City of Senntisten

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City of Senntisten is a quest which was announced at RuneFest 2019.

When announcing the quest, Mod Mark stated:

Senntisten, the greatest city in Gielinor. The jewel in Zaros’ crown. A village before his arrival, with a thousand demons at his call they could do little to resist him. He conquered all, his city growing in power. It’s towering statues and golden streets teeming with life, from infernal imp to dazzling dragon. Such a magnificent sight would attract attention though. Many, many gods would seek that prize. Like Zamorak, the betrayer, who moved in like a serpent. Or, Saradomin who’s ambitions were so great, he flattened the city and rebuilt it, moving in with his unlikely allies of Bandos, the Warmonger, and Armadyl, the lord of Justice. Until all the gods were cast out. And, when they came back - it was hardly a jewel anymore. They had other things to worry about than where to nest. Well, not quite all of them.

Now we started this tale with heroes, villains and family. About our children being our greatest treasure, but children are ambitious. Mah’s children, more than most. And all threads in that tapestry eventually lead back to him. To Zaros. His ambitions are the greatest, to become an Elder God himself. He sees it as his birthright, but sometimes a good parent must just say no. Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a child who accepted that. Most children will sneak behind their parents back, sticking to the shadows. Fun at the time, but a nightmare if you’re caught. Because playing with shadows will always come back to haunt you. But imagine if you will, creeping through those layers of Senntisten. Layers of a delicious historical sandwich. Unearthing the bounty from each age of occupation. Imagine the secrets that lie within, and the terrors that were left there to rot. And with no risk, there’s no reward. Worth a shot, heroes? I expect so.

— Mod Mark

Relative to the timeline presented by Mod Osborne at RuneFest 2019, 'City of Senntisten' was the final update to be released prior to the Elder God Wars Dungeon. In a recent interview, Mod Osborne stated that the Elder God Wars Dungeon would take place in a 'buried' city[1]. This may be Senntisten.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ 'We have several quests and mini-quests that build up to their arrival, and then we launch the Elder God Wars Dungeon, a huge experience in a buried city, where the player will confront these gods with their friends and allies.'