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City of Senntisten is a quest which was initially announced at RuneFest 2019. During this quest, the World Guardian ventures into the lost capital of the Zarosian Empire, Senntisten.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Uncover the mysteries of the Varrock dig site and descend into the shadowy depths of Senntisten, the lost capital of the Zarosian empire.

But be wary, adventurer - City of Senntisten represents your last chance to bolster your defences and weaken the Elder Gods before they launch a full assault on Gielinor, and danger lurks in every shadow. Will you be able to unite the gods of Gielinor and transform the city into the fortress it needs to be?

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting off[edit | edit source]

Ariane chathead.png
Azzanadra, Ariane, and Charos within the Elder Halls.

Speak to Ariane outside of the Heart of Gielinor. She will be relieved to see that you are well following the Battle of the Monolith. Due to Zaros' tampering with the Codex, the eggs have now begun to hatch and they must be stopped lest The Great Revision prematurely starts. Ariane will tell you that she found Reldo to help with research and brings you inside the Elder Halls.

Charos will be amazed by the amount of anima in the Elder Halls, but they need to find a way to move the eggs out of the halls and drain them of the shadow anima to stall them from hatching. However, you have no idea on how to do so, before Azzanadra teleports in. Having no orders for the first time in thousands of years, he still believes Zaros is doing the right thing but wishes to atone for his earlier deception. With his new power, he can assist in moving the eggs.

Azzanadra explains that the Elder Gods must physically touch their eggs to make them hatch and if they cannot reach them, will send forces to claim the eggs. He does not know who they will send apart from the TokHaar, but warns that they will be very powerful. The eggs must be kept safe from their forces at all costs, and the battle must be away from the common people. Azzanadra will then suggest the recent discovery of Senntisten to hide the eggs, as it is remote and easy to defend. He will teleport away, asking you to meet him in Guildmaster Tony's office in the Archaeology Guild.

Planning out[edit | edit source]

Dr Nabanik chathead.png

Azzanadra will be disguised as Dr Nabanik on the balcony of Archaeology Guild's 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. Azzanadra will be conflicted with his duties, as while you have helped him many times in the past, it is the first time he has betrayed your trust, and he wishes to regain it. While he can move the eggs, he will also need the help of the other gods in draining the shadow anima; he will ask you to find and convince Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren, Zamorak, and Icthlarin, knowing that they will try to protect Gielinor, and, in the case of Saradomin and Zamorak, empower themselves.

Armadyl can be found atop his tower between Port Sarim and the Clan Camp. He will agree to help without knowing of the full plan, as he can see the situation is bad enough based on your expressions. Because of Seren's growing influence on the council, he had decided to take a short reprieve and returned to Abbinah.

Icthlarin, Seren, and Zamorak (via Moia) can all be reached through Council of Burthorpe. Icthlarin will not work with the Mahjarrat due to the previous grievances by Sliske, but he will help find another solution. Seren is also reluctant to help, but chooses to nonetheless as she must clean up her brother's mistakes. For Zamorak, speak to Moia to have her teleport you to his hideout; using the communication device will not work.

Zamorak has anticipated your arrival. While he could have intervened at the mysterious monolith, he explains that he had to return to Infernus to quell an uprising of Zarosian loyalists, believing them to be a part of Zaros' plan to keep him away from Gielinor. He will gladly assist, as he does not want to miss out on free power and wonders what has become of Azzanadra, having heard of his ascension before having you leave. If you ask him to do so for you, he will teleport you to the northern area of Daemonheim.

Saradomin will be in the White Knights' Castle as usual. While he is skeptical of Azzanadra's involvement, he believes that his eyes have been opened now that Zaros has abandoned him. He will ask you where the defence will be staged, and learn from you that it will be at Senntisten. While he is skeptical at first due to being there in its destruction, you tell him that an intact section has been discovered. He will then head there and offer aid if he is convinced of its defences.

With everyone accounted for, return to Azzanadra at the Archaeology Guild. Azzanadra will be upset that Icthlarin is not willing to help, but you explain to him that he is looking for other solutions, which he will accept as a substitute.

Ruin exploring[edit | edit source]

Items needed: A mattock (tool belt works) and a dragonstone
Items recommended: Signs of the porter or grace of the elves for banking archaeological materials
Azzanadra (deity) chathead.png

Head north-west to the entrance of Senntisten (south-west from the mansion from Broken Home, and east of Tolna's rift) and enter the ancient door. Azzanadra will have you excavate what is left to enter the city.

Excavating the entrance to the city.

Excavate the forum entrance, which clears upon excavating 25 materials. Speak to Azzanadra, who informs you that a Pontifex Maximus figurine is needed to enter this area of the city. Inspect the empty pedestal to find a damaged one and restore it. If you need materials, you can talk to Azzanadra and then to Intern Jimmy for the materials, but you will need to supply the dragonstone. Then return and place it in. The barrier will then dissipate; follow Azzanadra, who will walk over to the cathedral. If you lose or destroy the Pontifex Maximus figurine, you will need to excavate and restore another one from Kharid-et chapel debris at the Kharid-et Dig Site.

Azzanadra teleports the elder god eggs into the cathedral.

Talk to Azzanadra, who is willing to tell you some of the section's history. This was one of the few areas where Zarosian loyalists held out until the city was buried. He also mentions there is an avernic arsenal, a blood bank, and the Inquisition headquarters as some of the more notable areas. Allow Azzanadra to teleport the eggs in. With no way back now that the eggs have been teleported, Azzanadra states that there are four magical wards to be set up that will help protect the eggs further. He explains that he suspects that the Ancient Magicks have come from somewhere else, and as such, believes that it will serve as an extra barrier against the Elder Gods in place of a barrier of shadow anima. He will tell you to look for the first one, which is inside the cathedral.

Search the bookcases, chests, crates, and pews in the cathedral to find one light globe. Inform Azzanadra that you cannot find anything outside of the globes, and he will remember there was a building outside in the western part of the city that contained a spare. Azzanadra will warn you that the shadows of the capital are real, and advises you bring some food before you try looking for the wards. If you have not done so, get some combat gear and a large amount of high-healing food.

The four wards[edit | edit source]

All of the wards will be found in the western part of the city. While in the shadows (not nearby a lit light pedestal or inside a building), a Shadows of the Empire debuff will be occasionally applied. This debuff deals damage periodically that further intensifies as more stacks are accumulated. The debuff stack will decrease when you are within a lit light pedestal or inside a building. The light pedestals may be lit by placing a light globe on them. Deaths here are considered safe, overriding active signs; Azzanadra will get you back into the cathedral, but any wards you have will be lost and need to be reclaimed again.

If you are carrying a ward when you near the pedestals where the light globes can be placed, the ward will extinguish the light, so keep moving. Open buildings are already illuminated and will not be extinguished no matter what so can be used to clear stacks even when carrying wards. There are several light globes in some of the western wing's buildings, enough to cover almost all of the pedestals, but it is not necessary to obtain them all to complete the quest.

It is highly recommended to bring lots of food, an item with the Mobile perk and dual-wielded melee weapons to use Bladed Dive. Powerbursts of acceleration can also be helpful, notably for returning to the cathedral with the shadow ward. The shadow damage can also be reduced by the passive effect of Saradomin or Zamorak warpriest armour, leviathan ring, or by the Lucky perk, though this should not be relied upon due to the low activation chance of these effects.

Teleporting outside of the city will have the wards disappear from your backpack.

The wards can be delivered to Azzanadra in any order, but only one can be carried at a time. Wards are delivered to Azzanadra by talking to him with one in backpack.

The blood ward[edit | edit source]

The blood ward is kept in the blood bank which can be found in the second northernmost building in the southern section of the western wing. There will be a closed off section with a blood bottle nearby; inspect it. This will allow the old desk and pile of books on the counter to be searchable. Upstairs you will find an additional light globe. Search the pile of books by the entrance desk for a handwritten note, and the old desk for the checklist.

Head to the northern section of the western part of the city and enter the house with the bloodied note inside. Search the ransacked desk to find a Blood Bank Ledger and read it; you will realise that someone was taking more blood than usual. The puzzle requires to add the correct amounts of blood to the blood bottle to unlock the door to the blood ward. The solution is found by first noting the day 478 stock take from the ledger:

  • 17 bottles of animal blood
  • 3 and 1/8 bottles of aviansie blood
  • 2 and 4/8 bottles of demon blood
  • 1 bottle of dragon blood
  • 4 and 4/8 bottles of dwarf blood
  • 2 bottles of giant blood
  • 1 bottle of goblin blood
  • 14 and 6/8 bottles of human blood
  • 6 and 5/8 bottles of unicorn blood

Next, apply the steps in the checklist to obtain the following quantities:

  • 17 bottles of animal blood
  • 2 bottles of aviansie blood
  • 2 and 4/8 bottles of demon blood
  • 1 bottle of dragon blood
  • 4 and 4/8 bottles of dwarf blood
  • 2 bottles of giant blood
  • 1 bottle of goblin blood
  • 15 bottles of human blood
  • 6 bottles of unicorn blood

Then, subtract the withdrawals for day 479 found in the ledger to obtain the following quantities:

  • 15 bottles of animal blood
  • 1 and 1/8 bottles of aviansie blood
  • 2 bottles of demon blood
  • 0 bottles of dragon blood
  • 4 and 1/8 bottles of dwarf blood
  • 2 bottles of giant blood
  • 1 bottle of goblin blood
  • 11 and 6/8 bottles of human blood
  • 5 and 4/8 bottles of unicorn blood

Then, add the deposits for day 479 found in the ledger to obtain the following quantities:

  • 15 bottles of animal blood
  • 2 and 1/8 bottles of aviansie blood
  • 2 bottles of demon blood
  • 2 bottles of dragon blood
  • 4 and 1/8 bottles of dwarf blood
  • 2 bottles of giant blood
  • 1 bottle of goblin blood
  • 12 and 6/8 bottles of human blood
  • 5 and 4/8 bottles of unicorn blood

Comparing these values to the stock take for day 479 in the ledger, you will find the missing blood to be 2/8 bottles of aviansie and human blood, 1/8 bottles of dragon blood, and 3/8 bottles of unicorn blood. The bottles of blood that need to be added can be found by searching the shelves. From these bottles the blood is added to the blood bottle by the door 1/8 bottle at a time, so use the aviansie and human bottles of blood twice, dragon bottle of blood once, and unicorn bottle of blood thrice to unlock the door. The bottles of blood can be used in any order.

Fighting the Blood Warden.

The lock will then activate and release a level 114 Blood Warden who has 50,000 life points. Despite being a vyre, he can be harmed with any weapon. He has no weakness, and attacks using only melee with minor magic damage. The blood warden will heal when his life points gets low up to two times, so be prepared to outdamage his healing or to endure the equivalent of an up to 150,000 life point boss. In addition, he will heal from any damage-over-time abilities that hit him, so avoid using them; this can be aided by either temporarily removing them from your Revolution rotation or simply using full manual. Legacy mode is not recommended unless you have a strong special attack weapon to finish him off as you may not be able to outpace his healing otherwise. Deathtouched darts work on him. When the blood warden is dead, you can remove the blood ward from the pedestal. To leave the room, activate the blood bottle. Deliver the ward to Azzanadra in the cathedral.

The ice ward[edit | edit source]

The ice ward can be found on the pedestal south-west from the western cathedral door, after the second set of steps. Deliver the ward to Azzanadra in the cathedral.

The shadow ward[edit | edit source]

The shadow ward is found in the Inquisitor's headquarters that is located in the far north of the northern section of the western part of the city. Head inside and try to take the ward from the pedestal. You will find that there is a magical barrier stopping you from taking it.

Drawer puzzle

Go upstairs and take the Inquisition Profiles, a book written by Sliske, sitting on the desk. Read the book to find the four names that are the key to dispelling the barrier. Make sure to complete the dialogue after reading the book or the quest will not progress. If needed, there is a light globe available in this room, and another next to the shadow ward downstairs. There are drawers in the room corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. Before you start the puzzle, make sure that all of the drawers are closed by pressing the suspicious dial. The puzzle requires you to have the correct drawers open. This can be achieved by spelling the names Titus, Dagroda, Castyx, and Gready found in the Inquisition Profiles by opening or closing the drawers corresponding to each letter in these names.

The drawers should look like this when done, with the red squares representing the open ones:


Once this configuration is met, you will feel that the magic surrounding the ward is dispelled. Go downstairs and take the shadow ward from the pedestal. If you made a mistake, then press the suspicious dial again to reset the puzzle and make sure that the drawers are configured as described above.

If you allow the damage to stack while delivering the ward to the cathedral, there is a high probability that the Shadows of the Empire debuff will do enough damage to kill you in a single hit before you reach the cathedral. You can stop inside the building halfway to the cathedral with the light globes on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] (marked with a yellow square on the map) to clear the stack. Alternatively, you can use a powerburst of acceleration to quickly get back to the cathedral without needing to stop.

The smoke ward[edit | edit source]

Engaging a gargoyle after luring it into the proximity of a light globe.

The smoke ward can be found on the pedestal in the avernic arsenal south-west from the cathedral annex where the ice ward was located. Upon getting close, four gargoyle sentinels will animate and fly off, with one of them summoning a barrier to protect the ward. The player fails to identify which of the gargoyle sentinels placed the barrier and needs to kill all four to break it. Each gargoyle sentinel is level 127 with 25,000 life points, and is weak to water spells. It is recommended to place a light globe on a light pedestal near the gargoyle you are about to fight, and if they are out of the safety of the light, to lure them towards a lit light pedestal. Alternatively, hit the gargoyle sentinel and run inside a building so you do not sustain extra damage from the Shadows of the Empire debuff.

As gargoyles, you will need a Slayer level of 75 and a rock hammer in your inventory or tool belt to finish them off. First attack on the gargoyle will use the rock hammer to smash the statue. Right click on gargoyle and choose attack to activate fighting with the style of your choice. When the gargoyle is down to one health, right click gargoyle again and choose smash option to defeat (activating the rock hammer again). Alternatively, if the killing blows ability for gargoyles has been purchased with Slayer points, the finishing rock hammer smash will be automatically activated. Deathtouched darts don't work on the gargoyle sentinels.

The gargoyle sentinels can be found in the following locations:

  • Right outside the avernic arsenal
  • West of the previous location
  • In the marketplace area, in the open area to the far north
  • South-west of the previous location, near the colosseum gateway

Once all four gargoyle sentinels have been killed, the smoke ward can be taken from the pedestal and delivered to Azzanadra.

After delivering wards[edit | edit source]

After giving Azzanadra the first ward, Seren will teleport in, upset with Azzanadra's actions as it will rile the Elder Gods. Azzanadra states that he is following orders. Nonetheless, Seren will protect the eggs, informing Azzanadra that Helwyr and his cadre of elite warriors are on the way to the city. Azzanadra will also forgive Seren for her actions, as while it may have endangered the Mahjarrat, he has come to the realization that it has strengthened them, and that the Mahjarrat would have been extinct long ago if she had not done so.

After giving Azzanadra the second ward, Saradomin will teleport in. While he does not agree with the Zarosians, he knows that Zaros has abandoned his followers and that Azzanadra is not as zealous as he once was, despite the Mahjarrat's insistence otherwise. Saradomin knows that his people cannot defend themselves from cosmic threats, and such falls to him to do so, while his people defend their own lands. Saradomin also insists that Azzanadra make the most of the Temple Knights he took from him, and that Commander Zilyana will be coming to assist.

After giving Azzanadra the third ward, Zamorak will teleport in. He will sarcastically state that he is glad to now have a new competitor and tells him when he ascended, he felt Zaros' loyalty aura fading. He has also called for both K'ril Tsutsaroth and the Twin Furies to assist in the defence. Azzanadra insists that he remains loyal to Zaros, but Zamorak tells him to mull over it and that he should think for himself. Zamorak and Saradomin will be upset with each others' presence, but Azzanadra tells them not to ignite their rivalries, lest they deal with three malformed elder hatchlings and four vengeful parents. Knowing that the entire universe is at stake and not wanting to bring calamity upon their followers, both gods reluctantly agree.

With the final ward given, Armadyl will arrive. He does not wish to lead his people to another war and has sent them back to their homeworld, much to Azzanadra's consternation as not even the Abyss will be safe in The Great Revision. Armadyl states that he wants his people to live in peace regardless of what happens and that there is more to being a god than being a tactician, but Kree'arra will be joining them due to his insistence on taking action.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

The five gods and three elder god eggs.

With all the preparations done, Kerapac will appear as a projection. He states that while he would have gladly assisted in the plan, the World Guardian's intervention during Desperate Measures has taken his freedom of choice and turned him into a servant of Jas. The Elder Gods are not pleased with the actions taken by the World Guardian and the gods, and are preparing their forces for an assault on the cathedral to reclaim the eggs by force. Kerapac finds it ironic that his role has been switched with the role of the World Guardian during their last encounter, and informs the gathered party that he is coming with his army before disappearing.

The gods realise that, as suspected, the Elder Gods are sending their forces instead of personally intervening. Since the gods need someone to coordinate their own unified defence, Seren suggests Azzanadra should do so. He begrudgingly agrees, reassuring you that he and the others will do their best to hold the Elder Gods' forces off for as long as they can, expressing faith that you can find a solution before all is lost. As a reward for your efforts, he will teach you four new Ancient Magicks spells. Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

City of Senntisten reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

City of Senntisten (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete this Master quest.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

City of Senntisten is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

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Art[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Development history[edit | edit source]

The quest was initially announced at RuneFest 2019. When announcing the quest, Mod Mark stated:

Senntisten, the greatest city in Gielinor. The jewel in Zaros’ crown. A village before his arrival, with a thousand demons at his call they could do little to resist him. He conquered all, his city growing in power. Its towering statues and golden streets teeming with life, from infernal imp to dazzling dragon. Such a magnificent sight would attract attention, though. Many, many gods would seek that prize. Like Zamorak, the betrayer, who moved in like a serpent. Or, Saradomin, whose ambitions were so great, he flattened the city and rebuilt it, moving in with his unlikely allies of Bandos, the Warmonger, and Armadyl, the lord of Justice. Until all the gods were cast out. And, when they came back - it was hardly a jewel anymore. They had other things to worry about than where to nest. Well, not quite all of them.

Now we started this tale with heroes, villains and family. About our children being our greatest treasure, but children are ambitious. Mah’s children, more than most. And all threads in that tapestry eventually lead back to him. To Zaros. His ambitions are the greatest, to become an Elder God himself. He sees it as his birthright, but sometimes a good parent must just say no. Now, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a child who accepted that. Most children will sneak behind their parents back, sticking to the shadows. Fun at the time, but a nightmare if you’re caught. Because playing with shadows will always come back to haunt you. But imagine if you will, creeping through those layers of Senntisten. Layers of a delicious historical sandwich. Unearthing the bounty from each age of occupation. Imagine the secrets that lie within, and the terrors that were left there to rot. And with no risk, there’s no reward. Worth a shot, heroes? I expect so.

— Mod Mark

Relative to the timeline presented by Mod Osborne at RuneFest 2019, 'City of Senntisten' was the final update to be released prior to the Elder God Wars Dungeon. In an interview on 4 January 2021, Mod Osborne stated that the Elder God Wars Dungeon would take place in a 'buried' city.[4] This may be Senntisten.

On 11 June 2021, a livestream was held to announce the release date of the quest. The stream was a 36-minute drawing timelapse of art by KillerFishy commissioned by Jagex. The timelapse was followed by an official looping animation of a Senntisten cathedral and the title and release date of the City of Senntisten quest. On 12 June it was revealed on the game's social media channels that the completion of the quest will award new Ancient Magicks spells and that more about the update will be revealed during a stream on 16 June.[5]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 3 May 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue where leaving Senntisten would show the 'You abandon the siege engine' message.
  • patch 7 February 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from progressing in the City of Senntisten Blood Ward if that player was in a Friend Chat with lootshare enabled.
  • patch 5 July 2021 (Update):
    • Smoke Cloud has been added to Borrowed Power.
    • Reduced the effectiveness of the spell by 60% for ranged and melee hits.
      • Ranged/Melee: Critical hit cap 112% -> 104.8%. Critical strike damage 15% -> 6%.
    • Trimmed Masterwork Armour's bleed set effect will no longer be reduced by the Animate Dead spell.
  • patch 28 June 2021 (Update):
    • Balancing pass to reduce Exsanguinate Rune Costs
    • Incite Fear and Exsanguinate stacks are no longer lost when transitioning between some boss phases
    • The Animated Dead spell buff is no longer lost when teleporting to some places
    • Fixed an issue causing Wrack and Ruin to deal slightly more damage to stunned targets than the intended amount listed in the tooltip
    • Removed some unintended combat messaging from the spell Incite Fear

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Blood Bank Ledger, there are entries to the name of S. and D. Salvatore, which refers to Stefan and Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries universe.
  • After completing the quest, the western area of the city remains accessible with all of the light pillars lit.
  • In the cutscene at the Heart of Gielinor, Ariane is depicted wielding her staff, which she does not in-game.
  • At the Heart of Gielinor, when the player character suggests randomly teleporting the elder god eggs, Charos and Ariane both ridicule the idea, mentioning how an enemy could easily steal it. This is a reference to the previous history of the Stone of Jas, with the Stone being teleported by the player and their allies at the end of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, only to be subsequently discovered by Sliske.
  • In the Inquisition headquarters a mask and shadow glaive identical to those used by Gregorovic can be found. Their examine texts and the dialogue with Light and Shadow Voices upon entering the building may suggest that Gregorovic has been in the building just before the player arrived. Due to the events of Twilight of the Gods, this is made more likely by the fact that Gregorovic was in Senntisten soon after the Senntisten Asylum was invaded, near the end of the Elder God Wars.
  • The quest contains a number of references to past quests involving Azzanadra. Like Desert Treasure, it involves four gems related to ancient element, which can be obtained in any order. Additionally, Blood Warden, who needs to be fought to obtain blood ward, uses a character model based on Dessous, who needed to be defeated to obtain blood diamond, while shadow ward puzzle references Damis, who in turn protected the shadow diamond. The light globes placed on the pedestals are a possible reference to heat globes featured in The Temple at Senntisten and Ritual of the Mahjarrat, which also needed to be moved between pedestals.
  • The Blood Warden's voice lines foreshadow the four fronts from the Elder God Wars Dungeon.
  • One of the dialogues with Shadow Voice is paraphrasing a popular scene from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, involving Palpatine ordering Anakin Skywalker to kill Count Dooku. Additionally, the name of the damaging debuff, Shadows of the Empire, may be a reference to the Star Wars multimedia project with the same name.
  • The encounter with Lord Drakan Azzanadra mentions occurred in the now-removed Lore and History, The Old Blood.
  • Near the western edge of the city, a house can be found with a bedroom featuring a padded rack, a chair full of (fake) spikes, and shackles on the wall. Hovering the mouse over said shackles reveals that they are "Zemouregal's bedroom shackles", suggesting that the room might have once belonged to him. Mod Rowley later denied this though, claiming that it was an oversight due to assets being reused from Dimension of Disaster (but that his real bedroom weren't too far from this).[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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