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Jas is the oldest and most powerful of the Elder Gods, the ancient beings responsible for the creation of the universe, including Gielinor itself.[1][2] She is described by a TokHaar-Hok as "time, and so time passes. She is sand, and so there is desert."[3] It has been said that the Elder Gods do not specifically represent an element or aspect, but Jas is most aligned with progression and time, and also has an association with sand and air. In addition to the roles she played in shaping the universe, Jas is specifically responsible for creating almost all of the Elder Artefacts using the Stone of Jas, the Catalyst, the first artefact and the one that "most purely expressed her power," and one that has played a prominent role in Gielinor's history.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Jas and the others were born on Freneskae and enacted The Great Revision in which they consumed the anima of all other planets apart from the one they were born in to replenish themselves. Mah was thought stillborn by the others, forcing Jas to create the Stone of Jas in an attempt to duplicate Mah's power as they left Freneskae to create and destroy planets. Normally the Elder Gods work together to create planets, but because Mah was no longer with them, the Elder Gods temporarily went their own ways to relearn what was lost to them.

Jas, with the Stone in her possession, came upon the Dragonkin homeworld, and prepared to destroy it. The Dragonkin tried in vain to take and use the Stone against her. Jas, seeing that life desired power, bound the Dragonkin to the Stone, so that they would no longer desire it.[4]

The Elder Gods shaped many worlds throughout the universe, each time improving their designs with the assistance of the Elder Artefacts, including the Elder Kiln. After creating Gielinor, meant to be their final and most perfect creation, the Elder Gods "lay down upon their perfect world" and "[spoke] no more [to the TokHaar-Hok]." This suggests that the Elder Gods did not depart from Gielinor after creating it, but instead remain on it. Her Elder chronicle is found on the Ullek cliffs, suggesting that she is either underneath or is the Ullek cliffs.

Awakening[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Heart of Stone.

In Heart of Stone the player visits the Ullek cliffs again, and meets with JasKra, Jas's mouthpiece, whom the World Guardian and Kipple convince that they are not working with Xenia by displaying a series of memories to it proving this point. At the end of this quest, the Prehistoric abyssal declares that Jas, along with the other Elder Gods on Gielinor (Ful, Bik and Wen), are beginning to wake up due to Xenia draining Gielinor's anima into the abyss.

The following takes place during Kindred Spirits.

Due to her awakening, Sliske eventually discovers her and manages to bargain a deal with her. Jas informed Sliske about additional details about the Staff of Armadyl, which she considered quite useful. Sliske had used its connection to find the Stone, though she became impatient and asked him if the Catalyst (the Stone of Jas) would bring "them" (the gods). Sliske affirmed this, as it was like a siren song, but Jas did not care and simply told him to make it happen.

The following takes place during Sliske's Endgame.

In Sliske's Endgame, Sliske created a massive labyrinth which began draining divinity from the gods as soon as they stepped inside. Unaware that the Elder Gods had awoken, the gods simply believed it to be one of Sliske's tricks. Upon defeating Sliske, the World Guardian soon found themselves in an unknown cavern with Zaros and Seren, Mah's divine creations. Somehow able to sense that the World Guardian would not be able to withstand her voice if she talked normally, she created small sand beings to serve as temporary mouthpieces.

Zaros requested that they make him one of them, showing them Mah's elder core as proof of her demise, but Jas refused, as he could not create life. Zaros believed that the nihil were enough, but Jas reiterated this by stating that he had to create life from nothing, which she believed meant herself and the other Elder Gods, much to Zaros's anger as both he and Seren left.

Jas soon focused her attention on the World Guardian, asking them why they killed her agent. Given a large variety of responses, mainly those related to violence, Jas concluded that mortal life was unexpected and dangerous, deciding to ask her sisters if life should exist. The World Guardian was alarmed by this, as their awakening would destroy Gielinor, but Jas reassured them that they would not physically do so, instead telepathically communing with each other. She then gave them an ultimatum of her own; prove mortal life deserved to exist, or she and her sisters would fully awaken and destroy Gielinor.

The World Guardian, knowing of Jas' influence on Gielinor, wished to ask her several questions, but Jas stated that she would only answer one. If asked about the Elder Artefacts, she told them about the other Elder Artefacts that were unknown to the inhabitants of Gielinor - the Codex, the Template, the Hammer and the Needle, the latter of which was discovered sometime later. If asked about what she thought of the others, she saw Zaros as a child, Seren as something that could be more, the lesser gods as harmless, the Dragonkin as a mistake, and the destruction of her Stone as her sacrifice. If asked about why life such as humans existed, Jas stated that she did not know.

After answering their question, Jas dismissed them, reminding them of her ultimatum.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Like the other Elder Gods, Jas can create life and entire planets out of sacred clay. In addition, she created several Elder Artefacts, which themselves are powerful enough to cause mortals to ascend to godhood. After devouring the Anima Mundi of a perfect world, she can destroy every other planet in every other plane in existence, an event which is known as the Great Revision. She appears to be capable of manipulating her size, ranging from dwarfing possibly an entire galaxy and planets[1], to being equal in size to Gielinor[5], and to being merely hundreds of times larger than a human.

She can teleport other beings to and away from her presence against their will, which is how she summoned the World Guardian before her and dismissed them after their conversation was over, overpowering Guthix's blessing against god magic. She was also capable of killing the World Guardian in an instant after being insulted. Additionally, Jas simply speaking with her own voice would obliterate Zaros, Seren, and the World Guardian, which is why it was necessary for her to create Voices of Jas to ensure that any communication could occur.[6]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jas' name may be derived from "JAS", which is a real-life acronym for Java Application Server, the application that drives RuneScape's game engine.
  • In the fifth Postbag from the Hedge, the letter from the Chaos Elemental reads "Chaos Soahc, Jas. Hello?"
  • Jas' attributes of being "Time" and "Sand" may be a reference to the "Sands of Time", a mythical representation of the eternal passing of time.
  • Jas was previously referred to as male, being referred to as "His" and "He" in the Dragonkin journals and While Guthix Sleeps. However, all references thereafter referred to her as female. All references to Jas being were later retconned to refer to Jas as female.
  • Jas' hexagon symbol is a reference to her hierarchy among the five Elder Gods, with each of her younger sisters having symbols with a side less depending on their age and power.
  • Jas is also a member of the Ravensworn, as stated by her in replays of Sliske's Endgame.

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