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Lord Rologarth, 15th Lord of the North Coast, was the last leader of the Lordship of the North Coast in northern Morytania, currently reduced to Fenkenstrain's Castle. He was murdered long ago by Dr Fenkenstrain and his body was sold to the Hair of the Dog Inn in Canifis as meat. He is restored to power during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. After the quest he inhabits the castle once again, this time as a reanimated monster, while Dr Fenkenstrain locked himself in the highest tower in terror of the werewolves.

Lord Rologarth has a brother named Rologarric, to whom he sent a letter. In this letter, some light is shed upon how his servants were one by one fed to the vampyres due to Dr Fenkenstrain's manipulative advice.

History[edit | edit source]

Reign as Lord[edit | edit source]

A portrait depicting Charos's castle.

In the latter half of the eighteenth century of the Fourth Age, settlers from Misthalin flooded into northern Morytania, either oblivious to the danger posed by the vampyric overlords or preferring it over the dangers within Misthalin itself.[1] Among these settlements was the Lordship of the North Coast, a thriving community based around a large castle north of Mort Myre. This castle had actually been property of Charos, a skilled human diplomat and servant in service of Lord Drakan himself.[2] It is said, however, that Charos eventually fell from grace, his castle lost to him.[3] Thus the castle eventually came under the rule of the Lords of the North Coast, who also obtained the ring of Charos and kept is as a family heirloom. This ring had the power to bend weaker minds to one's will, as well as being able to trick werewolves into thinking the wearer is one of them.

At the dawn of the Fifth Age, however, Drakan and his vampyres finally took notice of the settlers of northern Morytania and immediately took control, imposing blood tithes and vampyric rulers governing the settlements for Drakan. Only two major settlements were able to resist; Port Phasmatys was protected by the Ectofuntus but subsequently fell under the rule of an evil priest and sorcerer from the Eastern Lands, Necrovarus. The other was the Lordship of the North Coast, which remained sovereign.[4] It has been implied that the ring of Charos was involved with the Lords' ability to resist vampyric oppression.[5] Following the successive rulerships of Lords Rologray, Rolovanne and Rolomere, Rologarth came to rule as the fifteenth Lord of the North Coast at some point.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Living among the many residents of the Lordship was Rologarth's castle doctor, Fenkenstrain. He convinced Lord Rologarth that the vampyres were gaining in strength and that their hunger would require sating before they could end the Lordship's existence.[6] He advised the lord to gift one of his people to the vampyres for tithing, with which Rologarth complied.[7] Soon, however, Fenkenstrain kept advising that more and more people be given to the vampyres, and Rologarth sent them into the Haunted Woods, one by one, where they were taken by the vampyres. The castle gardener, Ed Lestwit, was tasked with the digging of their graves, until none but the three of them remained in the castle.[8] Finally, Fenkenstrain murdered Lestwit as well, leaving only the lord for him to get rid of.[9]

At this point, Rologarth realised his foolishness and also began to suspect that Fenkenstrain had made a deal with the vampyres to sell them the castle's inhabitants in return for possession of the castle itself.[10] By then, Rologarth considered himself consigned to death and wrote a letter to his brother Rologarric, who had fled ten years prior, confessing what he had done. Soon enough, Fenkenstrain killed Rologarth as well, selling his body to the werewolves of Canifis and taking the ring of Charos for himself, as well as the castle.

Return to power[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Creature of Fenkenstrain.

Doctor Fenkenstrain continued to rule the castle until 169 of the Fifth Age, when he hired a passing adventurer to do some jobs for him, as he was trying to reanimate a corpse. He had them collect the various body parts required, as well as repair the castle's lightning conductor, which he would require to bring his creature to life. However, unfortunately for him, the brains the adventurer had collected from the Hair of the Dog in Canifis were actually Lord Rologarth's, placed inside Lestwit's head, dug up from the latter's grave. Upon successfully bringing the 'monster', whose limbs were some of Rologarth's ancestors', back to life, Fenkenstrain was unable to control it, but managed to trick it into ascending to the castle's highest tower, where he locked it inside, before tasking the adventurer with its destruction.

Upon encountering the monster, which retained Lord Rologarth's mind and memories, however, the adventurer found out the truth behind what had happened, and that Fenkenstrain had lied about finding the castle abandoned. They then discreetly stole the ring of Charos from Fenkenstrain and reinstated Rologarth, in his undead form, as Lord of the castle, albeit without any other residents, save the ghost of Ed Lestwit. Meanwhile, the utterly panic-stricken doctor fled to the castle tower himself, fearing that the werewolves would come for him any moment.

Fenkenstrain survived the ordeal, as his brain-transplanting services would be required by the same adventurer some time later in an affair with zombie pirates on the island of Harmony.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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