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This article is about creatures who have ascended to a god-like status. For other uses, see Colossus (disambiguation).

A colossus is a term coined by Reldo to refer to various powerful creatures living on Gielinor. The colossi are various creatures who have somehow managed to ascend to a higher state of being, akin to godhood, believed to be caused by an abundancy of anima before the First Age. Some of these creatures still remain today.[1]

Long before the First Age began, the local wildlife that had evolved on the planet over the aeons could ascend to a god-like status in very rare circumstances, a phenomenon believed to be caused by nexuses of magical energy in Gielinor's Anima Mundi. Although a high level of anima would be required, the colossi could seemingly ascend anywhere, such as the island of Kami-Shima which was the source of the four Guardian Beasts of the Eastern Lands.

When Guthix arrived on Gielinor, he attempted to live in harmony with these powerful creatures and even gained the trust and friendship of some of them, making them the first Guardians of Guthix. He would, however, step in if they became too great of a threat to the people he brought to the world. The phenomenon of spontaneous ascension seemed to disappear after Guthix began to populate Gielinor. The new inhabitants' use of magic seemed to cause the phenomenon to die out, but some colossi have still survived to the Sixth Age. The intelligent races brought to Gielinor seem to have somehow resonated with the colossi and some colossi have started to become sentient and intelligent like them.

The colossi are very varied and their 'ascension' have affected them in different ways, but they have a few common traits. They tend to be larger and more powerful than other members of their species, they have no need for food, and they seem incapable of dying by natural causes.

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  • Despite being called a shadow colossus by Zaros, Raksha does not meet Reldo's definition as it ascended through exposure to the Codex and not through a spontaneous surplus of anima. It is possible however that Raksha was a colossus before any contact with the Codex, which just amplified his abilities. Alternatively, due to Raksha being exposed to shadow anima rather than its natural counterpart, it can be considered a 'Shadow Colossus' or rather, an 'anti-Colossus'.

References[edit | edit source]

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