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The smoke ward is one of the four wards players must collect during the City of Senntisten quest. Players find it in a house with multiple demon traps and demonic equipment, and is surrounded by four gargoyle sentinels. Attempting to interact with the ward will wake up the sentinels, who instead will each awaken and fly off to another part of the accessible city. The ward cannot be removed until all four gargoyle sentinels are located and defeated in combat.

  • Gargoyle A is found right outside the arsenal.
  • Gargoyle B is found west of the previous gargoyle.
  • Gargoyle C is found in the marketplace area, in the open area to the far north.
  • Gargoyle D is found south-west of the previous gargoyle, near the coliseum entrance.

Like the other wards, having it in the inventory disables the safety of the light globes, and players will take consistent damage from the darkness of Senntisten. Thus, players should return to Azzanadra as quickly as they can to reduce damage taken.

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