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Vicendithas is a Dactyl Dragonkin, the eldest son of Kerapac and the elder brother of Diddykin. He is the indirect creator of the gemstone dragons.

History[edit | edit source]

He is the firstborn son of Kerapac. Like the rest of the Dragonkin, he hid during The Great Revision in the Abyss, and was subsequently bound to the Stone of Jas afterwards.

His scribblings show some of his past and the unstable relationship he has with his father. When he asked for room in his father's fortress for experimentation, he was given the basement, much to his annoyance, but managed. He stole a vial of his father's blood and a white dragon egg to conduct his first experiment, with Kerapac pinning the blame on Forcae when he found they were missing.

With the vial of blood and the egg, he infuses it with elven crystal and created a crystalline dragon, calling it his own "daughter". The dragon offspring impressed him, as he noted her quick maturity and intelligence growth. He put her in an observation area that is now the present day edimmu resource dungeon. One day, he was shocked when he found the dragon had matured into an adolescent with six eggs that she inseminated herself. He had hoped for the eggs to hatch into crystalline dragons, but was surprised when they hatched into gemstone dragons instead. The offspring were embedded with onyx, hydrix and an unknown gem that had never been found before. He decided to call the unknown substance "dragonstone" in honour of his daughter.

Eventually, Kerapac came down and saw the dragon and her offspring. He was impressed by her ability to change sexes at will and demanded to have it along with a few eggs. Vicendithas viewed this equal to dissecting and refused. Fearing for both his creation and her offspring, whom he had come to see as family, he opted to hide them from Kerapac. He hid her offspring in an ancient cavern with precious stones, and personally hid his daughter in a location that only he knows of, adamantly refusing to let Kerapac have her.

Sometime after this, Kerapac invited Vicendithas to work for him along with Phalaks in order to create a dragon strong enough to seal or destroy Kranon. Vicendithas looked forward to this as an opportunity to mend his relationship with his father, but found to his disappointment that Kerapac had not changed since the last time they had met.

Unlike the other Dragonkin who treated their creations as mere tools for research, Vicendithas is more partial to the dragons, showing sentiment towards them. He gave the first celestial dragon the name Astellarn, much to the disapproval of his peers. When Astellarn became crazed due to being infused with Abyssal magic, he planned to euthanise her to put her out of her misery, but by the time she returned to the laboratory, Vicendithas and every other Dragonkin working there had already left due to principal experiment growing out of control.

He later appears in Sliske's Endgame, as part of his father's entourage alongside Esskon, Skalekith, Torkuss, and Kalethax. They attempted to sabotage the game with little success, doing minor structural damage to some walls within the maze.

Afterwards he also appears in Curse of the Black Stone as part of his father's entourage on Mount Firewake on Kethsi.

In one of Kerapac's memories during Desperate Times, Vicendithas is seen arguing with him, inquiring about the veracity of Orthen's existence. Upon learning that his father intends to sacrifice Gielinor's anima to permanently put the Elder Gods to sleep at the cost of all life on the planet, Vicendithas voices his opposition to the plan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Vicendithas seems to have a rather poor working relationship with Phalaks, whom he describes as "damnable" and a "lying snake". Phalaks, in turn, is dismissive of Vicendithas' ethics.