Transcript of City of Senntisten journal entry

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  • Ariane told me how the elder eggs have become agitated since the Battle of the Monolith. I've agreed to help do something about that.
  • While discussing the situation with Ariane and Charos, Azzanadra arrived and offered a potential way of dealing with the issue.
  • Azzanadra laid out a plan to move the eggs to a remnant of the buried city of Senntisten, a place where we could mount a necessary defence. He asked if I would meet him at the Archaeology Guild to discuss a more personal matter.
  • Azzanadra wants to be open and honest with not just me, but the rest of Seren's council also. He has requested I meet with certain gods to recruit them to aid in the defence of Senntisten and the elder eggs.
  • I managed to recruit Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren and Zamorak to aid in our defence. Icthlarin unfortunately declined, due to his distrust of Azzanadra and Mahjarrat in general, but instead he plans to search out a longer-term solution.
  • Azzanadra had a team of archaeologists excavating an entrance into a deeply buried area of Senntisten. He wants me to take the last step and break through into the city.
  • I managed to excavate an entrance into Senntisten, but need to find and restore a Pontifex Maximus figurine artefact to drop a magical barrier blocking our passage.
  • After placing the restored artefact, Azzanadra made off into the city towards a cathedral to the south.
  • I followed Azzanadra to the cathedral at Senntisten. Well, the one in this part of the ancient city, at least.
  • Azzanadra expelled a great deal of effort to teleport the three elder eggs from The Heart into the cathedral at Senntisten. Ariane and Charos assisted on the other end of the teleport.
  • Azzanadra wants me to search the cathedral at Senntisten for something called a ward.
  • I searched around the cathedral for something called a ward - a magical protection that will help us to defend this place - but I was unable to locate one.
  • Azzanadra suggested there could be wards to be found in high security buildings out in the rest of the city. He said there should be one in the cathedral's annex building, just outside of the west door. I need to find one each for blood, ice, shadow and smoke.
  • I managed to locate all four wards and return them to Azzanadra. As I returned each ward, one of our divine allies arrived with a cadre of martial support.
  • After installing the final ward, a projected image of Kerapac appeared at the centre of the cathedral. He took great pleasure informing us that he would soon arrive with an army of Nodon dragonkin, all of them agents of the elder gods.
  • I spoke with the alliance of gods, who (surprisingly) unanimously agreed that Azzanadra should lead the defensive military forces while they focus on redirecting the flow of anima away from the elder eggs, so as to keep them calm.
  • Azzanadra has told me he places his faith in me to find a long-term solution, and that he will work with the alliance to fend off the elder gods' forces for as long as possible. I may still not be sure of my view of him, but his actions and words at least appear to be genuine.
  • The cathedral at Senntisten is prepared for a prolonged assault from Kerapac and other agents of the elder gods.