Transcript of Desperate Times journal entry

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  • Seren has gathered a council of all the races and major alliances on Gielinor. She has revealed the threat of the Elder Gods and has encouraged us all to work together to find a solution.
  • Despite multiple attempts, the council could not come to a consensus on where and how to build the garden.
  • Kerapac arrived at the council meeting as the council failed to find a solution to Seren's plan to appease Bik. Kerapac explained how appeasing the Elder Gods cannot work. He instead proposed that we use the power of the Needle, an elder artefact with the power to turn back time. He proposed we could use this to put the Elder Gods back to sleep for a time. The council agreed with this plan and Kerapac asked me to join him. Thok decided that he would join me, we could not persuade him otherwise.
  • I met Kerapac and Thok at the Needle. Kerapac explained that he intends to use the Needle to reverse the flow of anima for the Elder Gods, preventing their eggs from hatching and keeping the Elder Gods asleep forever. Unfortunately he was unable to attune the Needle as the Needle's own consciousness fought against him. He has suggested that only one being on Gielinor has the skill to deal with such an obstruction. We are now on the hunt for Charos.
  • I followed a series of riddles which led me to the Varrock dig site, the Black Knight Fortress and Varrock Castle. At each of these locations I unlocked a part of the amulet. Now that the amulet is complete, I should be able to use it to reveal Charos's true form.
  • I used the amulet on Reldo and he revealed that he has been Charos in disguise for all this time.
  • Using the components I provided, Charos was able to complete his device and Kerapac took it for safekeeping.
  • Kerapac began to attune the Needle again. However he was interupted[sic] by Gail, the guardian of the Needle. The two of them fought, as a result of the battle I was thrust into a temporal instability.
  • I found myself in a temporal instability that reflected the death of Guthix and the rise and ultimate fall of Sliske's competition. I saw the Stone of Jas destroyed by Kerapac. I was able to find a way of attuning some of the power of the Needle from Gail to Kerapac.
  • I found myself in a temporal instability which showed me some of what led up to Sliske's grand summit during the eclipse. I saw the stone of Jas[sic] destroyed by Kerapac. I was able to attune more of the Needle's power to Kerapac.
  • As I attuned the last of the Needle's energy to Kerapac I realised I had made a terrible mistake. Kerapac's plan to defeat the Elder Gods involves a place called 'Orthen' and a 'Device'. It will stop the Elder Gods but it will destroy all life on Gielinor in the process.
  • Kerapac tricked us all. Using Charos's mental suppression device and the Staff of Armadyl, he siphoned the power from the Needle into himself. The mental suppression device prevented Kerapac from losing his memories and now he has all the powers of the Needle at his fingertips. He stole the Needle and fled to a strange shrouded island, most likely this 'Orthen' that he mentioned in the temporal instability.
  • I informed Seren and the council about Kerapac's plan and the threat to all life on Gielinor. The council are now looking into ways they can find Kerapac and formulating plans to stop him. Charos has decided he's going to come along with us and there's no way we're getting rid of Thok now.