality Disorder), with others committing mass-suicide.[4]

The Stone of Jas would be found and discovered by other beings, such as the inhabitants of the now-dead planet Kethsi. The Syrtes turned insane from Jas' curse and embraced it, killing all False Users in their path, becoming the Necrosyrtes.[5][6] Repeated misuse of the Stone by False Users also empowered them.[5] The Dactyl chose to resist the curse, eventually creating the dragon race in their attempt to find a cure.[7]

The dragonkin began dwindling in numbers, mostly due to both conflicts and initial experiments by the Dactyl on their fellow kind to find the reason behind the Curse, coupled with their inability to reproduce after being cursed. The Nodon still maintained a fairly high population due to sleeping through the curse and being forgotten over time by the Necrosyrtes and Dactyl, although some did die over the years as their pods were buried in rubble or malfunctioned.

Most, if not all of the Aughra used their powers to forcefully inhabit the bodies of Abyssal creatures and demons alike, although it is uncertain if they were able to escape Jas' curse this way. An Aughra named Kalger gathered like-minded followers and projected into the Infernals, becoming the rulers of Infernus before being overthrown by their subordinates, the Chthonians. Kalger then reorganised his people as the Kal'Gerion.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

Movario states that the Ancient Cavern is of Dragonkin origin and possibly of the Second Age. [8]

It is likely that during the Second Age the Stone of Jas was on Lunar Isle and Mount Firewake of Kethsi, though this could have been towards the end of the First Age after Guthix hid the Stone of Jas. This could not have been after the Second Age as Zamorak acquired the Stone of Jas towards the end of the Second Age, it then continued to switch hands throughout the God Wars before Guthix placed it in the Ancient Guthix Temple at the end of the Third Age. It is not known whether Guthix left the Stone of Jas on Lunar Isle as other locations are unaccounted for, such as the Rune Essence mine which is beyond the Wilderness and Lunar Sea, possibly on Acheron. [9] [10]

At some point, V found the Stone of Jas and Rune Essence in the Lunar Isle Mine. V touched the Stone of Jas which drastically changed his physiology. [11][12] V transformed from a short, stunted and weak [13] Fremennik Seer [14] into a Fremennik Hero with godlike powers.[15] However, after V touched the Stone of Jas it was "instantly removed by those powers who walk a higher astral path".[16] This may have been the Kethsians, another god or someone, or something, that we currently do not know anything about.

At another point in time, before or after V found the Stone of Jas, Elder Mage Etheron brought the Stone of Jas back to Mount Firewake on Kethsi after a six year expedition through the multiverse. This caused Kethsian civilisation to advance and become prosperous. It wasn't long until the Necrosyrtes arrived, however. The Necrosyrtes laid waste to the world of Kethsi and its people.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about the Dragonkin in the Third Age. However, it is likely they played a role in the God Wars due to the repeated use of the Stone of Jas over thousands of years. They may have also created the colossal wyrms for which Juna states 'the colossal wyrms, of whom today's dragons are a pale reflection, turned all the sky to fire, while on the ground armies of foot soldiers - goblins and trolls and humans - filled the valleys and plains with blood'.[17] It is also believed that the Dragonkin may have inhabited or attacked Morytania when the Stone of Jas was there.[18] As part of the pre-release for While Guthix Sleeps an Imp, in Postbag from the Hedge, stated "Regardin’ Morytania, we steer away from it. Dat place whiffs of dragon dung...which is weird-like, since there ain't been a dragon down dat way for a millemelum."[19]

Bilrach refers to the Dragonkin as 'enders of the Great Wars' which likely refer to the God Wars.[20] This may mean that the power they acquired from Zamorak using the Stone of Jas to destroy Forinthry, allowed them to effectively put an end to the God Wars.

Suspiciously, an unnamed individual saw Daemonheim, a Dragonkin fortress, on a lush green plateau with no sign of ruin when they observed through one of the portals beneath Daemonheim.[21] This was likely before Forinthry and the Daemonheim Peninsula were torn asunder by Zamorak, using the Stone of Jas, at the end of the God Wars. A scrap of parchment also swept out of the portal, which was either written by, or quoting, Guthix.[22]

Fourth Age - Dragonkin Conflicts[edit | edit source]

Robert fighting the Dragonkin.

Following the repeated use of the Stone of Jas and destruction of Forinthry in the Third Age God Wars, the Necrosyrtes had become extremely powerful and enraged. They attacked Gielinor in what is now known as the Dragonkin Conflicts. This may have also included the destruction of Saranthium given the timeframe. The Necrosyrtes continued to rampage around Gielinor, looking for False Users and venting their rage on nearby human settlements, making them feared amongst the populace. However, heroes such as Robert the Strong and Camorra were eventually able to drive them back to their castle.[23].

The ruins of Kethsi

Robert the Strong was partly able to achieve this by travelling to the world of Kethsi. Kethsi was previously destroyed by the Necrosyrtes due to the use of the Stone of Jas by Elder Mage Etheron and the Kethsians. At Kethsi, Robert the Strong was able to discover the power of bane metal and create dragonbane to defend Gielinor from the Necrosyrtes. As of the Fourth Age, the Necrosyrtes had fled Kethsi and the Dactyl Dragonkin: Forcae, had begun conducting research on Mount Firewake. Forcae mentions in his journal that Robert the Strong stole something from him.

Fifth Age[edit | edit source]

When an adventurer discovered the Ancient Guthix Temple they found the Stone of Jas which had been hidden since Guthix placed it there at the end of the Third Age. They touched the Stone of Jas, causing them to see a vision of V touching the Stone of Jas on Lunar Isle long ago. This also caused the Balance Elemental to awaken and fight the intruder. Following the death of the Balance Elemental, Lucien arrived and summoned many Tormented Demons before abducting, and teleporting away with, the Stone of Jas. The Necrosyrtes are then shown in the Dragonkin Castle. They plot and laugh amongst one another, stating that strength and power grows within them, that they will be free and that they will bring terror and pain to the small races of Gielinor.

The Necrosyrtes then attacked Mos Le'Harmless, which may have been because Mos Le'Harmless is within close proximity to the Dragonkin Castle. An imp stated in a Postbag from the Hedge, "Regardin’ Morytania, we steer away from it. Dat place whiffs of dragon dung...which is weird-like, since there ain't been a dragon down dat way for a millemelum."[19] Movario's notes obtained in While Guthix Sleeps mention Morytania, the Fist of Guthix arena and the Lunar Isles as having similar energies to each other, implying that the Stone of Jas once resided in all three locations. Given that the Dragonkin were cursed to protect it, this also supports the idea of them having lived in Morytania at some time.[24]

The Dragonkin unleashing their rage.

Unbeknownst to Lucien, the Necrosyrtes had followed him to the Mahjarrat Ritual Site. After Lucien sacrificed Jhallan, the Necrosyrtes arrived and killed Idria for daring to address them - believing the Dragonkin to be on the same side as the Crux Eqal. The Dragonkin then killed Lucien with the Staff of Armadyl. In the process of killing Lucien, the orb on the Staff of Armadyl was shattered. The Dragonkin then fled the scene with the broken staff, leaving the adventurer with Akrisae, Sir Tiffy, Thaerisk, Sliske, Wahisietel and the Stone of Jas. Sliske, impressed by the player, would then attempt to turn them into a wight by casting a spell at them. In order to save the player, Akrisae would jump in front of them to block the incoming spell. This caused Akrisae to become Akrisae the Doomed. Sliske and Wahisietel then teleported away. The player, Sir Tiffy and Thaerisk then teleported the Stone of Jas to a mysterious location.

Thaerisk would then attempt to teleport himself, the adventurer and Sir Tiffy to Falador. To the adventurer's surprise, they did not arrive in Falador. Rather, the adventurer and Sir Tiffy arrived in a 'vision of what is to come'. The vision takes place in a burning Draynor Village with many of the adventurer's deceased allies such as Idria, Akrisae, Duradel, Ghommal, Hazelmere and Sloane. Kuradal can also be found crying next to the corpse of Lucien and Thearisk is incinerated by dragon fire. The adventurer and Sir Tiffy are then chased, and have fireballs thrown at them, by the Necrosyrtes. Strisath kills Sir Tiffy and tells the adventurer that 'this was just a vision of what is to come, stonetoucher - It will begin in Edgeville. Return to reality and await your fate!'. When the vision ended, the adventurer woke up, with Sir Tiffy having no recollection of it - however, the three Dragonkin were true to their word, as Edgeville was attacked by the Dragonkin. Edgeville can be repaired after this in the Rebuilding Edgeville miniquest. Speaking to Kuradal reveals that she was at the ritual plateau fighting the Mahjarrat, their minions and Glacors. Kuradal is angry that she was not the one to kill Lucien, who killed her father, Duradel, and wishes to get vengeance upon the Dragonkin for taking her rightful kill.[25]

Sixth Age[edit | edit source]

Prior to the start of the Sixth Age, Sliske fashioned a new orb for the Staff of Armadyl by searching the Ritual Plateau for shards of Armadyl. Sliske then lured Strisath into the Shadow Realm, capturing him and stealing the shaft of the staff.[26] Having now repaired the Staff of Armadyl, Sliske used the staff upon Strisath in order to reveal the location of the Stone of Jas. This was made possible due to the Dragonkin link to the stone.[27] Having acquired both the Staff and the Stone, Sliske then assassinated Guthix which brought about the Sixth Age and removed the Edicts of Guthix, a barrier around Gielinor which prevented the return of gods.

Sliske then invited the gods to the Empyrean Citadel, where both Strisath and Death were in cages. Bored of the status quo, Sliske had devised a contest. Whoever could kill the most gods before Zanaris passed the sun, would receive the Stone of Jas.[28] All the while throughout Sliske's announcement, an enraged Strisath was snarling at Sliske and the other gods, referring to them as 'False Users'.[29] To kick the contest off Sliske released Strisath from his cage, which caused even the gods to flee. Icthlarin created a barrier in order to protect the player, allowing them to free Death and escape.

Kerapac increased his activity in the Sixth Age.

Some time later, the Necrosyrte Dragonkin: Sakirth led Strisath, Kalibath and an imprisoned Dactyl Dragonkin, Tarshak, to an island where V was located. Having acquired the Mirror from the Dragonkin Vault, Sakirth used this to siphon V's energy into Tarshak. This turned V to stone, killing him and greatly empowered Tarshak. However, this would have repurcussions for Tarshak, causing him to become an Abomination.

According to Kalibath, Tarshak has seen people welcome the obsidian hand of death around their throat as they smile.[30]

The Dragonkin were freed from the Curse when Kerapac destroyed the Stone of Jas with the Mirror during Sliske's Endgame. The pain immediately receded, with Kerapac stating to his entourage that he had felt clarity which he had not experienced since suffering from the Curse. None of the Necrosyrtes made an appearance following the Stone's destruction, making their current status and whereabouts unknown.

All of the Nodon had slept through the curse and had been unaware that it no longer existed. A majority of them would be used by Kerapac to power his new Crucible, but this was foiled by the World Guardian and the Elder Gods. Jas, reclaiming the Needle, bound both Kerapac and the Nodon that he had used to her service once more. They were eventually released from stasis, disappointed that they still felt Jas' binds, but failed to notice that there was no more pain. When Azzanadra moved the Elder eggs to Senntisten, Jas immediately forced Kerapac and the Nodon to lay siege to the cathedral in which they were being held to reclaim them. Kerapac warped the minds of the Nodon to put them in a collective dream-like trance, separate from that of the ones that had not been bound to him. One of the Nodon, Naressa, was somehow able to break free of the trance.

After the battle of Senntisten, the Nodon that survived the battle returned to Orthen and back into their hibernation pods, as there were still traces of Kerapac's dreamscape that Naressa could not remove herself.

Some of the Aughra would later be discovered having opened a portal into the Senntisten Asylum to search for a cure against Superimposed Personality Disorder (SIPD) that were affecting their forces, as they were in battle with the Chthonians that remained loyal to the Zarosian dukes over Hostilius' body. Naressa, who accompanied Erasinus (Gregorovic) and the World Guardian to the asylum, was horrified to learn what the Aughra had done to themselves. After the World Guardian procured an acceptable cure, the Aughra returned to the Abyss to try to cure those suffering from the disorder.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Not much of dragonkin combat has been seen, but what has been witnessed is evidence of tremendous power. During a battle against Robert, a dragonkin used powerful magic, almost killing him, after having killed his loyal sidekick Odysseus. However, Robert managed to retaliate and slay the dragonkin. The sole reason the player survived an attack from Sakirth was that the dragonkin was somewhat wounded at the time.

Lucien's former house in Edgeville; burnt.

Strisath, Sakirth and Sithaph, three dragonkin active in modern times, have been shown to be even more powerful. After the primary guardian of the Stone was defeated, Jas's curse released the three from their prison. Lucien, an evil Mahjarrat with aspirations to become a god, stole the Stone and abused it. This angered the three kin. They released some of their rage by burning parts of Mos Le'Harmless, a pirate town, but they still desired to destroy the False User. Lucien used the Stone yet again after the eighteenth ritual, and the dragonkin arrived at the scene, immediately incinerating Idria in a display of power. They then demanded that Lucien give in, but he refused and attacked them. He easily knocked down two dragonkin, but Sakirth snuck up from behind, first hitting then impaling Lucien with the staff of Armadyl, killing him. Later, they were seen completely ravaging Edgeville with their dragonfire, which is considerably more potent than regular dragonfire. Humans are turned to ash upon contact with it. Players are also shown a vision of the dragonkin decimating Draynor Village after the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The three are still planning to wreak havoc. In "Runescape 3: The Story So Far", a video uploaded on the RuneScape Youtube Channel, Mod Osborne reads that after Guthix's death, they are awaiting the gods to use the Stone of Jas so they can kill them.

During Missing, Presumed Death, the dragonkin are shown to be powerful enough to challenge the gods. Once released from Sliske's imprisonment, the dragonkin Strisath unleashes his power on Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, and Zamorak, all of which (with the exception of Zamorak, who was tier 5 at the time) were tier 4, and they flee in fear (with the exception of Brassica Prime). Icthlarin, a tier 6 god, attempted to distract Strisath, but Strisath's fireballs quickly overwhelmed his protective shield. Icthlarin and the World Guardian were only able to escape because Death teleported them out.

The dragonkin were created with the ability to travel through planes without the aid of forces such as the Fairy Rings. They and the white dragons do this by opening a rift in space to the abyss; which they then use to travel to other worlds, although they must know where they are going first or risk ending up in the empty void. When the Stone of Jas is abused on another world, even if the dragonkin didn't know about the world prior, the abuse of the stone will alert them to its current location.[7]

Language[edit | edit source]

The dragonkin have a language, of which little is known, as they speak in the common tongue most of the time. The only non-dragonkin known to understand the language are the Kethsians and Robert the Strong, who wrote a book on the subject, an excerpt of which can be found below.

The language of the Dragonkin is as blunt as they are. From what I can gather, the sentence structure is direct and simple. I believe it follows a structure like this:-

Subject - Adjective if required - Action modifier - Action - Object.

So sentences like 'Odysseus went for a brisk walk in the park' would become 'Odysseus brisk walk in park'.

It seems that they really don’t like to mince words, which may explain why much of their written language is only a handful of short excerpts.

Additionally I have encountered a few references to dragons that seem to have almost been given titles. The format for these appears to be Colour-Dragon-Title/Descriptor.

Robert the Strong

Dragon equipment[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
The Dragonkin theme
The theme music of the Dragonkin

The Necrosyrtes[31] are the original creators of dragon equipment, known by them as Orikalkum. Mr. Mordaut in a Postbag from the Hedge states, "As for dragon, I'm afraid that my knowledge of this unique metal is limited – the Dragonkin never divulged the secret of how it is made..."[32] Movario also believes that the Dragonkin created dragon metal, in his notes writing:

The demon birds, evil bird spirits of the east: dragonkin, or something else? I have so far deciphered that these strange phenomena are mentioned only cryptically, written down by adventurers who have become their hapless victims. The dragonkin's arrival seems to pre-date most things. In short, the arrival of these creatures - whatever they are - seems to signal the absolute destruction of any local area they Fare visiting. I suspect that they are creatures brought here by gods to support them during the god wars. Also, I suspect that they are responsible for the metallic 'dragon' items. Where this material comes from is still a mystery.

It's also suggested that the dragonkin are connected to dragon items in some other unknown way. For example, a green dragon says, "If you have trouble with us lowly dragons, you have BIG trouble with Kin. They return soon; we feel power growing, calling to us, calling to them... The very weapons that make you strong bring Kin's return ever closer."[33] Additionally a dragon impling claims: "Dragon stuff? We found it in secret places. Many different worlds, many different places. All hidden. Deep down, in the darkness. Huge piles of things. Left for a long time, though their masters begin to stir."[19]

A view of the Dragonkin castle from A Tail of Two Cats.
Robert the Strong killing a Dragonkin in their castle

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

Dragonkin Castle[edit | edit source]

In A Tail of Two Cats, Robert the Strong is shown fighting a Dragonkin in an unidentified castle. If you stand in the north-western corner of the first plunder room in the Pyramid Plunder mini-game and activate your Orb of Oculus, you can actually see the castle and what looks like the same floor as in the cutscene. An imp stated in a Postbag from the Hedge, "Regardin’ Morytania, we steer away from it. Dat place whiffs of dragon poop...which is weird-like, since there ain't been a dragon down dat way for a millemelum."[19] Movario's notes obtained in While Guthix Sleeps mention Morytania, the Fist of Guthix arena and the Lunar Isles as having similar energies to each other, implying that the Stone of Jas once resided in all three locations. Given that the Dragonkin were tasked with protecting it, this supports the idea of them having lived in Morytania at some time.

The Ancient Cavern[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Forge

The dragonkin are known to have created the Ancient Cavern underneath Baxtorian Falls. Movario's research strongly supports this notion: "Underground ruins of peculiar origin, reported to exist near the Baxtorian Falls. Upon researching the area, I was immediately struck by the precision of some elements within the caverns. [...] I returned and after only twelve days I found interesting, almost invisible arcane symbols - type 12, Possibly of the Second Age. Also, interesting markings near to rough-looking steps, the constructions within that cavern must be of Dragonkin origin." In addition, the key required to unlock the mithril door is called the Dragonkin key. As the Ancient Cavern contains a forge used to smith a dragon platebody, this further supports the idea that the dragonkin created dragon equipment.

The compass rose symbol, which is the right half of the symbol to the right.

The Dragonkin's Symbol[edit | edit source]

The full dragonkin symbol.

The Dragonkin are associated with a symbol with visual similarities to the Stone of Jas. It consists of a circle with a compass rose in the right half, and on the left half, a pattern identical to the one found on the Stone of Jas. There is also another Dragonkin symbol, which is only the compass rose without the Stone. This is because the Dragonkin symbol is actually a full compass rose, the half-stone-half-rose symbolises the Dragonkin's bonding to the curse of Jas. The symbol is seen on the floor in the cut-scene from While Guthix Sleeps, where three Dragonkin are shown congregating. The compass symbols are shown around the main symbol. The compass symbol is also seen on the floor of their castle from A Tail of Two Cats.

The symbol can also be found in the Spirit Realm, on the other side of the weak portal found in the ruins by the coast in level 47 Wilderness, where the symbol can be seen on the walls of the Spirit Realm's version of the ruins. It's unknown how the symbol came to be in the Spirit Realm, but it's possible that the symbols once existed in the real world, but were torn down and thus appeared in the Spirit Realm, similar to the Cursed magic tree's interaction with its real-world counterpart.

Multiple dragonkin symbols are seen during Song from the Depths, and also feature in the Grotworm Lair.

Dragonkin Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Sometime during the Second or Third Age, the Dactyl created the Dragonkin Laboratory underneath the Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins as part of their ongoing attempt to rid themselves of the curse. Many dragons were kept in here, along with a massive amount of captives that were used to feed the dragons. Some of the more notable residents of the laboratory included Astellarn, Verak Lith and a Black stone dragon.

Kerapac promptly sealed off the laboratory when the black stone dragon caused an unspecified accident that resulted in the destruction of another specimen. Destroying the lift to the surface, he also put protective measures, both physical and magical, in place to ensure that it would never escape.

Other affiliations[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

The Dragonkin seem to have a relation to experience and skill, since Ancient Effigies (which appear to be an ornament of the Dragonkin holding the Stone of Jas) give experience, and the Dragonkin cutscene in While Guthix Sleeps can only be unlocked after unleashing the remaining residual energy from the Stone of Jas by putting experience into a skill. Also, several dismantled Ancient Effigies can be seen in Kerapac's quarters in Daemonheim.

While Guthix Sleeps[edit | edit source]

Dragonkin making plans.

While Guthix Sleeps contains a teaser indicating that the Dragonkin will soon become more involved in the affairs of RuneScape. The cut-scene at the very end of the quest shows three Dragonkin meeting in an unknown location, plotting to "Bring terror and pain to the small races". Another more hidden connection is in the quest journal for While Guthix Sleeps. The entry added after the Stone of Jas is first touched reads "I've seen a vision by touching the strange orb. It has communicated to me that it is the 'Stone of Jas', owned by Jas, and protected by the creatures he has enslaved for the purpose - the Dragonkin."

The bones in Wilderness Crater.
The statue at Daemonheim.

Wilderness Crater[edit | edit source]

The possible bones of a Dragonkin can be seen in the south-central area of the Wilderness Crater, which say "Could this have been one of the ancient Dragonkin?" upon examination. However, their skull and neck bones look unlike that of Dragonkin. A skeleton with the same appearance can be found in the soldier room of the kalphite hive. It has no examine info.

Relation to Daemonheim[edit | edit source]

The Dungeoneering skill includes the Chronicles of Bilrach, which strongly suggest that Daemonheim was previously inhabited by the Dragonkin, whom Bilrach calls "Protectors of the artefact, enders of the Great Wars" There is also a statue of a Dragonkin outside of Daemonheim, on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the ruined castle, there is solid evidence that the Dragonkin were involved in the creation of the castle above Daemonheim, but for mysterious reasons had abandoned it by the year 1241 of the Fourth Age, perhaps due to their retreat from Robert the Strong or possibly because of The Rift that lies underneath their castle. During One of a Kind, you are brought to Kerapac's laboratory, similar to a resource dungeon, which appears to be of a similar design to warped floors. Kerapac assures the player that, despite the recent incursion by Bilrach and the Fremennik, the castle remains an inhabited Dragonkin stronghold.

Destruction of Kethsi[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
A Dragonkin's piercing screech.

At an unspecified time, a noted mage brought the Stone of Jas to Kethsi where it was used to bring prosperity to the plane. However, due to the continued use of the Stone by those deemed "false users", the Dragonkin experienced a buildup of rage that would only be reduced by violence. The Dragonkin repeatedly attacked the plane of Kethsi, gradually destroying the entire plane of existence.

The citizens of Kethsi did eventually find a means to harm and kill some of the Dragonkin with Bane-metal weapons tuned to the Dragonkin. Unfortunately, there was a limited supply of the metal and the citizens were eventually over-run. All that is left of their plane are the remains of a structure, several artefacts, and a diary detailing their eventual fall.

Queen Black Dragon[edit | edit source]

The Queen Black Dragon was an attempt by Kerapac to break the dragonkin free of Jas' curse. He had difficulty in manipulating her due to her colossal size but created vessels in an attempt to control her. Other dragonkin seemed to have taken note of Kerapac's project, and one had created the King Black Dragon, who was released into the wild after having failed breeding with the Queen Black Dragon. Kerapac decided to store the Queen Black Dragon deep underground, to be restrained and protected by several artefacts. He abandoned the dragon, leaving her in the cave where she currently resides.

Known dragonkin[edit | edit source]

There are 16 dragonkin currently still known to be alive.

Aughra[edit | edit source]

Dactyl[edit | edit source]

Necrosyrtes[edit | edit source]

Nodon[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

Transcripts Dragonkin is mentioned in:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before their graphical update on 14 September 2011, they were very similar in appearance to the Skeksis from the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal. They were also similar in that both fear the Prospect of Death. It was confirmed by Mod Mark during the London RuneFest get-together (28 January 2011) that the Dragonkin were actually based on Skeksis, due to his love of the movie The Dark Crystal.
  • Movario, in his notes, recalls the Dragonkin-made symbols in Dragonkin-made Ancient Cavern may be of the Second Age.
  • In the 5th postbag, to the King Black Dragon, he states "New challenges only bring them [the humans] closer to the end, to the precipice of the unknown, to the Kin, and they will show no mercy".[34]
  • The Dragonkin are level 200 according to Top Trumps.

References[edit | edit source]

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