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Shadow ward detail.png

The shadow ward is one of the four wards players must collect during the City of Senntisten quest. In order to obtain it, a puzzle involving opening and closing lettered cabinets must be completed. Players are given hints by the Inquisition Profiles book in the same house.

In order, players should spell out the names of the four persons of interest:

  • T-I-T-U-S
  • D-A-G-R-O-D-A
  • C-A-S-T-Y-X
  • G-R-E-A-D-Y

The open cabinets should look like this when done:

Like the other wards, having it in the inventory disables the safety of the light globes, and players will take consistent damage from the darkness of Senntisten. Thus, players should return to Azzanadra as quickly as they can to reduce damage taken.

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