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Skeka is an Aughra dragonkin mentioned by Daraval, a Nodon Dragonkin, in Desperate Measures. She was a dedicated scientist, who studied physiology, biology and chemistry until the curse from the Stone of Jas set in.

History[edit | edit source]

Skeka survived the Great Revision like most of her fellow dragonkin by hiding in the Abyss. Upon settling on Gielinor, Skeka immediately began working on the local fauna surrounding their new city, Orthen. She often worked alongside Varanus, helping them refine their hunting skills. She classified the smaller dinosaurs (feral, venomous, ripper and hypnotic dinosaurs) as varanusaurs, who are present to this day as Slayer targets and raised animals in the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm. Most notably, she reversed the hypnotic trait from the hypnotic dinosaur, allowing Varanus to take them as hunting companions for larger quarries.

She classified the Raksha as a Hellebores rex, as a nod to a similarly deadly plant she had found on the island. Varnarus was killed capturing the dinosaur. Skeka mourned their death, as they had aided her in her studies, which she likewise returned. She was given ownership of Varanus' pet dinosaur, but when she took it to his crypt for a visit, it chose to remain and die next to its master.

Following Varanus' death, Skeka continued working, eventually discovering and researching new elements - mind, body, cosmic, and astral. These findings were then used by the rest of the dragonkin to improve their lives, such as increasing their hibernation time and holding memories. Kranon was also sent to help her team as spiritual assistance. Despite her initial misgivings, Skeka began to appreciate Kranon's services, as he proved himself to be helpful and comforting. As time passed, Kranon noted that she was acting suspiciously and began to track them under his elder's orders, wondering what she was hiding from the rest of her team.

It is later revealed that Skeka and the other Aughra's ability to subtly insert their will over weaker-minded individuals had grown as a result of their time in the Abyss. She informed Maragan of this, who told her of other Aughra sharing a similar experience and suggested they refine it. Skeka requested a new team, different from her research one, secretly building a ritual site south of Orthen's bazaar.

Despite the name, the ritual site was simply a place for Skeka and her team to relax and increase their consciousness, when one of the acolytes brought in a test salamander and projected his mind into it. Even though it lasted for several seconds, Skeka noted that it was different than coercing, realizing the potential it could have in saving dying dragonkin. She began brainstorming a device that would allow for an indefinite limit. She settled on using gold ore for the device, but because Orthen lacked a gold mine, she asked Maragan to help source and stockpile the ore for her.

She then proceeded to study the Raksha, using her mutations to project herself into its mind to study the Dactyl devices keeping it in check. She reverse-engineered these devices, hoping to insert her mind into the bodies of these creatures. She reported these findings to her superiors, but left out the fact that they were jumping into the minds of dinosaurs, believing that Maragan would withdraw his support if he learned the truth. By this time, the other members of the Kindra council had taken note of their discoveries, but Maragan and Daraval defended her team.

When the dragonkin were cursed due to Kerapac's meddling, Skeka was unable to bear the pain of the curse, noting that many of her fellow Aughra kin had fled to the Abyss, while the rest of her team "threw" themselves onto the Raksha in a bid to escape. After further testing on salamanders because they shared similar traits to the dragonkin, an agonized and frustrated Skeka chose to attempt to transfer her mind into the Raksha with her device, hoping that it would be successful and relieve her of the pain. Unfortunately, the device malfunctioned and Skeka's mind was shattered and split among numerous salamanders, who called themselves the xolo. Despite this, Skeka was still able to manipulate the xolo into building a city underneath the Anachronia Swamp Fortress. The xolo excavated huge amounts of gold, which they used to build their city, and some of it was used to build a new Moksha device, although whether it was used or even was functional is unknown.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Old School RuneScape, Skeka is a peaceful dragonkin who found Fossil Island, the Old School RuneScape equivalent of Anachronia, and created living wyverns in the island's caverns. She also experimented on the various fauna on the island in Old School RuneScape, which is referenced during Desperate Measures.