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Lady Vanescula Drakan (pronounced /vənɛskjuːlə drəkʰaːn/), Mistress of Darkmeyer, is one of four Drakan siblings alongside her brothers, Ranis, Draynor and Lowerniel. Both Vanescula and Ranis run Meiyerditch and Darkmeyer for Lord Drakan.

History[edit | edit source]

Vanescula and her brothers originally came from Vampyrium.

Return to Canifis.png This article or section contains information from Return to Canifis.
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In the RuneScape novel "Return to Canifis", It is revealed that she is immensely powerful, indeed more powerful than the Black Prince and possibly stronger than Lord Drakan himself. She enjoys using creatures and people as "pawns" in her games with other vampyres; for example, she tricks Jerrod into killing the Wyrd, a creature under command of the Black Prince, who had murdered dozens of civilians, this causes Jerrod to be banished from Morytania. She is also presumely behind the Vyres and Werewolves that attacked the Myreque escapies during their escape.

Legacy of Blood This article or section contains information from Legacy of Blood.
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In "Legacy of Blood" Vanescula was first seen by Gar'rth during a great vampyric slaughter, where she taunted him and killed the little girl that Gar'rth tried to hide from the vampyres. Later Vanescula got interest in Gar'rth and gave him the blood mark, which made him immume to all vampyre-powers, even her own, so he would be able to kill his father. When Gar'rth, Vanstrom Clause, Kendrick and Ben Strainge succesfully managed to obtain Sunspear, a blisterwood dagger capable of killing Vyres, she and her vyre allies captured them and took them to Castle Drakan.

There Vanescula asked Tenebra how he would cross the Salve but she was double-crossed by him and got stabbed in her stomach by the Sunspear. Grievously wounded, she then fell off the balcony of the castle and injured one of her wings. She landed somewhere in the swamp below, where Malak found her. To her great annoyance, as she would be relying on him and in his debt, the vampyre lord decided to help her.

Shortly before the Second Battle of the Salve began, Malak visited Gar'rth and brought him to Vanescula who handed him the Sunspear and told him to kill Tenebra only on the western side of the River Salve. When the battle was nearing its end and the River Salve had been strengthened by rune essence, Vanescula, leaning on Malak's shoulder, approached the bridge to Paterdomus from the Morytanian side. She ignored the weakening Tenebra's, who had lost control over his army of undead, pleas, and stated that she would not and could not order his army to invade the west. She telepathically instructed Kara-Meir to kill Tenebra with the Sunspear, then left with Malak. The Black Prince attempted to defend himself from his attackers, but was easily dispatched by Castimir, using Albertus Black's phosphorous, and Kara, who pierced his skull with the dagger.

The Darkness of Hallowvale[edit | edit source]

Vanescula is first seen by the adventurer during the quest The Darkness of Hallowvale, when doing a scouting mission for Safalaan. She, her brother and Vanstrom Klause drink some freshly tithed blood before flying away. Eventually Vanstrom Klause spots the adventurer and nearly kills the player but Vanescula's servant, Sarius Guile, stops him before doing so. Angered Vanstrom flies away and Sariues tells you that Vanescula has interest in a man named Safalaan.

Vanescula does not appear during Legacy of Seergaze but the creation of the Ivandis flail does increase her interest to The Myreque.

The Branches of Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

During The Branches of Darkmeyer Vanescula leaves an letter for Safalaan, that ask to meet him within Meiyerditch, inside a mysterious cave within a cave within Burgh de Rott. Salafaan then sends the player with Vertida and Mekritus to investigate, as it is to dangerous to go himself. When the player first meets her she had taken the disguised form of "Nessie" before revealing her true form. The Myreque attempt to attack her, but she simply teleports Vertida and Mekritus away. She tells the player that she wishes to take control over Darkmeyer, as Drakan is not doing much for the vyres, and she feels she could help them better. She wishes to help the Myreque to defeat her siblings Ranis Drakan and Lord Drakan, and has made the adventurer her "personal blood tithe" so other vyre's will no longer hinder the adventurer. She then helps the player get into Darkmeyer and go to the Blisterwood Tree, a tree which logs can be used to harm vampyres. She then gives another letter for Safalaan. She later helps the player to infiltrate in Darkmeyer and make the way to the Arboretum. She kills Ranis after he discovers the player's true identity, and blames it on the Myreque as there was a commotion outside to avoid any suspicion from them. At the end of the quest, if she is asked about Safalaan she will say she killed him, but then berates you for your gullibility, implying that she was simply lying. She seems to be fairly interested in Safalaan's life.

Once the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer is completed, player may speak to Vanescula in order to change their vampyric name.

The Lord of Vampyrium[edit | edit source]

During the quest The Lord of Vampyrium, Vanescula assists the Myreque in an attempt to take out Drakan. Their attempt fails and both her and Mornid are sent to the "Bloodletter" chamber, where their blood is slowly sapped and their wings wounded. The player manages to free the two of them and as they attempt to leave, Drakan stops them and throws his spear at Mornid, killing her and appearing to send Vanescula in a state of shock – later revealed to be a ploy to make the Myreque think she was genuinely helping them. After the player kills Drakan, she approaches Safalaan to "tell" him something, but instead bites him, to the remaining survivors' shock. After Safalaan falls to the ground, she explains that with his death, she now has Icyene blood in her and can go through the River Salve. With her learning Haemalchemy from Safalaan before seemingly killing him, the vampyre society will now need more people, giving the remaining more freedom. She plans to invade Misthalin so the vampyres can live like how they used to under the Zarosian Empire.

Vanescula takes Safalaan's blood.

Post-quest dialogue with the upper level sentinels after the Lord of Vampyrium shows that she is true to her word, as the nobles are eating well and the vyrewatch are more obedient under her rule compared to Drakan's. Talking to her will result in a short argument between the two as the player argues that she betrayed the Myreque and that she had to kill him, as she tells them that Safalaan would gladly die for his cause. In addition, she is credited by the vyres for killing Drakan, as the human-born vyres had heard that he was planning to kill them and thanks Vanescula for stopping his plans, even though the player killed him. She does not hold any grudge against the player regardless of the decision they decide when she will invade Misthalin.

River of Blood[edit | edit source]

During River of Blood, Vanescula sends a group of scouts which are killed by the player. After Drezel and Ivan help the player strengthen the Salve, she arrives and the player attempts to reason with her to no avail. She sends four Vampyre Juvinates which turn into feral vampyres much to her surprise. After a Wyrd appears, she orders it to leave, but it refuses and fatally wounds Drezel before the player routs it. She warns the humans that she will be back again soon before departing.

After the player performs several operations in Castle Drakan and strengthening the Salve even further with an extreme Guthix potion, Vanescula returns again and asks the player if Misthalin has decided to surrender. After she realises they won't surrender, she sends four Vyrewatch, presuming that they will be able to handle the Salve's power. Much to her surprise and shock, they turn back into humans. Safalaan, in Wyrd form, arrives. Vanescula orders him to kill them but he too turns back into a human. She orders her army to attack, but the werewolves rebel, stating that they smell the winds of defeat and leave. Safalaan and Efaritay reason with her to make an alliance, which she grudgingly accepts along with Aeonisig. Before leaving, she talks with the player, telling them about a time before nobility when House Drakan was narrowly defeated by House Jovkai. Lord Jovkai ordered the Drakans around, which she greatly resented. She managed to kill Jovkai through poisoned drinks, although it took her a year to accomplish this. She warns the player that it will happen to them if the alliance doesn't work out. She represented the Vampyre race in the quest, Desperate Times, somehow crossing the Salve by unknown means.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like most other vyres, Vanescula tends to be unimpressed with the human race, often rolling her eyes when talking with them. However, unlike most vyres that are glad with their lifestyle, Vanescula often likes change, as shown during the Branches of Darkmeyer where she helps the player obtain blisterwood logs to make weaponry, enchants Drakan's medallion for them and protects their cover by killing her brother.

It is unknown if Vanescula tries to do what is best for her people as a facade for other plans, as Drakan tells the player she will "betray them" before they kill him. When talking to Sentinel Plaugemanst after The Lord of Vampyrium, he tells the player that she stopped Drakan from executing his plans to kill all the human-born vyres. It is also revealed that in River of Blood, she hates losing.

Predecessor Title Successor
Lowerniel Drakan Ruler of Morytania Incumbent

Nessie[edit | edit source]

Nessie is a crying and scared child that comes out of a building during The Branches of Darkmeyer at a meeting point, supposedly arranged by Vanstrom Klause. When spoken to, however, Nessie reveals her identity and transforms into Vanescula Drakan.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 3 May 2016 (Update):
    • Players can once again change their vyre title and get advice from Vanescula on how to increase reputation with them after completing the quest River of Blood.
  • patch 10 August 2009 (Update):
    • Inconsistent spelling of "Drakan".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of The Lord of Vampyrium, Vanescula is the only Drakan sibling alive, after the deaths of her brothers Count Draynor, Lowerniel Drakan, and Ranis Drakan; the latter of whose death was directly caused by Vanescula herself.
  • Vanescula's examine text in vampyre form, "Don't move. Maybe she won't be able to see you." is a reference to the movie Jurassic Park. In the movie, it is believed that Tyrannosaurus had vision based around movement, and thus couldn't see prey if it didn't move. This prompts the protagonist to say a similar line when faced against the film's (female) Tyrannosaurus.
  • Vanescula is briefly controlled by the player after the fight with Vanstrom to defeat his bloodveld guardians.
  • Vanescula's combat level, according to Jagex's Top Trumps, is 205.
  • If you are wearing the upgraded Mask of Sliske during The Branches of Darkmeyer quest, it is possible to kill Vanescula. There is a chance of a wight ranger spawning when you attack her. Though it shows her combat level as 424, she only has 1 life point. After she pushes you back, the ranger will shoot and kill her, dropping bones. She will respawn after a short time, and you can talk to her.
  • Vanescula received a graphical update with the release of The Lord of Vampyrium.
  • Vanescula got stabbed twice by the Sunspear, both times it was done by a powerful royal vampyre, and after both times she fell from castle Drakan, also she helped to dispatch both of the stabbers.