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Left Inquisition Profiles is an item used during the City of Senntisten quest. It is the item version of the Inquisition Journal on the desk in Inquisition headquarters. It was written by Sliske.[1]

This book can be stored in the bookcase of a player-owned house. It's not classified as a quest item there.

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Inquisition Matters
The Shadow Warrior
The Priest King
The Split Soul

Inquisition Matters

The persons herein are of interest to the Inquisition, be they potential agents, assets or simply dissidents to keep an eye on. Trindine, if you require access to the ward, use the names of these top four persons of interest. Ensure you reactivate the protective magicks once you are done.

The Shadow Warrior

TITUS - Now, this is an interesting one. One of my very own praetorians has made a difficult journey from the southern fort of Kharid-et (which he claims is now fallen), through leagues of enemy-held territory. Somehow, he snuck back into Senntisten unseen - even by my watchful eyes.

Titus Damis is no longer human, but is now a shadow of his former self - quite literally! How intriguing. If I'd have known what prolonged exposure to shadow magic did to a human, I might have found more use for them beyond entertainment. This does give me some ideas...

During his debriefing, I got the distinct impression he has a chip on his shoulder. Something about being 'left behind', 'cut off from the capital[sic]' and 'abandoned to his fate'. His anger needs to be directed elsewhere. I have sent him Azzanadra's way. I shall watch his actions closely. This should be fun.

The Priest King

DAGRODA - This little pontifex has started to develop ideas above his station. He sees the hole left by Azzanadra, who flits between brief visits to the capital to keep the masses calm and then back out to the front lines as part of the Empire's war effort. Indeed, Azzanadra is starting to resemble Zaros at his worse (before the fall, of course).

Dagroda has started referring to him as The Empty Priest in jest. This is dissidence, plain and clear. His loose tongue rightfully earns him time in 'the Chair', but I think I've found a better use for him.

I intend to feed him some contacts. If I am a good judge of character (and I am), then he will no doubt take the bait and make some sort of deal to move his rival off the board. Once he seizes power, I will have little trouble in coercing him into doing my bidding.

The Split Soul

CASTYX & GREADY - I find the comings and goings of demonkind to be quite the bore, but there is something to be said for demonic multiples (twins, triplets, etc). They are, of course, a rare anomaly: a 'difficult birth' from the Heart of Dis that sees a single soul split into multiple physical forms. The separate entities present independent personalities, but they are linked by an unspoken (and unbreakable) pact. They have the ability to communicate over vast distances, and to form unspoken plans in the blink of an eye. They also form a fierce loyalty to one another.

Some demonic twins have fallen into my orbit recently and I intend to keep tabs on their exploits - Castyx the Lascivious and Gready the Corpulent. While I find their self-important titling to be insufferable, but[sic] it gives a clear signal of where pressure can be applied. Perhaps, through their appetites, I can find some leverage over them and have them work for the 'good of the Empire'. They would make for excellent spies.

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