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Not to be confused with Shadow enigma.
Kerapac is depicted unveiling his shadow anima device to the dragonkin.

Shadow anima is a type of energy or anima that is toxic to the Elder Gods,[1] and deters other gods.[2]

A long time ago, the Dactyl dragonkin Kerapac built a device capable of creating shadow anima using regular anima tapped directly from Gielinor's animasphere. However, this enraged the Elder Gods, who in response destroyed Orthen and enslaved the dragonkin, binding them to the Stone of Jas.

After restoring his laboratory using the Needle, Kerapac has been able to generate this substance by siphoning anima from the Nodon instead, knowing that tapping into the animasphere would alert the Elder Gods.[3] This time, however, Kerapac had repurposed his machine to destroy the Elder Gods by feeding shadow anima into the animasphere and corrupting it.[4]

According to Charos, when Guthix made the player the World Guardian, he also infused their soul with a carefully constructed enchantment of shadow anima, which is the reason that the gods cannot directly affect the player, as the shadow anima deters them.[2][5]

Shadow anima was a main feature of the quest Desperate Measures, being used by Kerapac to protect himself and his laboratory from the Elder Gods. Since the player's soul is infused with shadow anima, they were able to enter Kerapac's lab and turn off the pylons and defeat the black stone dragon so that Kerapac could be defeated directly by the Elder Gods. Without this protection that only the player had, they would have been torn apart.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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